News Roundup: Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek

14 02 2010
  • Ausiello gave his renewal/cancellation predictions, saying Gossip Girl and 90210 (along with Smallville, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and America’s Next Top Model) are a “sure thing” while One Tree Hill (and Life Unexpected) “could go either way.” He says Melrose Place, however, is “a long shot.”
  • North By Northwestern has an interview with Eric Daman (costume designer, Gossip Girl).
  • has a great roundup of photos of Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill), Austin Nichols (Julian, One Tree Hill) and Shantel VanSanten (Quinn, One Tree Hill) from New York Fashion Week events. There’s also reports, mostly in the tabloids, that Jessica Szohr (Vanessa, Gossip Girl), Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl), Shenae Grimes (Annie, 90210) and Kellan Lutz (George, 90210) attended some events.
  • Fug Girls has a two columns on NYFW mentioning some of the above stars, including Grimes, Bush, Nichols and VanSanten.
  • has an article on Bush and Nichols attending various NYFW events.
  • On the official site for Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill), you can watch the episode she directed this season, 7.09: Now You Lift Your Eyes To The Sun, with commentary from her and Nichols.
  • A fan has organized a petition to show support for an 8th season of One Tree Hill.
  • Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill) has two vlogs on the SoGoPro site.
  • BuzzSugar has an interview with Bryan Greenberg (Jake, One Tree Hill).
  • has a short video interview with Greenberg and his How To Make It In America co-star.
  • NBC news anchor Lester Holt toured Vancouver with native Jason Priestley (Brandon, Beverly Hills 90210). See if you can figure the error Holt says in the beginning of the video.
  • James Van Der Beek (Dawson, Dawson’s Creek) posted a pretty funny video of him and his Mercy co-star Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina, Gossip Girl).

Exclusive: Get To Know Mike Grubbs of One Tree Hill and Wakey!Wakey!

31 01 2010

Among One Tree Hill’s crop of fresh faces this season is Grubbs, a bartender at Tric. If you’re wondering where the name comes from (Is he supposed to be grubby? Chubby? Just an odd duck?), meet Mike Grubbs, the actor who plays him.

In our exclusive interview, Grubbs explains how his band Wakey!Wakey! led to a role on One Tree Hill, who his character may or may not get together with and how he uses Twitter to interact with his growing fanbase.

TeenDramaWhore: Let’s start at the very beginning. How did you first get involved with the show?

Mike Grubbs: It’s actually a very interesting story, Shari. A friend of [OTH creator] Mark Schwahn’s saw me play. She called Mark and said, “When you’re in New York next time, let me know. I’ll arrange it so this guy plays where you’re at.” Mark came to town and I got a call the night of. I was actually out on a date at the time and I got a call saying, “We need you to go to this place to play for Mark” and I was like, “Well, actually, you know, it’s kind of a bad night for me.” At that time I didn’t know Mark but they explained to me who he was and everything. So I said, “Yeah. Okay. I might as well try it.” But I was on a date so it took me a little while to get out there. Mark sat at this open mic night for three hours waiting to hear me play, which is pretty amazing. Most record executives, the way they handle hearing someone play for them  is you’ll fly out to where they are and go to their office and sit in some cold waiting room until whenever they’re ready to let you in and do the audition. They’ll give you maybe about 5 minutes of their time usually but Mark came and sat for 3 hours to hear me play at this open mic in Brooklyn, which just kind of points to the fact that he’s doing something right. I think that’s why shows like One Tree Hill get such good music and good people. So he came and saw me play. He was really into the songs I played and he said, “I really want to use those on the show.” So the first song was “War Sweater” and he used that on the season finale last year [Episode 6.24, Remember Me As A Time Of Day].

Then Mark and I just really became friends. It wasn’t about a professional relationship for us. When he came to New York, we’d hang out. When I went to L.A., we’d hang out. And then he was here a few months ago and we were finishing this new album we working on so I called him and said, “Hey man, I want to play you my new album,” just ‘cause he’s my friend. So we sat down and I played it for him and he was like, “I’m really into this. I really like this music and I want to help you release it. Why don’t I write you a few cameos on the show and we’ll try to have you perform on the show and bring as much attention to the project as we can?” And I was like, “Oh, this is amazing!” He knew I was a bartender–I was bartending at the time–so he wrote this little cameo for me as the bartender on the show and that went really well so that led to another. They wrote me into the next episode and then the next one and the next thing you know, now I’m Grubbs on the show and kind of a regular occurrence on it. It’s kind of cool.

TDW: How familiar were you with the show previously?

Grubbs: I had watched the earlier seasons of the show but had fallen out of touch with it for a while. I love TV and I love to watch TV but I’m kind of more of a sci-fi nerd. I really like Battlestar Galactica and nerdy stuff like that. Lost. Those are my shows. So the drama stuff hadn’t really been as much on my radar for a while so I didn’t really know what I was getting into. It was really cool to see once I actually started researching the show and catching up on what was going on. It changed so much and was so good. They had these really exciting new characters and I was just really proud to be a part of the show at this point.

