One Tree Hill: The Evaluation Results

27 05 2009

This poll had the most interesting results out of all three shows only because you guys didn’t follow the directions too well.  For almost every question, people put in things for ‘other’ that didn’t even take place during this season.  Remember, guys, I said to vote on this season only.

Because there were so many crazy votes (and a few of them made me laugh), I’m going to organize this results summary differently than the others ones.  I will list the winners, some of the answers you guys wrote-in, some of the invalid answers (i.e. not eligible because it wasn’t from this season) you wrote-in and my thoughts.  I think it will be much clearer this way, since there is so much I want to share.


Winners: Brooke, Lucas

Noteworthy Others: Julian

Invalid Others: Keith, Chris Keller, Fake Derek…and Chuck Bass?

Thoughts: Brooke beat by Peyton by only 2 votes.  The percentages were 37.5 versus 37.0.  Ridiculously close!  Julian getting a decent number of votes bodes well for next season when he’s a regular.


Winner: Lucas & Peyton

Invalid Others: Brooke & Lucas, Brooke & Nathan…and Brooke and Rachel?

Thoughts: Not surprising considering their huge following, and that Brucas wasn’t an option.  Naley wasn’t too far behind.


Winners: Peyton, Lucas

Noteworthy Others: Victoria, Millie, Nanny Carrie, Gigi and “Kate Buy-My-CD Voegele”; Chase, Owen, Dan, Dixon, Nick Lachey

Invalid Others: Bevin, Nikki, Lindsey, Anna; Felix, Derek, Tim, Chris

Thoughts: I know there are a lot of Leyton haters out there, and a lot of people love Brooke, Haley and Nathan individually so I guess this result kind of makes sense.  I’m, of course, disappointed since Peyton and Lucas are my fave.


Winner: Brooke & Owen

Noteworthy Others: Mia & Chase, Skills & Lauren, Mouth & Millie, Skills & Deb

Invalid Others: Lucas & Anna, Bevin & Tim, Rachel & Cooper

Thoughts: There was a lot of Browen love last season…and then Julian came around so I understand why this won.


Winner: Jamie

Noteworthy Others: Julian (who I should’ve included as one of the options)

Invalid Others: Rachel

Thoughts: All the choices got a vote except for Nino and Mick.  I thought that was pretty interesting.  There were some that I didn’t think were going to get any votes.


Winner: Karen

Noteworthy Others: Chase

Invalid Others: Rachel, Jake

Thoughts: Karen won by the largest majority seen in any of the OTH polls–57%.  Gigi actually got 5 votes.  Who are you people?


Winner: Leyton’s relationship

Noteworthy Others: Brooke’s relationship with Sam, Nathan’s comeback

Invalid Others: Peyton’s stalker, Brucas relationship, Naley’s season 5 split, the school shooting

Thoughts: The top three vote-getters weren’t surprising since they were the main stories of the season.


Winner: Nanny Carrie’s return

Noteworthy Others: Skills & Deb relationship, Dan’s heart getting eaten, Millie-Mouth-Gigi triangle, Peyton’s pregnancy

Invalid Others: Brucas relationship, Lucas & Lindsey, Rachel, Peyton’s drug storyline, “Trick question…I see right through you”

Thoughts: The top vote-getters were all fair answers, I think, even though I did like the Peyton pregnancy storyline.


Winner: Peyton’s health scare(s)

Noteworthy Others: Brooke’s attack, Quentin’s death, Sam with Quentin’s killer, Season 6 finale

Invalid Others: Season 3 finale, school shooting, Season 5 finale

Thoughts: Knowing that the Peyton health scares were coming, I’m more torn between Brooke’s attack and the Q stuff.  Both were a lot more stunning and emotional.


Winner: 8

Thoughts: Every single value got a vote–that means some of you (12 total, to be exact) thought this season was only worth a 1 or a 2!  10 came in second but with only 22% of the vote.  This one was very spread out.


