Exclusive: Cari Moskow on Being a True Teen Drama Whore

11 04 2010

(Full Disclosure: I conducted this interview in December. For various reasons, it wasn’t published until now. That is not a reflection on Cari at all but rather my own shortcomings. I sincerely apologize to her for the delay.)

I called myself a TeenDramaWhore long before I started this Web site. As I explain on the About The Whore page, a TeenDramaWhore is someone who is obsessed with teen dramas. But what is a true, real-life teen drama whore? That’s easy. Someone who plays a whore on a teen drama!

Cari Moskow has no problem admitting she’s just that, playing a prostitute on One Tree Hill in three different seasons. (Her character, Patty, was first introduced to viewers in Episode 4.04, Can’t Stop This Thing We’ve Started, where Ian “Psycho Derek” Banks–a.k.a. Matt Barr–gets a little, um, psycho with her. ) Moskow gave me the low-down on what she thinks about being Tree Hill’s most recognizable hooker.

TeenDramaWhore: How did you get involved with One Tree Hill in the first place?

Cari Moskow: When I decided to start professionally acting, I was going on lots of auditions in the Southeast and I had an agent that said [the movie] Hounddog needed a stand-in. And I said, “Sure, that would be an awesome opportunity. It sure beats all the random jobs that I’m doing.” So I went on to Hounddog and I stood in for Robin Wright Penn. I became friends with a camera operator, who was actually the DP for One Tree Hill. He just loved me and was like, “You know, you would be great to stand-in on the show. If you ever want to do it sometime, let us know.” So I first did stand-in a little bit.

TDW: For those that don’t know, what does a stand-in do?

Moskow: Every director of photography is different but they want a stand-in who ideally has similar characteristics of the [project’s lead] actress. There’s always a first rehearsal with the actress in the scene. You watch what they’re doing in the rehearsal and then they go into hair and makeup. They’re filming all day and it’s time-consuming. They have to change wardrobe usually, touch-up hair and makeup. So they go into hair and makeup and the stand-in will do the scene, like the actors did. The crew is lighting you. Sometimes they’ll have you do the lines. Whatever they need you to do for the camera shots to get set up for the scene. You learn a lot. It’s a lot of fun. You get to be around the actors. But you also get to practice being comfortable on set, so it was very beneficial for me.

I did this a little bit on One Tree Hill and I had already been acting when I was doing stand-in work. I told the producers and gave them a copy of my acting reel. I was like, “If anything comes up, I’d love to read for the part.” Then one day they said to me, “We want you to read for something. We have something that you might want to go for.” And my agent did not submit me because the role of the prostitute was a brunette and I’m a blonde. But the producers asked me to go in and read. I went and read like everyone else. They had a director in the room and I didn’t know the director, since they have a different director in every episode. I read the sides for the prostitute and I noticed in the room that I had dressed completely differently from everyone else, which I thought was awesome because you have to pick something different to stand out from everyone else. The break-down said something about a rocker tee and leather jacket. I had this jacket that had like fur on it and I had this 80s t-shirt pulled down off my shoulder and a red bra hanging out and I had red lipstick on. I really became the character. I nailed the audition and my agent–because it had to go through her then–ended up calling me and telling me I got the role. That’s pretty much how it happened. It was right place, right time, right look–everything just lined up.

TDW: Did you have any qualms about the role? I mean, it was a) a prostitute and b) one that gets the crap beat out of her.

Moskow: No, I loved it. I really did. As an actress, it’s nice to play something completely different from who you are. That’s what’s fun about it. What I love about acting is that I have my life and what I like to do but I am also able to live in the shoes of someone else. You really experience what [something’s] like. The farther from home, the better. It’s just fun.

TDW: When we saw you again in season 5, [Episode 5.11, You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side], it’s Patty again and she’s still a prostitute but now she gets tangled up with Dan [Paul Johansson]. Did the show ask you to come back?

Moskow: Yes. They’ll call you up and ask you to come back and send you the script. That was a lot of fun. It was kind of like Patty cleaned up a little bit but was also back to her old ways.