TDW: It’s funny because a lot people didn’t know you were an actual musician. I saw some comments online saying, “Wait–was the bartender the guy at the piano at the end of that episode?” when you performed “Brooklyn” [Episode 7.12, Some Roads Lead Nowhere]. People explained to them that, yes, it was the character of Grubbs at the piano but the actor is also Mike Grubbs who has his own band.

Grubbs: Everyone started to piece it together. I can’t say for sure what’s going to happen but I think it might become more clear to people in the next few episodes what my part is in everything.

TDW: Was there ever a question of what name to give the character or was it just Grubbs from the outset?

Grubbs: Mark had always known me as Grubbs. That was my nickname throughout college. So it was like, what kind of bartender name can they give me? And I guess at that point, the natural name was just Grubbs. I mean, that’s who I am and he wanted the character to be as much like me as possible. So that was pretty locked in pretty early.

TDW: You were in a few episodes before we actually saw you perform rather than have that aspect of your character revealed right off the bat. Do you know what went into that decision?

Grubbs: I just think it’s something that’s maybe more exciting for the viewers, to watch the growth of the character that way. I also think, in all honesty, that Mark just wanted to make sure that I didn’t completely suck before he put me on as this character. The fact that I started as just this bartender gives us a little more arc to the character, makes it a little more exciting. But that’s really who I am. I’ve been this guy who is working every day and living a really real, normal existence just tending bar and working like everyone else. I’m not someone who’s just a musician. It kind of humanizes the character as well.

TDW: You are, without a doubt, the most recognizable face of Wakey!Wakey! but the other people you play with, what have they said about your experiences on the show?

Grubbs: They’re really stoked about it. They, of course, love the attention it brings to the project and everything. It’s really fun. The first episode I was ever on, we got together and it was just a small group of friends. They were all really close friends to me because I didn’t want it to be–like all of my friends came to me and said, “We have to throw a huge party! You’re going to be on TV!” and all this stuff. Everyone was really excited. But I wanted it to be quiet because I wanted people to actually watch the show. I didn’t want it to be a raging party with the TV on in the background and then we’d just miss it. So we kept it really small but the majority of the band was there for that. They’re super-supportive, they’re super into it and they’re really excited about it. They’re proud of me and they’re happy. It’s cool.

TDW: Can you give us any hints on what’s coming up with Grubbs and how many more episodes you’ll be in?

Grubbs: I don’t really know for a fact but I think you’re going to be seeing a fair amount more of me. But as far as what’s going to happen to my character, all I can say is of the scripts I’ve read so far, it’s really cool and it’s really exciting. People are going to love it.

TDW: There’s two little fandoms brewing. There’s some people who think Grubbs and Miranda [India de Beaufort] are going to have something going on.

Grubbs: I’ve definitely heard that one.

TDW: And there’s others that are looking for some cougar action with Victoria [Daphne Zuniga].

Grubbs: Yeah, you know, I’ve actually seen people suggest that. I saw another one suggesting I get together with Sophia Bush [Brooke], which is really funny because I love that people not only want to pair me with Brooke but her mother as well! I love that people are speculating about it because it means maybe I’m doing my job well or the writers are doing their job well and people are excited about it. As far as who my character will end up with, man, I think that all of those actresses you just mentioned are the coolest chicks in the world and I would be thrilled to be with any of them.

TDW: That’s a great answer. So what would you say has been the easiest thing working on the show, the most difficult and the most surprising?

Grubbs:I would say the easiest part of working on the show has been how accepting the cast has been of me. The first night that I got down there, James Lafferty [Nathan], Stephen Colletti [Chase] and Shantel VanSanten [Quinn]–and, actually, I think Robert Buckley [Clay] was there as well. All these people came out. I think Mark set it up so that everyone I was working on my first scene with came out to meet me so I would be comfortable with everyone the next day and they would know who I was. Honestly, they are just the most accepting and wonderful people you can ever think of working with.

That actually leads really well to the next question, the most difficult part of working on the show. It’s funny because the most difficult part of the show for me is getting used to acting on camera. I have an actual background in theater and I’ve done a lot of acting before as a theater actor but never as a screen actor so the changeover to that has been really challenging for me. I really feel lucky to have such great people on set with me and working with me to kind of teach me. The scenes that I have with India or Sophia or [Bethany Joy Galeotti, Haley], there’s always sweet, little hints that they give me. You know, “Keep your eyes up here,” “Make sure the camera catches this kind of thing”–things that you really want to look out for when filming these kind of things and it’s really amazing how much they’ve helped me. So the most difficult thing has been getting used to filming.

The most surprising thing I think was definitely how big the production scale is. I knew what One Tree Hill was, I had seen the show before and I knew Mark and all that stuff but you never can imagine what it’s like to be on set and in the process of filming until you’re there. There’s literally like a hundred crew members, a hundred extras. There’s things flying around past your head–cameras, lights, everything. It’s really overwhelming. So probably the scale of it is the most surprising thing.

