News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and More

1 05 2009
  • Beverly Hills 90210’s Dylan & Kelly and Dawson’s Creek’s Joey & Pacey are included in a Retro TV Couples We Love gallery by E!Online.  They also posted some pictures of the new 90210 cast at the Paley Festival.
  • TV Guide Magazine “jeered” 90210 for its Dr. Pepper product placement.
  • Zap2it has a Gossip Girl sneak peek and one for One Tree Hill.
  • Entertainment Weekly has a story on Leighton Meester’s (Blair, Gossip Girl) singing career.
  • Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl) will guest star on Californication.
  • Here’s another photo of Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl) shooting the film Twelve.
  • Zuzanna Szadkowski (Dorota, Gossip Girl) says GG is her “most fabulous gig ever.”
  • In the May 4 issue of PEOPLE, Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina, Gossip Girl)says she doesn’t know what Twitter is and is “not nearly cool enough.”
  • has a story on Kate Voegele’s (Mia, One Tree Hill) new music video.
  • Stars New did a story on Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill) and the growth of the Southern Gothic Productions blog.
  • Mischa Barton (Marissa, The O.C.) released her own collection of headbands.  There’s also a photo of in the 5/4 issue of PEOPLE.

News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl, The O.C. and More

15 04 2009
  • Tori Spelling (Donna, Beverly Hills 90210) is fighting back rumors that she’s anorexic.
  • There’s a small photo of Tori in the April 20th issue of PEOPLE, highlighting her return to 90210.
  • There are two video interviews with Jessica Stroup (Silver, 90210) posted at The CW Source.  They also have a Tori-related video that they got from somewhere else, I think.
  • TV Guide Magazine has an interview with Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna, 90210).
  • Diablo Cody talks about her 90210 appearance in this interview.
  • The Los Angeles Times also thought that the Dr. Pepper placement was a bit too much in last night’s 90210.
  • Brian Austin Green’s (David, Beverly Hills 90210) Terminator show is pretty much canceled, according to Ausiello. So maybe we’ll see him on 90210 next season?
  • Baltimore viewers were accidentally treated to an episode of Gossip Girl when they tuned in to watch 24 and House!
  • E!Online has a Gossip Girl sneak peek.
  • The Michigan Tech Lode has a pretty scathing review of Gossip Girl.
  • Ivanka Trump (daughter of Donald) is quoted in the 4/20 issue of PEOPLE that Gossip Girl is “a total parody, but I find it to be unbelievably funny.”
  • Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl) came in second in that poll asking which actor should take Zac Efron’s place in Footloose.
  • Teen drama worlds are colliding again!  Cam Gigandet (Volchok, The O.C.) will play Leighton Meester’s (Blair, Gossip Girl) boyfriend in The Roommate.
  • Just figured out now that Shailene Woodley from The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the original Kaitlin on The O.C.
  • The CW Source has a poll asking which One Tree Hill actor is the most “fashion-forward.”

Spoiler: Mega Buzz

11 02 2009

(This really isn’t a spoiler so I don’t think my usual warning label is necessary!)

Please ask the producers of 90210 to quit shilling Dr. Pepper and splashing their logo all over the place. — Bill S.
MICKEY: I know, right? That logo is everywhere. My West Bev mole tells me that the Dr. Pepper deal was an experiment gone slightly awry. Future product placement will aim for more subtlety. Besides, Diet Coke with Lime is a far superior carbonated beverage, several free cases of which I would never turn down.

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