TDW: Then we saw you again in this season [Episode 7.05, Your Cheatin’ Heart], just a few months ago. We saw you in jail but it was never said whether it was the same character or not.

Moskow: It was the same character. I think they did it for the comedy of it. To show [Patty] is a Tree Hill community member and she’s still around. I think they just thought it was funny because they had prostitutes in the jail cell with Haley [Bethany Joy Galeotti] and were like, “why not just have Patty back?” I’m not a major part of the scene or anything but they thought it would be fun to refresh the memory and show that I’m still around for the fans that do remember. Like, “Well, yep, she’s still getting in trouble.”

TDW: People did recognize your face and did wonder if it was a wink-wink at the audience. Have you done any more standing-in there?

Moskow: No, I’ve actually been living in New York.

TDW: What are you doing there?

Moskow: I went there for training. I got with a studio and I have a manager and an agent there. I’ve worked on some various projects. I’m actually in North Carolina at the moment with family for the holidays. I am moving to L.A. in January. I love New York and I actually miss it so much already but for film and TV, what I’m really concentrating on, and the connections that I have, I feel like L.A. will be a smarter move for me. Every actor struggles with “New York or L.A.? New York or L.A.?” But I’m also a surfer and I love the beach. I’m really into healthy food. It seems like all-around I’ll have a really nice time in L.A.

TDW: Are you originally from the Wilmington area?

Moskow: Yes.

TDW: So you kind of grew up with Dawson’s Creek filming there and One Tree Hill.

Moskow: Yep.

TDW: What do you love about Wilmington?

Moskow: I love the beach. I love that the downtown is right on the water. But I’m a beach girl.

TDW: Any chance we’ll see you again on One Tree Hill?

Moskow: They write the episodes weekly so you probably know as much as I do. I wouldn’t be surprised if something came up. It’s hard to say. But of course I would love to go back. I love filming in a city like Wilmington. Everyone is so friendly and it’s just like family on the set, especially since it’s been seven seasons. So I would definitely love to come back but we will have to see.

TDW: Are you on Twitter?

Moskow: I am not on Twitter, actually. I’m on Facebook and I have a MySpace. But Twitter, I guess I’ll eventually do that. I also have a Web site that I’ve been creating and updating myself. It’s all in steps.

TDW: Baby steps; one thing at a time.

Moskow: Exactly. It takes up a lot of time. There’s only so much you can do.

TDW: Twitter these days is just such a great way to interact with fans. There’s a huge One Tree Hill community there that will hungrily eat up–in a good way–any actor that comes on and is willing to talk with them.

Moskow: I will make it a goal then for 2010 to get on Twitter.

Come back next Sunday for another exclusive interview!

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Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.05 and Gossip Girl 3.05

12 10 2009

Last Week’s Live-Blog

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.


