News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210 and The O.C.

26 04 2010
  • Zap2it has “12 steps to a better One Tree Hill,” and I largely agree with their gripes and suggestions.
  • Korbi and have interviews with James Lafferty (Nathan, One Tree Hill). Have you read my interview with him yet?
  • E! Online has an interview with Robert Buckley (Clay, One Tree Hill).
  • has an interview with Stephen Colletti (Chase, One Tree Hill).
  • The CW Source posted an interview with Tyler Hilton (Chris, One Tree Hill). Big oops: Hilton had no idea who Everly was (that’s the band Bethany Joy Galeotti [Haley, One Tree Hill]).
  • The News, a publication at the prep school Choate, has an interesting article on the negative effects of shows like Gossip Girl and 90210.
  • Kind of love this diagram of Gossip Girl hook-ups.
  • New York Magazine has a pretty funny piece on Gossip Girl and…chest hair.
  • MTV has an interview with Billy Baldwin (William, Gossip Girl).
  • NBC Chicago has an interview with AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi, 90210).
  • John Schneider (Jeffrey, 90210) will star in the film Doonby.
  • Southland, starring Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan, The O.C.) and Michael Cudlitz (Tony, Beverly Hills 90210), has been renewed for another season on TNT.



4 responses

27 04 2010

Watched that Tyler Hilton interview and I was shocked he didn’t know what Everly was. For some reason I thought he had become good friends with Joy, like the kind that would keep in touch. Then he said her name like he wasn’t sure if it was right… strange.

27 04 2010

Read the article from The News. My take: Well as much as shows like GG and 90210 continue to be portray superficial characters that ended up being role models for the youth, it’s never wrong to have a parent or someone mature enough to accompany you on watching programs that “contains scenes and themes that may not be suitable for very young audiences. Parental guidance is recommended”.

Parents in the household are often guilty for failing to watch their growing child’s development especially in their teens when “parental guidance” is a crucial and necessary evil for teenagers like me to overcome the pressures of growing up and the materialistic extravagance shown in the media.

27 04 2010

Alyssa, it was strange, wasn’t it? I hadn’t thought they were friends or anything but I assumed that he would at least know her band. He really put his foot in his mouth. I wonder how soon he found out his mistake. He’s probably embarrassed now. I’d be embarrassed if I was BJG and saw that. :-/

I agree, jlhabitan, parents should watch with their kids. I watched a lot of The O.C. with my mom. Awkward at times and we didn’t use it as a jumping off point for “important conversations” but it would be smart if others did. I know these shows aren’t the only thing to “blame” for problems with the youth but they certainly don’t set the right example.

30 04 2010

How could Tyler Hilton not know her name….I can understand him maybe forgetting her band, but her name?! Come on. He should be embarrassed.

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