Get Ready for 90210 Season 2!

7 09 2009

We’re a day away from 90210’s season 2 premiere!

Here’s what you need to know about last season:

Annie and Dixon move to Beverly Hills, where father Harry is the principal of West Beverly High and mother Debbie is a photographer.

Popular girl Naomi loses longtime boyfriend Ethan when he decides to be with Annie instead.  When the relationship fails, Ethan falls for Silver.

Silver spends most of the season dating Dixon, though the relationship hits a rough spot when Silver struggles with bi-polar disorder.

Adrianna, Naomi’s best friend, recovers from a drug addiction only to find out she’s pregnant.  Boyfriend Navid, who isn’t the father, decides to stick by her side, though Adrianna ultimately gives the baby up for adoption.

Naomi’s attempt to win over the brooding Liam starts to work, until she finds out he slept with someone else.  Naomi assumes it’s Annie but it was actually her own sister, Jen.

Silver’s older sister and West Bev guidance counselor Kelly had a relationship with teacher Ryan, who started seeing Jen in the season finale.

Annie, disgusted by how everyone treats her, drives drunk and hits something…or someone!

Come back at noon tomorrow for an exclusive interview about the new season and then you’ll be all set for my live-blog of the premiere at 8pm eastern!

Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

1 09 2009


Kaitlin in Boston: I really need some One Tree Hill scoop! Please tell me that Naley won’t have more relationship problems…They’re now the rocks of the show!
Sorry, Naley fans. One Tree Hill season seven starts off rocky for Haley and Nathan with a major sex and pregnancy scandal.

Bianca in Palm Beach, Fla.: Can you please put the Chair fandom at ease and let us know that this Chuck “gay kiss” storyline on Gossip Girl does not mean Chuck will be playing for both teams but is really just a scheme and will serve to bring Chair even closer at the end of it? Thanks!
OK…so…the good news for you Chuck-Blair fans is that Chuck is not really playing for both teams on the TV version of Gossip Girl (in the books he’s definitely bisexual). The bad news is that Chuck’s gay kiss is not doing Chuck and Blair’s relationship any favors. Why? Because Gossip Girl‘s resident crazy lady (that’s Blair, just so we’re clear) tricks Chuck into kissing that boy, and Chuck’s pissed after the fact. Don’t panic, Chuck and Blair are not totally breaking up over this, but it does put a major kink in their relationship.

Pattywack in Sydney: What brings Vanessa’s mum to New York on Gossip Girl?
Gina Torres
is going to be on Gossip Girl—can you believe it? And how is she introduced? Well, Vanessa finds out she is going to give the freshman toast at NYU and invites her mom. Mom, however, disapproves of Vanessa going to college (?!), apparently because Mr. and Mrs. Abrams are superhippie, anti-establishment types. Awww, they’re just mad she didn’t go to Reed or Oberlin.

Olivia in Los Angeles: 90210 starts next week! What can you tell me about season two?
We chatted exclusively with Ryan Eggold (Ryan Matthews), and he says we can expect more complicated romances this season: “The fun thing about season two is that all the relationships from season one have time to become more exciting and more gray; they are less defined,” he said. “I know that I have another love triangle. I’m constantly stuck in those. This one is with a student and a new female character.” Who do you think Ryan will get tangled up with? Predict in the comments below! For more 90210 spoilers, be sure to check out this article about another hot new relationship on the show. P.S. We’ve seen some of 90210 season two (more on that in a future item), and the new season is so, so, so much better than season one. Whole new look, better storylines, cooler outfits, and with all respect to Dustin Milligan, you won’t miss Ethan for a second because the new guys (like Trevor Donovan, pictured left) are better-looking and a great deal more interesting.