EPISODE 7.05: Your Cheatin’ Heart

  • Previously on: Jamie sees the tabloid, Mouth gets in trouble at work for not reporting on Nathan, Millie models in the fashion show, Alex takes her to an after party and Millie ignores Mouth’s call, Julian says he’ll work with Alex on her script, Quinn tells David she wants a divorce, Quinn goes home with Clay, Haley slaps Renee and is caught by all the photogs
  • Haley watching footage of the slap on a tabloid show.  They say it’s her best hit in 5 years LOL
  • Nathan says there were worse things she could do.
  • Quinn spent the night at Clay’s.
  • He tells her not to take the walk (or cab) of shame and offers breakfast.
  • Julian tells Brooke he’s working with Alex today.
  • Q1: Good morning Brooke Davis. You get sexier and younger every day.–Julian
  • Brooke says she doesn’t trust Alex.
  • Q2: Can you find a better script written by an uglier person?–Brooke
  • Q3: As long as it doesn’t become the story you tell your kids to when they ask how you met.” “The only kids I’ll be telling stories to will be ours.” “That’s a good answer.”–Brooke and Julian
  • That was incredibly sweet.
  • And the first hint on Julian’s end that he wants a long-term future with her.
  • Millie is just getting home, clearly frazzled.
  • Mouth is wondering where she’s been.
  • Millie says she modeled, then went out and lost track of time.
  • Mouth says she could’ve called.
  • Millie gives a weak apology and says she’s late for work so they’ll talk later.
  • Dan is on set–alternately mad and sweet, scaring the staff.
  • Rachel gives Dan the tabloid with Nate on it, and implies Nate having a love child is like what Dan did
  • Jamie runs to the door…and it’s the police!
  • They are arresting her for “assault and battery.”
  • Nathan tries to stop them and they say he has to step away.
  • Jamie sees and is clearly scared.
  • How is Haley surprised?  Of course this was going to happen!
  • Forget the fact that it’s Renee–she hit a pregnant woman, who then fell completely to the ground!
  • 90210 promo
  • Haley taking her mugshots and being put in a cell.
  • The other skanky girls–likely prostitutes–are teasing her and know what they did from seeing it on the internet.
  • Weird to see this scene since I watched YouTube videos of girls auditioning for this a few months ago.
  • One of the girls looks like the one Pyscho Derek had pretend to be Peyton. Anyone remember?  Anyone agree?
  • Quinn and Clay flirt over breakfast.
  • All of Clay’s past calls are different girls.  All of Quinn’s are David.  They agree to turn them off.
  • Nathan can’t reach Clay.
  • LOL Jamie concludes that Quinn didn’t sleep at home last night.
  • Mouth has been demoted to logging tapes.
  • His boss taunts him that he’s not a real reporter.  Mouth says he is because he doesn’t report gossip. (Sounds like me!)
  • Brooke is ecstatic at work because everyone is raving about Mille’s modeling.
  • Brooke asks her to model full-time for a line based on “zero is not a size.”
  • Millie is reluctant but clearly excited.
  • Julian shows up at Alex’s apartment.
  • Q4: “Ready to give me my notes?” “Yes, here’s my first one.  Get dressed.”–Alex and Julian
  • Alex is just walking around in a t-shirt and underwear.
  • Q5: If I work for you in yours, I’ll never see Brooke in hers again.–Julian
  • I love how nervous and freaked out he is!  It’s adorable.
  • Clay brings Quinn home, and Nathan comes out pissed.
  • Why is Nathan talking in front of Jamie?!
  • Quinn takes Jamie inside and Nathan goes off with Clay.
  • Mia surprises Chase on an air strip.
  • Why are they talking like they don’t keep in touch?
  • Though I do like their cute dialogue.
  • Eek. Mia makes a creepy comment alluding to the many times musicians have died in private planes.
  • One of the girls in the cell continues to taunt Haley.
  • The girl points out that Nathan probably did cheat.
  • Haley’s name is called.  She thinks she’s being released to Nathan but…
  • She’s taken to the booths where you can speak through the glass…
  • and Renee is there!
  • She looks awfully contrite.  Hmm…
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Renee says she’s dropping the charges and says she shouldn’t have provoked her.  She’s mad at Nathan, not her.
  • Renee insists Nathan is lying to both of them.
  • Haley says she knows him better than anyone and he wouldn’t do this.
  • Renee says they weren’t sober and that’s why Nate doesn’t remember.
