News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and More

19 09 2009
  • Please check out my updated Twitter Directory.  With the help of some readers, I found a bunch of new fake accounts this weekend for the 90210 and Gossip Girl stars.  Please let me know if you find any more.
  • Shannen Doherty (Brenda, Beverly Hills 90210) is reportedly working on a reality show about her life, and hints that “I’ll be back on TV very soon. There will be an announcement very soon. I promise you that.”
  • AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi, 90210) says she draws inspiration for her character from her sister.
  • One Tree Hill’s “naked” scene between Skills (Antwon Taylor) and Mouth (Lee Norris) was one of’s top moments of thse week.
  • Taylor Momsen (Jenny, Gossip Girl) spoke to E!Online about recent controversy regarding her style and choice of dress.
  • I had a hard time choosing a winner for the Melrose Place contest, as all 3 entries I got had multiple cross-over ideas–and good ones, too!.  I narrowed each commenter’s ideas down to the one I liked best, and then chose from there.  The winner is g90210th, who suggested a cross-over between One Tree Hill’s Nathan and Clay with Melrose Place’s Ella.  Out of all the ideas, I thought this one was the most realistic and the least cliche, which is what I’d like to see in an actual cross-over.  Congrats g90210th!



3 responses

19 09 2009

I loved the naked scene with skills and mouth, i usually dont like mouth. i makes me sad that skills might not be on to much longer.

19 09 2009

I like Taylor Momsen and think I understand what’s going on with her fashion choices. We all want to be a little provocative sometimes.

But it also seems like a lot of people go into acting because they crave attention, and Taylor is getting plenty of it. She might be fooling herself when she protests that people shouldn’t pay so much attention to what she wears. They’re doing exactly what she wants them to do.

20 09 2009

I think Taylor is getting a little too big for her own good. She obviously wants that attention or else she wouldn’t be in this industry (music & TV) … I think she needs more time to mature before she can recognize that people will always talk but you can rise above in a classier way that to basically tell everyone to get a life. Her fashion choices are interesting and I’m not saying their ugly, but maybe a little inappropriate considering her age and that she like it or not has become a sort of role model for girls her age and younger.

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