News Roundup: One Tree Hill, 90210, Gossip Girl and More

27 08 2009
  • One Tree Hill, 90210, and Gossip Girl all have nominations in the I Love To Hate You category of The Sourcies.
  • The Baltimore Sun has an interview with Kate Voegele (Mia, One Tree Hill).
  • If you want to check out Shantel Van Santen (Quinn, One Tree Hill) before the new season premieres, you can go see the new Final Destination movie, which opens tomorrow.
  • More teen drama references on Big BrotherThis time, it was Beverly Hills 90210, The O.C. and Dawson’s Creek.
  • 90210 and Gossip Girl are both discussed (in relation to Melrose Place) in an Los Angeles Times article.
  • E!Online has a spoiler-filled interview with Matt Lanter (Liam, 90210).
  • Trevor Donovan (Teddy, 90210) is included in a photo gallery of “fresh faces” for the new TV season.
  • Dustin Milligan (Ethan, 90210) was reportedly considered for Robert Pattinson’s role in Twilight.
  • MTV News has a related article on Milligan.
  • The CW Source is taking fan questions for an interview with Laura Leighton (Sophie, Beverly Hills 90210).
  • Both Leighton and Kelly Rutherford (Lily, Gossip Girl) are included in a “Where Are They Now” photo gallery for Melrose Place.
  • Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl) joined the cast of The Town, a crime thriller.
  • Kristen Bell (Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl) was apparently the victim of a Twitter hacker/faker today.  Remember, you can follow her real account: @IMKristenBell
  • Josh Schwartz, the creator of Gossip Girl and The O.C., is now developing a comedy series.
  • The season premiere of Southland, starring Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan, The O.C.) and Michael Cudlitz (Tony, Beverly Hills 90210), will be delayed.
  • Mischa  Barton (Marissa, The O.C.) did a very interesting interview with Time Out New  York, where she explains her hospitalization.

News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and More

25 08 2009
  • Jennie Garth (Kelly, Beverly Hills 90210) is back on Twitter with a slightly different username.
  • According to Michael Cudlitz (Tony, Beverly Hills 90210), James Eckhouse (Jim, Beverly Hills 90210) will be on an upcoming episode of Southland.
  • At the premiere for Extract, a film in which Dustin Milligan (Ethan, 90210) appears, he discussed how he won’t be back on the show.  Jessica Stroup (Silver, 90210), his girlfriend, was also there.
  • AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi) is on the cover of the first issue of Beauty Entertainment Magazine.
  • has a spoilish interview with McCord and Matt Lanter (Liam, 90210).
  • Star News posted a “first look” photo gallery for One Tree Hill’s seventh season.
  • According to the Associated Press, it hasn’t been decided what will happen to Antwon Tanner (Skills, One Tree Hill) in regards to his role on OTH.  Tanner plead guilty last week to fraud charges.
  • Ausiello has interesting spoilers on a Chuck (Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl) storyline for this season.
  • MTV is developing a U.S. version of Skins to be the “absolute opposite of Gossip Girl.”
  • Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina, Gossip Girl) will star in Young Americans alongside Chris Pratt (Che, The O.C.). Coincidentally, Young Americans used to be the name of a show on The WB, a spin-0ff of Dawson’s Creek which starred Rodney Scott (Will, Dawson’s Creek).
  • MTV has an interview with Adam Brody (Seth, The O.C.) on his role in Jennifer’s Body.

Spoiler: Watch With Kristin

25 08 2009


Steph in Highland Park, Calif.: How is Michelle Trachtenberg going to juggle Gossip Girl and her new show Mercy?
Gossip Girl‘s Georgina Sparks herself tells us, “I can’t even begin to guess what the writers have in store for me. I mean, Mercy is definitely something that will take a lot of time and will be spearheaded, so there will be a little bit of a combination of everything. The great news is that if Georgina isn’t in as many episodes as one would think…and she kind of can’t die ever. So she’ll be in and out always.”

Abram in Jersey Garden, N.J.: Anything you can tell about Olivia’s new guy on Gossip Girl?
Olivia’s (Hilary Duff) new guy is actually an old flame. Olivia first appears in episode four on Gossip Girl this season, and shortly thereafter we meet her ex-boyfriend, who’s interested in getting back in her life.

Jen in Dallas: Is Daphne Zuniga done with One Tree Hill because she’s going to be on Melrose Place?
Daphne Zuniga is going to be back on One Tree Hill. She’s doing just one or possibly two episodes of Melrose, so that won’t conflict with OTH. Her return to OTH is just dependent on their storylines.