  • She gives Haley her phone number and tells her to check the phone bills.
  • She says she understands Haley is trying to protect her family, and says she’s trying to do the same.
  • She’s a pretty good actress–has me believing her!  But we know she’s not telling the truth, right?
  • OMFG. Alex gets completely naked in front of Julian!
  • Is this crap really necessary?
  • Believable, yes. Enjoyable, no.
  • Julian leaves, saying he was mistaken to think she would take this seriously.
  • Alex looks upset.
  • Mouth shows up to take Millie for lunch but she blows him off to take care of Alex.
  • Mouth says he’s worried about Millie for staying out all night.
  • Brooke says she was just celebrating and shows Mouth the photos.  He’s surprised.
  • Haley is back in the cell, talking to the girls.
  • The one girl explains how she found out her husband was cheating.  Then the girl’s husband comes to get her and she leaves, explaining that she loves him.
  • Dan is fiddling with his Blackberry. Rachel implies he shouldn’t call Nathan but Dan says it’s his son.
  • Q6: How you can be so soft on the inside and so hard on the outside?–Rachel
  • Dan calls Nathan and offers to help.
  • Nathan tells him he can’t help and he should stay away.  Nathan also makes it clear that knows what Dan does for a living–capitalizes off how bad he messed up his family.
  • Dan fakes the conversation on his end for Rachel’s sake but she knows he’s lying, telling him he’ll “never find forgiveness from your family.”
  • Quinn tries to comfort Jamie.
  • Jamie wonders why Quinn isn’t with David if he still loves her.  Clearly he’s concerned about his parents’ future.
  • Nathan and Clay are at the station, getting Haley out.
  • Clay says Renee dropped the charges but Nathan says she’s not going away.
  • Nathan also mentions that Clay should’ve been taking care of this instead of being with Quinn.  (I put it a lot nice than he did.)
  • All the media is waiting outside for them.
  • Nathan and Haley walk out hand-in-hand and then Nathan wraps his arms around her, as if to protect her.
  • Quinn answers the door at Naley’s, surprised to see it’s David.
  • He wants to know if she went home with Clay last night.  And she admits she did.
  • Jamie runs up, happy to see his Uncle David.
  • David says he came to say hi to him and goodbye to Quinn.
  • Mia and Chase are at TRIC now.
  • Miranda orders Mia to find Haley.
  • Chase says Mia inspired him to follow his dreams.
  • Can’t we just cut these scenes?
  • Clay wants to go “on the offensive” and hold a press conference.  Nathan can speak to everyone directly, and with Haley there, shows how much he values his family.
  • Jamie is ecstatic to see Haley.
  • Nathan agrees to the presser.
  • LOL Brooke says Alex’s story better not have a happy ending.
  • Julian doesn’t given details but says he can’t work with her.
  • Q7: Does Brooke Davis have to slap a bitch?–Brooke
  • Julian is bummed out (since this means he’s not working on movies again) but Brooke tells him he’ll find another script.
  • LOL Julian loves Grease 2!  So do I!
  • Haley tells Nathan about Renee’s visit.
  • Haley is clearly affected by what Renee said, asking Nathan if he’s sure he doesn’t remember meeting her.
  • Nathan is surprised her faith is shaken.
  • Haley says she’s just wondering why are they being targeted, though.
  • They have a little fight (I missed the good quotes!) and Nathan says he can’t believe Haley doesn’t believe him.
  • He storms out, promising not to knock anyone up.
  • Jamie overhears the whole thing.
  • Wow, when was the last time we saw Naley have a fight?
  • I definitely saw old Nathan in his attitude and the way he left.
  • But I know he’s just hurt.
  • But I also understand where Haley is coming from.
  • 90210 promo
  • Alex is freaking out about her lunch, but clearly she’s upset about something else.
  • She answers the door and Brooke is there.
  • Q8: Do you shake hands by spreading your legs?–Brooke
  • Brooke tells her this was her chance to change her rep but she blew it.
  • This was the old feisty and fierce Brooke we haven’t seen in a while.  But also the bitch Brooke.  Not sure I want that back.  (Even if she means well.)
  • Millie shows up at work, asking Mouth why he didn’t tell her she was taken off-the air.
  • He asks when he was supposed to tell her–she’s been MIA.
  • Mouth says he’s surprised she wants to do modeling when she’s been working so hard on her business career.
