News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210 and The O.C.

6 10 2009
  • Be sure to check out The CW’s site for all the new video content this week.
  • Both One Tree Hill (2.1 million viewers) and Gossip Girl (also 2.1 when rounded up) dropped significantly in the ratings compared to last week.
  • The CW Source has a podcast about last night’s One Tree Hill, as well as one for last week’s ep and last week’s Gossip Girl.
  • There’s another Mark Schwahn preview for next week’s One Tree Hill.
  • There’s a new One Tree Hill Connection podcast, this one featuring an interview with Lindsay Wolfington, the show’s music supervisor.
  • WakeyWakey tweeted a lot today from the One Tree Hill set.
  • Maria Menounos (Jules, One Tree Hill) tweeted that she will be the first-ever female co-host of Monday Night Raw, a wrestling program.
  • Ausiello is reporting that there will be a very, um, scandalous sex scene in the Nov. 9 episode of Gossip Girl. Purely for shock value, I’m sure, seeing as that’s how Josh Schwartz rolls these days.
  • Lady Gaga is reportedly appearing as herself on an upcoming Gossip Girl episode. See, it’s all about the buzz.  To be honest, though, I haven’t seen this confirmed elsewhere yet.
  • Korbi has a cool behind-the-scenes video of Matt Lanter (Liam, 90210) and Ryan Eggold (Ryan, 90210) filming tonight’s episode.
  • The Los Angeles Times has an entertaining interview with Trevor Donovan (Teddy, 90210).
  • The New York Post has an interview with Michael Steger (Navid, 90210).
  • has quotes from most of the 90210 cast about upcoming episodes and storylines.  Quite a few spoilers in there, though some are slightly outdated and others are new.  A few of you won’t be happy!
  • I caught a glimpse of Melrose Place and I think I saw Nicholas Gonzalez (DJ, The O.C.). Can anyone confirm?



6 responses

6 10 2009

Yes that is the guy that played DJ, I noticed that in the pilot 😉

6 10 2009

Ah, thanks, Alyssa! I haven’t watched at all and apparently that casting news got by me!

7 10 2009

Just read the TVGuide article link….you’re right. I’m not happy!! I don’t like the idea of making Adrianna use again. Although I guess I have to live with knowing that its realistic for former addicts to use again when under pressure. I was surprised to read something I’ve been thinking, that Jasper knows what Annie did to his uncle. I’m excited to see that play out, especially seeing tonight’s preview for next week. Japer becoming a stalker? I had a feeling he wasn’t being genuine with really wanting to befriend Annie. I’m really liking this season so far. Definitely loving the less-annoying Annie.

7 10 2009

The unhappiness part I was referring to, actually, was more than Annie’s hit-and-run storyline and the Naomi-Liam-Jen stuff won’t be resolved anytime soon. I think many of us feel it’s been dragging on too long and now we know it’s going to be even longer. In regards to your thoughts, though: In their defense, having Ade slip up with drugs is at least realistic. I, too, thought all along that Jasper knew something wasn’t true about Annie. But I don’t like that they’re going the stalker route. That could be a separate storyline in the future with a different set of characters. No need to waste it now when the hit-and-run storyline is unique and interesting enough.

7 10 2009

That is him on Melrose Place. He’s playing a detective who is trying to figure out who murdered Sydney!

7 10 2009

Just another strange example of teen drama worlds colliding! Nicholas was on The O.C. but now on Melrose working with Laura Leighton who was on BH90210, and Melrose was a 90210 spin-off. Holy moly!

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