Sam in Lock Haven, Pa.: Are we going to see more of the gay storyline with John Cooper on Southland, or are they dropping that this season?
Southland is definitely sticking with the storyline of Cooper’s sexuality. Michael Cudlitz, who plays Cooper, tells us, “It’s going to evolve as we spend more time with him. We will learn more about his sexuality just from being with him.” Michael definitely doesn’t have a problem with these storylines, joking that he’s really hoping to show some skin: “I want them to see my butt.”

Michelle in Atlanta: Are Silver and Dixon over on 90210, or is there hope for them?
We don’t want to give false hope, but Jessica Stroup teases, “Will you see us kiss? Yes. Will we continue to kiss for the whole season? I don’t know.” While both have new love interests coming in, they still care for each other. Tristan Wilds tells us, “It’s definitely a rocky relationship. We’re having our ups and our downs. You never know where we fall, but right now we’re separated.”

Leona in Albuquerque, N.M.: Any more 90210 scoop?
Supersexy newbie Trevor Donovan is coming onboard as the rich son of an Oscar winner who stirs things up with Adrianna and Navid. “I have a connection with Adrianna. We have a little past, so obviously I’m creating a little tension, a little drama,” says Donovan. Is he a bad boy? “Not intentionally. He is causing a little trouble, but he’s somewhat oblivious to it.”

Mary in Tampa: 90210 scoop, please.
Don’t worry about Kelly getting involved in any rumored love triangles. “I definitely am not going to allow Kelly to be a homewrecker,” Jennie Garth told us exclusively. “The producers and I have talked about it. It’s not something I’m interested in, and it’s not something they’re going to do.” Why not some added drama? “I’ve spent too many years trying to create this woman other women can trust,” she said.

Sarah in Pasadena, Calif.: Are we even going to see Dustin Milligan at all on 90210, or is Ethan gone for good?
Gone for good, though Jessica Stroup tells us, “Ethan is happy in his world. He’s doing his thing wherever he is. He gets a mention and is talked about a little bit, but he’s happy.” Are you happy with that? Discuss in the comments.


Note: Michael Cudlitz (Tony, Beverly Hills 90210), co-stars with Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan, The O.C.) on Southland.

Before They Were Teen Drama Stars, Part 6

22 08 2009

MONDAY: Beverly Hills 90210

TUESDAY: Dawson’s Creek


THURSDAY: One Tree Hill

FRIDAY: Gossip Girl

TODAY: 90210


Starred in Degrassi:  The Next Generation and recurred on Naturally Sadie.


Starred in The Wire.


Starred in American Heiress and recurred on Nip/Tuck.


Appeared on Reaper.


Appeared on The Winner.


Recurring role on Greek.


Starred in Runaway.


Starred in Commander in Chief, recurred on Heroes and voiced Star Wars: The Clone Wars

That’s it for Before They Were Teen Drama Stars.

Were there a lot of appearances you didn’t know about?

Would you like to see a series on what former teen drama stars are doing now?

Spoiler: You Ask, I Answer 90210 Edition

20 07 2009


I am one of the many who find the older characters’ stories WAY more interesting than the younger ones on “90210.” Will we be seeing more Brenda, Donna, and especially Kelly? And will any other original cast members be making cameos? -JayDub
Jennie Garth (Kelly) will return to “90210” on a recurring basis this season, no doubt. Though there were rumors that this decision was undecided at some point, set sources tell me producers have always planned to bring Garth back. Return appearances by Shannen Doherty (Brenda) and Tori Spelling (Donna) are also on the table, though those two have not officially signed on yet.

Thanks for the “90210” scoop. I’m not sure how I feel about it all. I like when the show makes them a gang — a group of friends — like in the original, so hopefully they’ll go back there at some point. -Lee
While Annie is ostracized by the girls this fall, the boys will become a much tighter crew… especially when Dixon takes up surfing as a full-time hobby, something I’m told Liam and Teddy are very much into.

Will we ever find out what happened to Ethan? -Mary
We will, and so will Dixon. And what I mean by that is, he is not in the dark about the Silver-Ethan kiss and will definitely confront her about it… just before he begins dating an older woman, as I mentioned last week, and starts getting pursued by a sexy surf chick too.