  • Millie is offended that he’s against her trying something new, something she’s good at.
  • Millie is now drinking with Alex and opening up to her.  This won’t end well.
  • Alex is pissed off that Brooke belittled her.
  • Haley tells Quinn she’s scared that she and Nathan won’t make it because Quinn and David didn’t.
  • Quinn points out Naley isn’t them.  They are best friends and in love.
  • Quinn points out all the things she and David didn’t do and it added up.
  • Haley points out David is trying to do those things now, and shouldn’t that count?
  • Quinn says she’ll always love him but it’s been over for a long time.
  • Quinn also says Naley will be fine and Haley can handle because she’s a James girl.
  • First instance where it seemed like Haley was the little sister.
  • Nathan sits next to David at TRIC.
  • Q9: Is the support group for people married to James girls?–Nathan
  • Nathan opens up about what happened–Haley was arrested, she’s doubting him and he admits he’d doubt him, too.
  • At least he admits that!  He needs to tell Haley that!
  • David asks if Quinn came home last night and Nathan’s silence tells him.
  • David says outloud that it’s over.
  • But Nathan recalls when Haley went on tour and he had to let her go, even though he wanted her back. He says he never gave up hope.
  • But David asks if Haley slept with the guy–she didn’t.
  • But I don’t think Quinn slept with Clay.
  • Alex gives Julian a revised script–and she’s dressed in business attire!
  • She apologizes for her actions and thanks him for believing in her.
  • Julian still says they don’t work well together.
  • Alex begs for another chance but then leaves gracefully.
  • Promo for The Stepfather, starring Penn Badgley (Dan, Gossip Girl.)
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Nathan and Clay are at the press conference.
  • Clay asks where Haley is and Nate says she’s not coming.
  • Nathan criticizes Clay for sleeping with Quinn.
  • Clay says they didn’t sleep together, and that Nate should know not to jump to conclusions.
  • Nathan warns Clay to stay away from Quinn.  I think he means it but his anger is coming from everything else.
  • Haley shows up, saying they “face things together.”
  • They walk hand-in-hand to the podium together–in slow-mo.  Cute.
  • Nathan starts of by saying he loves his wife and son.
  • I think we saw pics of this months ago.
  • Damn, that’s all they’re showing. I would’ve liked to see Nathan’s full speech and to see him handle questions.
  • Wow, Jamie’s room is set up just like it was in their old house.
  • Jamie says he’s worried his parents will split like Quinn and David did.
  • Haley tries to explain their particular situation.
  • Q10: What your dad and I have is very special and we’re not going to stop loving each other.–Haley
  • How many paretns say that to their kid and then get divorced?  I’m guessing a lot.  Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
  • Oh, now they go to the conference so just one line.  Stupid because it’s out of sequence now.
  • Pointless Chase and Mia scene.
  • Millie tells Brooke she’ll do the modeling job.
  • All these scenes are intercut with the press conference.
  • Mouth is int he newsroom, watching the anchor talk about it.
  • The boss taunts Mouth again, and he leaves.
  • LOL Brooke walks in and rips open her shirt but Alex is there!
  • Julian explains they agreed to work together again.
  • Brooke is less thant hrilled.
  • Nathan says he sticks with his family.  And the truth is that he was “never with that woman.”
  • Nathan calls Clay, asking where Quinn is.
  • He LIES and says she’s not there.
  • Quinn thanks him for letting her crash.
  • Clay admits no would believe that he has a girl over that he’s not sleeping with.
  • Haley is lying awake in Jamie’s bed, clearly upset about everything.
  • Voiceover of Haley at the conference says she believes her husband.
  • Haley pulls out the phone bill and finds Renee’s number.
  • She calls it and it is in fact Renee’s voicemail.
  • Nathan vows to do whatever it takes to prove the allegations are false.
  • Dan tells Renee he has a proposition for her.
  • Fade to black.
  • Preview: Rachel tells Dan it’s right to use  Renee, Renee warns that Nathan will never forgive him and Dan says he doesn’t care, Quinn tells Nathan she’s not running away from her problems but she doesn’t know how to let David go, some girl has “found” Clay, Brooke is mad at Julian and fires Alex, Renee says she’ll go away if Haley pays her