Winner: 10

Thoughts: The only one of the three dramas to get a perfect score! It had the majority with 53% of the vote but, again, all values were voted for.  For those of you that rated the show a 4 or lower…why are you even watching? Or participating in this poll?


(Even if you didn’t follow the directions! =P)

News Roundup: Gossip Girl, 90210 and One Tree Hill

26 05 2009
  • Gawker is predicting Cobra Starship’s Good Go Girls Bad, featuring Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl), will be one of the most-played songs this summer.
  • Season four of “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” premieres tonight on Oxygen.  The New York Times has a partly-critical, partly-complimentary article on the show. has a video preview.
  • Randy Spelling (Ryan, Beverly Hills 90210; brother to Tori) is now a life coach in Los Angeles.
  • A remake of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The original film starred Luke Perry (Dylan, Beverly Hills 90210.)
  • BuddyTV has a story on Kate Voegele (Mia, One Tree Hill).

One Tree Hill: The Evaluation EXTENDED

25 05 2009

You now have until Tuesday evening to vote in the One Tree Hill Evaluation.

Happy voting!

Gossip Girl: The Evaluation Results

25 05 2009

First off, I want to thank you all for encouraging me to do a poll for Gossip Girl (and One Tree Hill).  While the results weren’t surprising to me, it’s still interesting to know where you all stand.

Chuck and Blair pretty much dominated.  They’re your favorite characters and favorite couple, and their relationship won best storyline.  The percentages were pretty high, too, so no one else really stood a chance apparently.

Vanessa got the majority of votes for worst female character, while Dan won for worst male–though Nate was very close behind.

Nate and Vanessa were voted worst couple, with Nate and Blair in second.

Georgina ranked best supporting character, beating Dorota by only two votes.

There were single votes for the following as worst storyline: Georgina becoming religious, Nate and Jenny’s fling, Eleanor and Cyrus getting married, Nate and Blair reuniting, Chuck’s “Eyes Wide Shut” story and the Gabriel/Poppy scheme.

There were equal votes for best cliffhanger, both coming from the finale: Serena finding out about her dad, and Georgina requesting to room with Blair at NYU.

You rated the season an 8 overall and the show a 9.


One Tree Hill results will be posted tomorrow.

Donnarama Marathon Today!

25 05 2009

Today beginning at 10am, SoapNet is airing “Donnarama Marathon.”

The marathon consists of 10 Beverly Hills 90210 episodes that showcase some of Donna’s “top moments.”

The chosen episodes span the ten seasons and conclude with the series finale.

Be sure to check out their “Donna Martin Madness” slideshow, which has photos of both Donna through the years as well as Tori Spelling post-90210.

Happy Birthday Bryan Greenberg!

24 05 2009

Greenberg (Jake, One Tree Hill) turned 31 today.

Check out this tribute video on YouTube.

90210: The Evaluation Results

24 05 2009

Thanks to everyone who voted in the polls.  If you read my reactions posts, you know where I stand on 90210 but I was curious to get all of your opinions as well, particularly because this was the show’s inaugural season.  And I have to admit, some of the results were surprising to me.

Most shocking? Liam won for favorite male character (with Navid one vote away!) but also came in second place for worst male (Ethan ranked first).  Not exactly sure how that happened–and not even sure why any of you like him to begin with!

Silver got your vote for favorite female, while worst female was a no-brainer: Annie!  Annie also got the (dis)honor of winning worst storyline for her performance in the season finale, as well as worst couple for her relationship with Ethan.

Adrianna came out on top in several categories.  Her relationship with Navid earned them favorite couple, as well as best storyline.  Additionally, Adrianna’s overdose early in the season was voted best cliffhanger.  Given these results, I was surprised she came in second for favorite female.

Kelly not only won favorite supporting character but beat out–with 71% of the vote!–Donna and Brenda, respectively, for favorite returning one.

As for rating the season/show overall, you guys gave it a 7.5 (since there was a tie for 7 and 8).

And much to my disappointment, you guys prefer 90210 to Beverly Hills 90210 54-46%.  Any particular reason why?

Come back tomorrow for the Gossip Girl results!

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