Spoiler: Mega Buzz

24 06 2009


Can we assume that Gossip Girl‘s Serena won’t be attending Brown now that she’s off chasing Daddy Dearest? — Becky
MICKEY: Here’s what Blake Lively told us about Serena’s plans in the wake of being slapped with that paternal jaw-dropper. “She’s thrown for this huge loop,” she says. “There are a lot of things she’s going to find out about her mother and about her background.” In other words, Serena will not be heading to Providence in the fall… but she might not be in New York either.

Do you know if One Tree Hill plans to cast an African-American or other minority in any of the roles being added? — Dee Bee
MATT: Thus far, you’re 0-for-2 on that wish, seeing as Robert Buckley and Shantel VanSanten have been cast as Nathan’s agent and Haley’s sister, Quinn, respectively. As for “Alex” (the supermodel fronting Brooke’s new clothing line), Tree Hill is looking at “all ethnicities,” so there’s some hope there. For what’s it worth, I can offer up this concrete piece of guest casting: NFL legend Jerry Rice will appear as himself in the Sept. 14 season opener.

Is there a shot for the CW to pick up Body Politic as a midseason replacement?  From the sneak peeks I’ve seen, it looks like it’s got lots of promise, and I really need a weekly Jason Dohring fix! — Gina
MICKEY: I’m with you, Gina! Body reminds me of the heady mid-’90s, when I actually called Washington, D.C., home (in large part because of the movie St. Elmo’s Fire). My CW mole tells me that the Beltway drama is still in the running for a midseason slot, but that it’s up against the Gossip Girl spin-off, which has a few high-ranking fans in the building.

**Note: Brian Austin Green (David, Beverly Hills 90210) also stars in Body Politic.

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