EPISODE 3.05: Rufus Getting Married

  • Previously on: Dan tells Georgina they need to take a break, Scott tells Vanessa the truth, Scott is with Georgina, Rufus proposes, Chuck reminds Blair of his love, Scott tells Rufus he is his son’s brother, Serena gives in to being with Carter, Olivia and Dan agree to go on a date, Lily blames Rufus for Serena staying home from college, Bree taunts Carter
  • Episode title is a reference to the film Rachel Getting Married.
  • Nate and Bree are being lovey-dovey, so are Blair and Chuck, and Dan (via IM) with Olivia.
  • Q1: On the Upper East Side, we all know love is pain.–Gossip Girl
  • Rufus was sleeping on the couch because Lily is still mad at him.
  • Why didn’t he just sleep at the loft?
  • Serena and Carter are flirting and being cute.
  • Carter and Serena bond over their money woes.
  • Serena tells Carter to hang with her friends and she’ll talk to Bree for him.
  • Carter gives the excuse that he needs to talk to the people that owe him money.  He’s clearly lying.
  • Vanessa is not amused by Dan’s gushing about Olivia
  • Olivia is on a press tour, so this is how they keep in touch
  • Dan is still avoiding Georgina–who is still away
  • Vanessa says she hasn’t spoken to Scott.
  • Dan says he liked him and in a weird way they were related.  Oh, if you only knew, Dan!
  • Georgina surprises Vanessa in the coffeeshop.
  • Blair and Chuck are lunching with Bree and Nate. Kind of cute.
  • Blair is complaining about Georgina.
  • Bree says she had roommate problems but it worked out.
  • Blair tells her to mind her business.  And continues to spar with her.
  • No one is amused.
  • Why is Blair being such a bitch?  She’s gotten to be SO unlikeable!
  • Nate mentions Carter and Bree asks about him.
  • Chuck can tell Bree is hiding something.
  • Blair makes a comment about Nate and her used to be together.
  • Q2: You’r ehappy with Chuck.  Don’t I deserve to be as well?”  “I know women. No one is that nice.”–Nate and Blair
  • Chuck overhears Bree on the phone talking about Carter.
  • He says he wants info because his step-sister is dating him.
  • Bree says she can’t reveal much but she should be careful.
  • Serena tries to “clear the air” with Lily.
  • Lily blames herself for not being there this summer to help Serena.
  • Lily says this is another instance of her choosing a man “that doesn’t get it”–as if this is Rufus’ fault.
  • Serena is shocked.
  • Jenny and Eric explain that Lily and Rufus are “in a Cold War.”
  • Rufus goes to the loft, where Dan is surprised to see him.
  • Does Dan still live there? I guess so.
  • Rufus says he needs to sleep at home tonight–maybe longer.
  • Dan calls Serena to discuss Rufus-Lily.
  • They conspire to fix their problems.
  • Georgina is freaking out that Dan is ignoring all her advances.
  • Vanessa reveals he’s seeing someone else.
  • Q3: Even though I tried to defend you, you are a full-on crazy person!–Vanessa.
  • Georgina tells V she has to break them up.
  • And blackmails her, saying he knows about Scott.
  • Q4: Get Dan to dump the whore or I will tell the whole world Scott’s secret.–Georgina
  • Vanessa is the on phone, telling Dan that Olivia’s cheating on him.
  • Dan isn’t buying it.
  • Georgina is int he room, urging V to do this.
  • Vanessa’s going through all these reasons Dan shouldn’t be with Olivia.
  • Dan rushes her off the phone.
  • Georgina calls V’s efforts pathetic and says they’re going to Plan B.
  • Rufus is eating with Jenny and Dan, whoa re clearly up to comething.
  • In walks Lilly, with Serena and Eric.
  • Q5: I knew I let you kids watch The Parent Trap too many times.–Rufus
  • Lily agrees to eat with Rufus.  She even seems happy to.
  • Serena takes the credit for the plan working.
  • Apparently Serena still works for Casey.  Um, ok.
  • Chuck is giving Blair a massage.
  • Looks more painful than romantic.
  • Oh, Carter is staying at Blair’s.  Why?  I have no idea.
  • Blair continues to dis Bree.
  • Q6: What you hate is Nate moving on.–Chuck
  • I’m glad he had the guts to say that–and then walk away from her.
  • Dan opens up to Jenny and Eric about Olivia and Vanessa acting weird.
  • Rufus and Lily are reminiscing.
  • Rufus brings up getting married, and says he’s against a big formal wedding.