Hey! I really want to know, is Annie getting a new boyfriend this season? Cause she’s like the only main character in the show without a love interest or any romantic story. -Eliana
Annie won’t have a love interest when season 2 premieres, but she will be seeing some action… which leads to that sex-type scandal I previously reported. However, I am also hearing she will get strangely close with the nephew of the guy she supposedly killed in the finale car crash we saw last May…

News Roundup: Gossip Girl, The O.C., 90210, One Tree Hill and More

18 07 2009
  • Our first Trivia Night will be this Tuesday at 7pm.  Instructions will be posted that day.
  • Zap2it has suggested Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl) as a replacement for Mischa Barton (Marissa, The O.C.) should she not be able to continue with The Beautiful Life.
  • You can watch the trailer for Homecoming, which came out this weekend and stars Barton and Jessica Stroup (Silver, 90210).
  • Ethan (Dustin Milligan, 90210) and Nathan (James Lafferty, One Tree Hill) are on BuddyTV’s list of the Top TV Jocks.
  • Bianca Kajilch (Natasha, Dawson’s Creek) is getting a divorce.

Spoiler: Ask Ausiello

17 06 2009


Question: There’s a spoiler floating around that says Chuck is going to bring home a girl in the Gossip Girl season premiere. Does this mean that he cheats on Blair? Or, even worse, that they broke up over the summer? –Fernanda
While it’s true that Blair catches Chuck, ahem, connecting with a model in the Sept. 14 opener, all is not as it appears.

Question: Any news on Gossip Girl? What’s in store for Serena? –Sara
She’ll be motherless for the first batch of episodes due to Kelly Rutherford’s maternity leave.

Question: 90210 scoop, please? –Darren
As you may have heard through the ‘vine, the teens at West Beverly High will be given a hot summer hangout with the C-dub bringing back the Beverly Hills Beach Club. Much like the original — which was a favorite hangout of Kelly and Brenda, as well as the place where both Brandon and Dylan worked — the new beach-side club will feature a bevy of hot new characters. I mean, it’s not really a beach unless there’s some skin to burn, right?

Question: Is Dustin Milligan not returning to 90210 at all next season? –Becky
Nope. We’ll learn in the Sept. 8 season premiere (via gratuitous exposition) that Ethan decided to stay in Montana with his pa.

Question: There have been rumors that Danneel Harris is returning as Rachel on One Tree Hill in the season 7. Is this true? –Cameron
The rumors are true. Rachel will be back next season for an arc.

Question: Any idea what actress is slated to play the role of Haley’s sister Quinn on One Tree Hill? –Lila
According to this highly reputable journalist, relative newcomer Shantel VanSanten has landed the role.

**Note: Dylan NEVER worked at the Beverly Hills Beach Club.

News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and More

3 06 2009
  • is reporting that there will be a new male character introduced next season as a “replacement” for Ethan (Dustin Milligan).
  • It was officially announced that Matt Lanter (Liam, 90210) will be back next season as a regular.
  • Peter Facinelli, husband of Jennie Garth (Kelly, Beverly Hills 90210) said they were alarmed that news reports blew her comments on her heart issues out of proportion.  He also said Jennie currently has a broken foot.
  • Penn Badgley (Dan, Gossip Girl) says he may have a music career in the “future.”
  • The extras for the One Tree Hill Season Six DVD have officially been announced.
  • Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill) is inviting fans to send in questions to her Southern Gothics Production site.
  • James Lafferty (Nathan, One Tree Hill) participated in a Battle of the Sexes basketball game last night.  You can see a little footage here and read a short story on it here.
  • Joshua Jackson (Pacey, Dawson’s Creek) and girlfriend Diane Kruger are planning to move in together.
  • The New York Observer has a feature story on Michael Pitt (Henry, Dawson’s Creek).
  • Tom Kapinos, one of Dawson’s Creek former showrunners, slammed the show and the cast during a recent television panel.
  • Rachel Bilson (Summer, The O.C.) says she’s a “preacher” of safe suntanning.

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