Exclusive: Get Reacquainted With One Tree Hill’s Lindsey McKeon

10 01 2010

Well, One Tree Hill fans, we’re in the home stretch! The show comes back from hiatus one week from tomorrow. As the promo for 7.13 shows, we’ll be seeing a familiar face: Taylor James, sister to Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Quinn (Shantel VanSanten).

Taylor, played by Lindsey McKeon, was introduced in season 2 (Episode 2.11, The Heart Brings You Back), when she returns to Tree Hill after getting kicked out of college. Her homecoming turns sour when Nathan (James Lafferty) recalls that Taylor was the first girl he ever slept with, complicating his relationship with Haley. After causing a bit more damage, Taylor leaves town (Episode 2.13, The Hero Dies In This One)–but Nathan meets up with her later in the season (Episode 2.18, The Lonesome Road). Viewers actually had a chance to vote in a poll on whether the two characters would sleep together. Fans voted against it and we haven’t seen Taylor since…until now.

It seemed only natural, then, to seek out McKeon for an update on both her whereabouts and Taylor’s. Here’s hoping this wets your appetite just enough to get through the next eight days:

TeenDramaWhore: Do you remember what first attracted you to the role of Taylor?

Lindsey McKeon: The fact that she is “free spirited,” says and does things that I or most people wouldn’t do and that she shakes things up a bit!  To me, it’s great to play a character that “allows me to act out of character.” That’s what’s so brilliant about this art!!

TDW: Fans have been hoping for Taylor’s return for years. How did this come about?

McKeon: Grace… You know, I’m not sure exactly, but I’m glad it did!

TDW: What can you tell us about your appearance? Will it be for more than one episode?

McKeon: Taylor returns for at least 3 episodes and does what she does best!!!  😉

TDW: What do you think Taylor’s been up to in the years that have passed? Is she still the James family’s wild child?

McKeon: I believe she’s traveled around and tried to “find herself” in many different places, which has given her an experiential yet sometimes painful life.  And though home is where the heart is for her, I believe it’s one of the most difficult and challenging places for her to be.

TDW: Many fans are also familiar with you from your prior roles on Saved By The Bell: The New Class and Guiding Light. What are you most recognized for?

McKeon: It’s funny to me that all these years later I still get recognized from Saved By The Bell. I have no idea what I get recognized for the most, though I’ve heard ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Saved By The Bell’ a bunch. But mostly I just get people telling me that I “look familiar” or “remind them of someone famous.”

TDW: What was your reaction when you found out Guiding Light was going off the air?

McKeon: It was something that had been buzzing around the set when I was still there [in 2004], so it wasn’t a big shock.  For me mostly, I’m just interested to see what path everyone’s new lives will be taking!

TDW: What other projects are you working on now?

McKeon: There are a couple films that are in the works and a couple in the process of coming out!  Repo and The Land That Time Forgot being two of them. You can always stay up to date by checking IMDB.com!!

TDW: What do you like to do in your spare time?

McKeon: I love to travel, yoga, meditation, workout, dance, see LOTS of movies and spend time with the ones who are closest to me.

TDW: Many celebrities have gotten Twitter accounts to interact with their fans. Have you thought of getting one? Do you have an official site I can direct people to?

McKeon: Sorry, I do not have a Twitter account and I no longer have an official website.

TDW: My research also led me to this MySpace account that claims to be you. Is it actually yours?

McKeon: No, I have never had a MySpace!

Come back next week for another exclusive interview!

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Spoiler: Watch With Kristin

8 12 2009


Wally in Orlando: Do you know anything about what Glee will be up to in April?
Glee is going all One Tree Hill! Don’t worry, Chad Michael Murray won’t guest star, but Finn will be playing basketball instead of football when the show returns April 13, because…football season is over, dummies! “It’s basketball now. Finn Hudson is the captain o the basketball team.” Also, we would bet some seriously good money that Adam Lambert will indeed guest star on the show, because a source who tells us everything about everything clammed up with a “no comment” when asked about the rumor that it is really happening. Quick, Chris Colfer, grab a keyboard!

K.J. in the Caribbean: When will The Secret Life of the American Teenager be back?
Jan. 4, and according to Shailene Woodley, “There might be another pregnancy, [and] a couple of weddings, hookups, breakups, all that drama.” Look for Shailene’s storylines to split between her relationship with the baby and her relationship with Ricky. Plus, Francia Raisa tells us, “There are a lot of new hookups, especially with me. I’m gonna tease you guys a lot this season. My character’s grown a lot in the season that’s coming up, and then she has a huge storyline coming up toward the end of the season. It’s really good, so dramatic, really juicy.” Any guesses about Adrian’s big twist?

Meagan in New Jersey: The spoiler chat needs more One Tree Hill. Have anything juicy to share?
I’m hearing from a source that Taylor James, Hailey and Quinn’s bad seed sister from season two, will be back! Lindsey McKeon is reprising her role as Taylor—and she’s not coming back empty handed. She might just have another James family member by her side, and wait a sec, who’s that man on her arm? Hint: You’ve definitely seen him before. Word is, Taylor will be back somewhere around episode 14.

Noelle in Normal, Ill.: Gossip Girl Insider says that a new episode will be on Jan. 4. They are liars, right?
Perhaps misinformed? We’re told that after tonight’s episode, the next new one will be Monday, March 8, per the show’s CW rep. In other more exciting Gossip Girl news, I’m told Serena’s father will come back sometime toward the end of the season. And sadly, for all you who write in week after week asking if there will be some hot and steamy Chuck and Blair sex scenes coming up, I’m still not hearing of anything scantily clad or scandalous. Now you know what to ask for from Santa!

Randall in Atlanta: 90210, please! Who is going to commit suicide?!
I can’t say who, but I can tell you that he—yes, he—is not leaving the show. So it is just a suicide attempt. In other news, the Adriana and Gia ladylove storyline starts when 90210 returns from hiatus, and Navid will wonder if he made Adrianna gay. (Apparently he isn’t aware how such things work!) I’m told that Silver and Teddy develop a full-fledged relationship, but of course, they will have their complications…

Nell in Watsonville, Calif.: Any scoop on 90210? I’m addicted!
We’ll be meeting Liam’s slickster ex-con father in an upcoming episode. (Ex Duke of Hazzard John Schneider plays Liam’s stepfather, in case you were confused.) Got any dream casting for the part?

Credit: E! Online



Shailene Woodley played the original Kaitlin on The O.C.

Both Haley and Adrianna are spelled incorrectly.

We already know Taylor is coming back, based on the preview we saw last night, and it’s presumably in the January 18th episode which is number 13.

The statement that whoever attempts suicide on 90210 is not leaving the show contradicts the Mega Buzz spoiler that says said person–or at least a related person–is leaving the show.

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