  • Lily is offended.
  • And says the mayor will be there! LOL
  • And now they are fighting again!
  • Lily leaves!  Eek.
  • Dan catches Vanessa photoshopping Olivia’s photo.
  • Dan concludes that Vanessa is jealous.
  • Q7: I’m not in love with you, you moron!–Vanessa
  • Sad that they are making a joke about this when most people want to see this legitimately explored.
  • She slips that Georgina is black-mailing her.
  • And now V has to get out of explaining why!
  • OMG! She told the truth!
  • Q8: She knows…that I know…that Scott is your brother.–Vanessa
  • Dan is clearly shocked.
  • Lily is looking at picture of her and Rufus, while Rufus is doing the same.
  • Aw! Rufus went to the penthouse to find Lily and she went to the loft to find him! Cliche but cute.
  • Rufus tells Lily they should “leap” and get married tomorrow.
  • Lily agrees!
  • CW giving “exclusive look” at The Stepfather.  Showing a scene with Penn.
  • Blair and Jenny are bossing around their new followers.
  • They’re all trying to play Lily and Rufus’ wedding.
  • Q9: The only time I want to hear no is if Ruth Madoff wants an invite.–Blair (Younger viewers definitely didn’t get that.)
  • Project Runway reference.
  • Vanessa tells Dan that he can’t tell Lily and Rufus the truth today–it’s wedding day!
  • Dan tells Rufus he has to go take care of something.
  • LOL Serena tells Lily she wrote the same vows for a past wedding.
  • The mayor “agreed to expedite” the permits so they can get married at the Botanical Gardens. Right.
  • Serena called the new followers “the new mean girls.”  Typical.
  • Dan is with Georgina, playing nice.
  • He tells G he missed her and other pleasantries.
  • This shows Penn is a decent actor.  I’d totally believe him.
  • Georgina invites herself to the wedding–says she read about it on Gossip Girl. LOL
  • Dan tells her it’s not a good day but they’ll hang out tomorrow.
  • G and Dan share an intense kiss but after he leaves, G says out loud that he’s a “big fat liar.”
  • Serena is on the phone with Carter, urging him to come to the wedding.  He agrees.
  • Chuck confronts Carter, saying he knows all the Bree stuff.
  • He tells Carter he can either tell Serena the truth or he can leave town–for good.
  • Still not clear what exactly Carter did and what it has to do with Bree and her family.
  • Georgina, dressed in formalwear, picks Scott up from the bus.
  • She says they’re going to see Vanessa–but he needs to get a tie first.
  • 90210 promo
  • Aw, Dorota is all dressed up!  She looks great.
  • Serena looks phenom, too.
  • She’s worried about Carter not being there yet.
  • Nate is there with Bree and says he’s glad Blair didn’t scare her off.
  • Bree is hiding that she’s there because of Carter.
  • Jenny looks horrible!  WTF is she wearing?!
  • Blair is upset Carter isn’t there and didn’t want Chuck to get involved–she wants Serena to be happy.
  • Dan is on the phone with Vanessa, saying he had Georgina convinced.  Again, little does he know!
  • I guess why Lily isn’t wearing a white dress but this just doesn’t work for me.  Magenta? Really?
  • Jenny tells Lily she’s never seen her dad happier.  Aw.
  • Lily is still worried about her vows.
  • Carter did show!  Serena looks so happy!
  • Chuck looks hella pissed.
  • Carter tells Serena what’s going on: he ran up a gambling debt that he couldn’t pay. He met a woman, Beth, who fell in love with him.  He swindled the girl and her family to take care of the debts.  He proposed to the girl, the wedding was planned, and the he didn’t go through with it because he didn’t love her. Then he left.
  • Serena is upset, wanting to know how he could that and if he’s going to do the same to her.  She walks off.
  • Dan is clearly disturbed when Georgina shows up.  And she says she has a present for Lily and Rufus!
  • Lily tells Rufus she can’t write her vows–and she’s nervous to get married because “the stakes are too high.”
  • The wedding march starts but Lily and Rufus are nowhere to be seen.
  • Georgina walks in the direction of them, and Serena and co. follow.
  • Scott overhears Rufus trying to convince Lily to still marry him.
  • Lily say she doesn’t think she can marry him.
  • Lily goes off on Scott, not knowing who he is.  She’s actually quite the bitch but I guess I would be, too.
