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22 12 2009


Candy in Hawaii: Will Jenny get her knight in shining Armani? I’ve waited so long for Nate and Jenny to happen! Please, please tell me they will be a couple. I want them as my Christmas present!
Here’s what I can tell you. According to my source: “Jenny definitely will try to steal Nate away” later this season, after Nate and Serena are more of a solidified couple. However, in what has been written so far, I’m told “Nate is resisting.” That said, it certainly seems as though Jenny has fully embraced the dark side of her Machiavellian ways (will she be worse than Blair ever was?) because according to my mole, the whole Nate stealing is “going to be pretty underhanded by Jenny. Serena won’t really suspect it for a bit.” So let me get this straight: Little J has screwed over her stepbrother/former BFF and now her stepsister too?! Talk about a character 180 from the first season! Do we have a new Big Bad on the Upper East Side? Are producers trying to make us not like her? Thoughts?

Marlene in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: Some Gossip Girl news please! Anything big coming up? Deaths? Hookups? Marriages?
Dorota is getting married! Pretty sweet, no? And now that two people very close to Blair have gotten hitched lately (first mom, now Dorota), she has to be next right? OK, probably not. But a girl can dream.

Amanda in Miami: Anything on Jack Bass? Why is he back on Gossip Girl? Is he gonna mess up with Chuckles?
And how. From what I understand, Jack Bass will bring the news to Chuck that his mother is alive. But that may or may not be true. I personally hope it is and would love to meet the mother of Mother Chucker. You!? Who are we thinking could play her? Oooh, what if she turns out to be “The Man,” aka Lena Olin? Please, Santie [Josh] Schwartz, father of Chrismukkah! Make it happen.

Megan in Knoxville, Tenn.: I read somewhere, more then likely here, that when One Tree Hill starts back in January, Haley’s sister Taylor comes back and brings someone from past episodes with her. If this is true, any clues you can give as to who it is? Lucas? Peyton? Thanks!
Yep, that was here, and it is none of those characters but it is a boy. My source doesn’t want me to say who yet, but it’s someone’s ex, and it’s not a major character like Lucas or Peyton. I’ll reveal it when this muzzle comes off!

Credit: E! Online

Get Ready for Gossip Girl Season 3!

13 09 2009

We’re days away from Gossip Girl’s season 3 premiere!

Here’s what you need to know about last season:

After a summer apart, Serena and Dan rekindle their romance but it doesn’t last and Serena begins dating Aaron.  Throughout the relationship, the bond she shares with Dan remains strong and she ends things with Aaron.  Dan and Serena *again* get back together and *again* split up, allowing Dan to have a fling with one of the teachers at Constance and Serena to briefly date the scheming Gabriel.  Dan and Serena attend prom together just as friends.

Serena’s friendship with Blair is off-and-on as well, with Blair jealous as Serena becomes an Upper East Side socialite and gets in to Yale.  The season ends with them reaffirming their bond as best friends (or is it frenemies?).

Serena and her mother Lily have a similar trajectory: their relationship is drama-free periodically but when it’s bad, it’s really bad with Lily purposefully having Serena arrested and Lily slowly owning up to her own wild past.

Lily’s past comes back to haunt her in more ways than one.  Despite being married to Bart Bass, she can’t hide her feelings with Rufus.  Bart unexpectedly dies, clearing the way for a Lily-Rufus reunion.  The joy is shortlived, however, when Rufus finds out they had a child years ago who Lily gave up for adoption.  Rufus, feeling betrayed, refuses to be with her and instead tries to track the boy down.  With Lily’s help, they find his family but are saddened to find out he died years earlier.  Lily and Rufus slowly find their way back together, with Rufus ready to propose.  The plans come to a halt, however, when Rufus finds out Lily was secretly funneling money into his account to help with Dan’s tuition.  Again feeling betrayed, Rufus ends things.  In the season finale, however, they both put their pride aside and get engaged.

Rufus spends a lot of the season struggling with daughter Jenny, who rebels against not only her family but also Constance and her friends.  She moves out of the Humphrey loft, has a fling with Nate, makes a questionable friend in Agnes (The O.C.’s Willa Ford) and faces off against Blair’s minions.  Blair hands down her Queen B title to Jenny, putting her in a position of power she never had before.

Chuck is surprisingly devastated when Bart dies, feeling abandoned by everyone.  His downward spiral includes plenty of girls, drugs and tears.  He inherits his father’s fortune which he briefly has to wrestle away from his uncle Jack.  He later finds both a mother figure and a business partner in Lily.

Blair comes back from her summer in Europe with a new boyfriend–Lord Marcus–but still nursing her broken heart from Chuck’s abandonment.  The two dance around their feelings all season, with Blair willing to say those three little words but Chuck refusing to.  In fact, Chuck insists his flirtation is just a game, devastating Blair.  But she doesn’t mope for too long, briefly getting back together with Nate.  She soon realizes that Nate is her “high school” boyfriend and she needs to move on.  Around this time, Chuck realizes he needs to admit his feelings or he’ll lose her forever–and he does.  The two finally exchange those three little words.

