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26 04 2010


Forget about Chuck and Blair! The real craziness that’s going down toward the end of this season of Gossip Girl is all about who’s saying goodbye.

On the heels of the news that Taylor Momsen‘s Jenny Humphrey will be leaving the Upper East Side this season, I’m told now that yet another female regular will be heading off into the sunset. (And leaving one heartbroken boy behind.)

So who is it?

Marcio in Ipswich, Mass.: Could we get some news on One Tree Hill or Melrose Place? Will they both stick around?
Nope. I’m told Melrose Place is pretty much a goner. It would take a miracle for it to survive at this point. However, the jury’s still out on One Tree Hill. The ratings in the next few weeks do matter, and it returns with a new episode tonight. (Hint, hint.)

Bob in Oakland, Calif.: Are we gonna see my girl Kristen Bell again on Party Down?
Yes! Adam Scott spilled the scoop: “When the season starts, Uda (Kristen Bell) is my steady girlfriend. But then Casey (Lizzy Caplan) comes back into the fold and kind of screws everything up.” Thus freeing Kristen to reteam with creator and executive producer Rob Thomas for a Veronica Mars movie, right? We kid. But don’t give up hope yet: “I’d love to do one,” said Rob at the Party Down Paley Center for Media celebration for the show’s second season premiere. “Kristen would love to do one…We [just] need someone to pay for it!” Empty your piggy-banks, kids!

Marlo in London: What’s the scoop on Vanessa and Dan on Gossip Girl?
It’s not looking good long-term, sorry! I’m hearing that Vanessa will be leaving not only New York but the country before the end of the season–running off to a superfancy and superfar job with CNN. So yes, Jessica is the second female, along with Taylor Momsen’s Little J, to head off into the sunset. The good news? I’m told by sources that both ladies will still be series regulars next season. As for you wondering what Little J will do that leads to her departure, I’m told “it’s a culmination of lots of things Jenny does to multiple people.” That doesn’t sound good at all!

Matthew in Philadelphia: What’s the word on Gossip Girl?
Don’t expect Serena to continue to sit idly by while Jenny tries to hone in on Nate. The onetime pals and now stepsisters are headed for some seriously rough times ahead.

Jenelle from Conn.: Yay! One Tree Hill is back tonight! The death of Haley’s mom made for such a great episode! What happens after?
Well, when we talked to James Lafferty, he had this to say: “Haley has a long road ahead of her in dealing with her mother’s death, as anybody would. A big part of the Scott family life will be dealing with the grief. It’s definitely a growing experience for the family.” Another tease? Here’s the deal with Nathan for the rest of the season: “He’s finally got some time to spend with his family, and his family at this point in their lives really needs him,” James tells us. “He really gets the opportunity to be a father and a husband.” Model husband and father? Adorable.

Evelyn in Tacoma, Wash.: 90210 is really getting good, but how are things going to go down between Debbie and Harry if Rob Estes is leaving?
Believe it or not, Annie’s going to be the one to point out the marriage woes between her parents, causing them to really sit down and talk things over. But when Debbie finds out that Harry has pretty much enabled Dixon’s little gambling problems, something (one would find in a diaper) is going to hit the fan.

Credit: E! Online



I can’t see why the ratings at this point would have much of an impact on whether One Tree Hill is renewed. To date, One Tree Hill has outperformed both Gossip Girl and 90210, which received early renewals. Even if One Tree Hill dropped during these next four episodes, Gossip Girl and 90210 have dropped significantly in the last few months. OTH wouldn’t be the only show underperforming. Clearly ratings aren’t the biggest factor to The CW. That said I realize there’s more value in GG/90210 at low ratings than there is with OTH at low ratings. If I had to guess–and I’ll do it with a disclaimer that I’m far less experienced than Kristin–I’d say that while decent ratings are preferred, OTH’s renewal will really be based on how The CW’s pilots turn out and whether the network would rather risk starting a new series or risk sticking with an aging one.

Kristen Bell voices Gossip Girl on, um, Gossip Girl.



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27 04 2010

Ratings could be a bonus but indeed, what makes OTH’s future bleak is the mere fact that the show is getting expensive by the season. IMO, the CW should at least order one more season but with a shortened episode order to wrap the show so fans can be given closure to a show watched by teens and young adults for nearly a decade.

GG and 90210 got early pick-ups because of their fair fall season performance by CW standards, being still relatively cheaper shows and the CW could not afford to cancel these two original shows knowing many of their stronger shows are WB/UPN imports but have to be phased out in the near future.

27 04 2010
Joe and Sara

The only reason gossip girl is always renewed is the buzz of the show as well as that of the actors. Also, the fact that they promoting the clothing for fashion designers

27 04 2010

Jlhabitan: It might not be, financially, in the network’s best interest to even do a shortened season. I don’t think their priority is nor should be closure for the fans. This is a business for them. I get that.

Joe and Sara, to that I would also echo what Jlhabitan said, that they are cheaper to make. They also have more life left in them and therefore more potential to profit. For instance, after next season, Gossip Girl will probably be eligible for syndication, which is very profitable.

1 05 2010

I wanted to react to what you said about not being the network’s priority closure for the fans. Even if i get it, i think it’s kinda unfair, idk, i know it’s business but there wouldn’t be any business if we weren’t there watching their channels, the less they could do is respect a fanbase who’s been sticking around for 7 years. Other channels did with other shows like with the OC/Ugly Betty/Prison Break/Roswell… they told the producers in advance that the show would be canceled so they can wrap it up. We deserve that as well.

1 05 2010

I understand what you’re saying, Elsa. I can see feeling you deserve something in return for your faithful viewing. But I also kind of see having the show this long as a gift. The network, cast and crew could’ve dropped out at anytime, more or less. I don’t necessarily think viewers are owed anything. I’d also like to point out that, if the show is canceled and people feel 7.22 was less than satisfactory as a series finale, that isn’t just the network’s fault. Mark and co. could’ve chosen to bow out gracefully last year–6.24 was quite perfect as a series finale–and it was his choice as to how to go about these last few episodes in term of storyline. He had ample warning that the show might not be renewed and with that he could’ve planned accordingly. He could’ve shot two endings, as was reportedly the plan at one point, or at least done one “wrapped up” type of ending for the season, just in case. Instead, it seems he’s taking a risk and going with a cliff-hanger. The fans may be the ones to lose out in the end but I don’t think it’s fair to solely blame the network for that.

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