  • Scott walks off.
  • Georgina comes up–with everyone right behind her–and reveals all!
  • Q10: Your love child! Congratulations, it’s a boy!–Georgina
  • Then she saunters off, all proud.
  • Another Stepfather commercial!
  • Lily is confused.
  • Serena says not to believe her.
  • Rufus says Scott is the brother of their kid.
  • Dan steps in and says that, no, Scott IS the son.
  • Vanessa gives more edtails.
  • Lily and Rufus are clearly upset and shocked.
  • They go off to find Scott.
  • No more wedding!
  • Carter tries to comfort Serena but she says she needs time and asks him to leave.
  • He takes her hand and stops HER from leaving.
  • He says he came clean with her because it’s not the same with her, and he wants to be with her.
  • She walks off.
  • Bree and her family approach.
  • Carter says where to meet him later, since they “can’t do this here.”
  • Chuck overhears.
  • Georgina is snacking on the wedding food.
  • Blair and Dan are NOT amused!
  • Rufus and Lily are walking around Manhattan trying to find him.
  • Why does it have to be now?  Vanessa knows how to get in touch with him!
  • Rufus tells Lily is doing everything to push him away.
  • Q11: You’re in love with me unlike you’ve never loved any of your husbands. And unlike a Bart Bass, I can break your heart and that terrifies you. Like you’re breaking mine.–Rufus  (I don’t think I got that exactly right but that’s the gist of it)
  • Rufus walks off and spots Scott.
  • Scott says “this was a mistake” and he thought they gave him up because he wasn’t ready, not because they don’t love each other.
  • Lily walks up and says she does love Rufus, and that’s why she’s scared.
  • Lily tears up and says she’s sorry this is how they had to meet because she’s thought about this for the past 20 years.
  • She asks that Scott give them a chance.
  • Okay, I’m tearing up, too!  This is incredibly sad and sweet.
  • They all share a hug.
  • Q12: Spotted: a family reunited. And it feels so good.–Gossip Girl
  • Lily and Rufus are now exchanging vows at the loft–which has been quickly decorated.  They should’ve done it their in the first place.
  • No idea who this woman is officiating.
  • Scott is there.
  • What are the odds that the day Scott finally meets his parents is the day they finally get married?
  • Lily tells Serena all she wants is for her to be happy.
  • She thanks S for the wedding because it probably wouldn’t have happen if she was at Brown. Um, okay.
  • Serena tells Lily is very lucky for finding love.
  • Scott is quickly bonding with Dan, Eric and Jenny.
  • Q13: I should have guessed. No one’s under 40 has ever shown that much interest in Lincoln Hawk.–Dan
  • Scott says he’s sorry Vanessa (who isn’t there) got caught up in all of this.
  • Who is this performing? Sonic Youth?  Random.
  • Chuck finds Serena sulking, and she reveals she’s upset with Carter for not being who she thought.
  • Chuck gives him credit for coming clean and says Carter must really care about her.
  • Chuck also insinuates that the Buckleys will hurt Carter to get  theirrevenge.
  • Nate confronts Bree about using her to get to Carter.
  • Was that really what she was doing all along?
  • Bree admits it and says her family always comes first.
  • She apologizes but Nate doesn’t accept it and tells her to leave.
  • Serena calls Carter but she can’t reach him.
  • Carter is in a limo with Bree’s scary family members.
  • Blair hints to Dan that she’s getting revenge on Georgina.
  • Georgina is in a bar, being it on by a prince.  (I highly doubt he is a prince.)
  • He asks Georgina to take a trip with her, and she being the idiot that she is, says yes.
  • Dorota is there watching it all go down.
  • Oh, I think that was her BF, Lily’s doorman.
  • Everyone’s happy and dancing at the wedding but Nate and Serena are very unhappy.
  • Perfect time for them finally to get together!
  • Though I did like her with Carter and I hope they reveal what happens to him.
  • Preview: Serena, with the help of Nate, infiltrates Carter’s poker game, Blair has a new “target,” Chuck appears to have his gay kiss, Blair says she messed up

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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