Nate starts off the season dating a married woman (who happens to be Lord Marcus’ step-mother and sometimes lover!) but the fling soon ends and Nate is left to tackle family problems.  He finds himself homeless after the government seizes his family’s assets since his father remains on the run from the first season.  When his father returns, Nate refuses to run away with him and instead convinces him to turn himself in to the FBI.  During the trying time, Vanessa’s there to help and the two end up getting back together.  The differences in their lifestyle become glaringly obvious when Nate’s grandfather exerts his influence over him, and things end between them, allowing him to briefly get back together with Blair (as mentioned above).  Nate and Vanessa salvage their friendship, agreeing to backpack across Europe together–but not before briefly meeting someone who happens to be Rufus and Lily’s long-lost son.

Everyone’s thrown for a loop when Georgina returns to the fold as a Born Again Christian.  She seeks forgiveness for her past transgressions but soon the evilness that lies within her is brought to the surface again.  She enrolls in NYU, where Blair and Dan will be going in the fall, and requests to be Blair’s roommate.

Serena, instead of preparing to go to Brown, takes off with Carter on a search for her father.

Does Serena find him?  Will Georgina and Blair end up as roommates?  Will Chuck and Blair last? And will Rufus and Lily find out their son is alive?

Come back tomorrow at 9pm eastern for my live-blog of the season 3 premiere!

Exclusive: Gossip Girl’s Zuzanna Szadkowski On Working For “Miss Blair”

16 08 2009

In just two seasons, Zuzanna Szadkowski’s Dorota has wiggled her way into the hearts of fans and critics alike.  Add webisodes to the mix, guest appearances on The Sopranos, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and (one of my favorite non-teen drama shows) Guiding Light, plus a hoarde of fans on Twitter, and you’ve got one successful lady.

Read on for our exclusive interview…

TeenDramaWhore: When you first auditioned for Gossip Girl, did you have any idea the role would evolve?

Zuzanna Szadkowski: I understood the character would probably recur. I was super excited to be a part of the show because there was a lot of buzz as to how fabulous it would be. I never imagined the extent to which playing Dorota would be such an incredible opportunity.

TDW: Have you been surprised by viewer reaction? Even television critics are praising Dorota!

Szadkowski: I am always very excited and surprised to meet a fan. I am blown away to be mentioned positively by viewers and critics. I am happy the audience gets a kick out of the character. The writers of the show create hysterical situations for Dorota and have developed her relationship with Blair-Leighton Meester] in such a delightful way.

TDW: How did Chasing Dorota come about?

Szadkowski: The mini episodes give us a look at the folks on the other side of [Upper East Side] glamour. It turns out there is quite a bit of drama among the serving ranks. The process of shooting Chasing Dorota was an absolute dream for me. Dorota has the cutest, most charming friends. I think the result is awesome.

TDW: Will be seeing more of Dorota in season 3, or will her personal life remain off-screen and on-line?

Szadkowski: We will just have to wait to see 😉

TDW: The Dorota accent actually runs in your family, right?

Szadkowski: I was born in Poland and moved to the US when I was young. Although I don’t speak English with an accent, my parents do… so I have used my mother as a model for Dorota’s way of speaking.

TDW: What can you tell us about the upcoming season?

Szadkowski: From what I can tell season 3 is full of major surprises.

TDW: What it’s like working with a cast predominantly younger than you?

Szadkowski: The cast is incredible. Everyone is sweet to me and, although they are younger, they are very professional and accomplished. I am inspired by each of them and learn a tremendous amount on set. I do keep hoping some of their gorgeousness might rub off on me.

TDW: Do you have a favorite memory or funniest story from the set?

Szadkowski: I had a lot of laughs working with Marlena who played Blair’s bulldog, “Handsome Dan” [ed. note: Episode 2.16, You’ve Got Yale]. That puppy was so cute, but very heavy. I got a major arm workout carrying her around.

TDW: Has it been fun interacting with fans via Twitter?

Szadkowski: I love connecting with fans on Twitter! I have received same really supportive tweets from fans and some funny Dorota art.

TDW: You were also on another one of my favorite shows recently, Guiding Light. Will you be back again before the series ends in September?

Szadkowski: Unfortunately, my role only spanned a couple of episodes. I wish Sister Angelica, the Bosnian nun, would make an encore appearance. I have to say that working on Guiding Light was very intense. I really respect their crew and actors for what it takes to pull off so many episodes with so much panache. I was very sad to hear that the series will end.

TDW: Are you working on any other projects?

Szadkowski: Currently enjoying shooting Season 3. I will let you know if anything new develops.

Season 3 of Gossip Girl premieres Monday, September 14.

Come back next Sunday for another exclusive interview!

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Top 5 Biggest Vixens Pt. 3

11 03 2009

Part One, Part Two

3. Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

They don’t call her Queen B for nothing.  Blair rules teenageland on the Upper East Side, ruining the reputations of those around here in the time it takes to send a text message.  Complete with her very own possee, Blair sets the standard for popularity, deciding whether to make or break those around her, particularly poor little Jenny Humphrey.  Blair often escapes punishment for misdeeds, using her charm and trickery to make sure she always comes out on top.

Meet Uncle Jack Bass!

5 01 2009

WireImage Portrait Studio, Michael Perez Pop Art Gallery

As if you needed another reason to watch Gossip Girl tonight (8/7c on The CW or your local affiliate), this is the first time we’ll meet Jack Bass, Bart’s brother and Chuck’s uncle.

Jack (played by Demond Harrington) comes to the Upper East Side to help locate Chuck who’s been MIA since his father’s funeral.

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