News Roundup: One Tree Hill, 90210, Gossip Girl and The O.C.

1 06 2010
  • Despite some outlets looking favorably on the network, The TV Addict gave The CW a C- for the season.
  • The CW sent me screeners for Hellcats, featuring Matt Barr (Ian “Psycho Derek” Banks, One Tree Hill) and Robbie Jones (Quentin, One Tree Hill), as well as Nikita, featuring Melinda Clarke (Julie, The O.C.). After I watch them, I will post some thoughts, like I did for Life Unexpected.
  • Encore has an interview with Mike Grubbs (Grubbs, One Tree Hill). Have you read my interview with him?
  • Starpulse has an interview with Tyler Hilton (Chris, One Tree Hill).
  • TV Fanatic gave 90210 a C for the season, making quite a few great points about the show’s flaws and what it needs to work on.
  • You know all those questions we had after the 90210 season finale? On why promised or hinted to things never actually happened? E! Online has some answers and I, for one, am pissed off. (Of course, that’s nothing new for me in regards to this show but still…)
  • Jason Priestley (Brandon, Beverly Hills 9021o) will have a recurring role on ABC’s Scoundrels, which premieres June 20. Thanks to Jethro and Gina for alerting me to the news. Not sure what this means for Call Me Fitz, if anything.
  • The Stir has an interview with Jennie Garth (Kelly, Beverly Hills 90210).
  • Zap2it has an interesting article debating whether the Gossip Girl season 2 finale or season 3 finale was better.
  • McG (executive producer, The O.C.) will produce the film The DUFF, based on a novel of the same name.



5 responses

2 06 2010

Ah.. Would love to read the 90210 Article, but eonline doesn’t seem to work for germany. because everytime I click on it, it says “Sorry, the page you requested is not available.”

2 06 2010

Now that explains everything. Trevor’s tease on who actually did it could have been the hit-and-run storyline’s saving grace especially that his character is supposed to be a part of it because he seems to know more than he wanna tell Silver on one of the early episodes.

If that was the plan all along, then schucks…I wonder whoever from TPTB (be the studio or the network) wanted to have those last-minute changes. It wouldn’t make sense after all those clues laid out in the premiere. Such a shame. Methinks they’re also responsible for cutting short the Gia-Ade lovestory.

2 06 2010

MJ: I’m sorry you couldn’t read it. It basically says that there was a plot twist in the hit-and-run storyline that was filmed but it was cut from the episode and the storyline will be dropped altogether. It is also noted that the final scene with Naomi was rather tame considering how it was described by the stars in advance. And it is also confirmed again that Rob Estes is completely done. We won’t really see his storyline wrapped up and apparently that was always the plan, not another last-minute change.

James: It does explain a lot and I am so glad we’re starting to get some answers. Of course, a big question–WHY?–remains unanswered. I, too, wonder whose call it was: network, producers, etc. I am not surprised it happened, since as Zachary Ray Sherman said in our interview that they frequently changed things at the last-minute. But this was a HUGE change, after all the hype season-long hype and comments from the stars and (I’m assuming) a pitch to the network in February-ish on how the rest of the season would go and how season 3 would be. I don’t really get it at all.

3 06 2010


Disappointing this news is, I’m not gonna give up hope on this show. But seriously, once writers starts to make a breakdown for their season 3 stories, they should really think of giving an absolute and definite end of the stories they started but never get to resolve it with a period.

Just cannot accept that they’re going to make it look like Annie really did it and what’s worse, the season finale synopsis about Teddy and his dad should have been scrapped if they’re not gonna show it in the episode or drop it altogether.

3 06 2010

With all due respect, you can demand all you want but I’m not sure what good it is going to do. But you never know.

They should be breaking story right now but I’m sure, as history has proven, it’s all subject to change. I’ve read a lot of comments from viewers saying they are done with the show now and I wonder how many people will be in the fall as well when they realize certain things aren’t going to be resolved. You lose the trust the audience puts in you when you fail to carry through with the storylines you spent 20-something episodes setting up. Some viewers aren’t going to bother to get invested again when the show hasn’t given them a reason to have faith. But some, like you, I know won’t give up either. I will certainly still be watching.

I’m not sure how the synopsis thing works, if they really could have sent out a revised one. I’m sure the earlier version still would’ve been well-circulated and left people confused.

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