TDW: Do you have any favorite anecdotes from the set or from hanging out with everyone?

Grubbs: Wow. There’s just so many great moments we have down there. When the cast goes out, it’s always a blast because everyone is super cool. We really are like a family. My favorite anecdote ever would be the first episode that I did down there [Episode 7.09, Now You Lift Your Eyes To The Sun]. Like I said before, it was completely overwhelming to me. The first day I walked on set, I didn’t know where I could go or what I could do, what was off-limits, when I was making a fool of myself. It was a whole different world and I didn’t know the etiquette of it or anything. As the day went on, I slowly became more comfortable and suddenly, before I knew it, the day was over and the episode was over for me. The first episode I was in, it was just a very small scene. So they wrapped the day and Mark Schwahn was on set and Sophia Bush was directing and, as they wrapped, finishing my last take, I didn’t really know what was going on because they do so many different takes and so many different angles and everything so I didn’t know if they were turning around or whatever and then one of the guys that works with us and says “Hey, man. That’s it for the day. You did a great job. We’re all done.” And I was like, “Okay, cool” and I kind of had a “That’s it?” moment, you know, where I was like, “Okay, well, I guess I go home now and I don’t know if I’ll ever be back” because at first it was just like a one episode cameo. So I was slowly kind of wandering off set, not knowing where to go or what to do and I heard someone yell from the other side of the room–to this day, I’m not sure who it was. I don’t know if it was Mark. I don’t know if it was Sophia. Austin Nichols [Julian] was on set that day; it could’ve been him. It could’ve been one of the other producers. All the guys that work on the show are just so cool. But somebody yells, “Hey, everybody! Can you just stop what you’re doing”–and, literally, at this point there’s like a 100 crew members on set and a 100 extras so I’m in a room with 200 people and everyone stops and turns around–“Can everyone please put their hands together for Michael Grubbs. It’s his first day ever on set, wrapping his first-ever episode” and the whole room just burst out. By that time I was friends with everybody and everyone was cheering for me. That was probably the coolest moment ever in the whole process so far.

TDW: That’s sweet. How is Wilmington treating you? It’s a bit different than Brooklyn…

Grubbs: Wilmington is quite different from Brooklyn. But it’s a really cool town. I don’t think people realize how great they have it there. The people that I’ve met, the locals and stuff, are all super sweet and super kind. There’s some really cool bars, some really cool restaurants down there, too. It’s a great scene. There’s some great little clothing stores. There’s a little place called Edge of Urge that I try to hit once every time I’m down there. They have great clothes. It’s funny that I would go all the way to Wilmington to buy clothes when I live in Brooklyn, a place where there’s so many great stores and stuff but that’s just something in Wilmington they do really well.

TDW: What’s next for Wakey!Wakey!?

Grubbs: The next thing we have coming out is this album on February 2nd. It’s called “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You.” It’s our first real live studio album and we’re super proud of it. We got really great distribution so it’s going to be widely available and just kind of another introduction of Wakey!Wakey! to America so I’m really excited to see how that goes and get that out there.

TDW: You’ve done a great job of capitalizing on social media tools like Twitter and video blogs. What value do you think they have?

Grubbs: I think there’s a big difference between actors and musicians. One of the big differences is actors, unless they’re trying to build some general form of celebrity, really want their social media to be private because they’re not trying to brand themselves. They’re trying to get people to watch the show that they’re on. They don’t really want people to take as much interest in them. For someone like myself–or India’s actually in the same boat. She’s a fantastic singer and has a MySpace page and has a lot of great music on it. For someone like her or someone like me, using Twitter, using blogs, using MySpace and different outlets to get to people to kind of spread the word of what we’re doing with the band and other stuff is a totally vital tool. I want people to know me. I want people to know my band. I want people to feel comfortable with me and my music and everything. One Tree Hill fans are so cool and so supportive of the show and they work really hard to find music. If a song’s on the show, everybody goes and finds it, which is just amazing. If they like it on the show, they talk about it and they get out there and they’re asking about it. They have just such a great community online, I’d be stupid not to talk to them and try and put my name out there as much as possible and get people to see me and follow me on Twitter and come to my Facebook page. So I think social networking is just vital. Not to mention the way it allows me to interact with the fans and just kind of connect with them; it’s really cool. I would say it’s absolutely a vital tool for anyone and definitely something to watch. So I hope everyone comes and follows me on Twitter!

TDW: You’ve had people send you questions through Twitter that you then answer through videoblogs on your Tumblr. How did that start?

Grubbs: The first day I was on set, my manager told me our goal should be to answer every question we got on Twitter and kind of let all the other stuff go. The first appearance I had on the show, the response was pretty overwhelming. We got hundreds of letters and stuff. So to respond to everyone was pretty possible. I sat down and tried to respond to all the tweets one by one and it took me like a week. I finally got it done and I went to my manager and was like, “There’s no way I can do this. There’s no way I can make this my life because all I would do is sit there and answer tweets.” So we decided the best way to do it would be to do the series “Ask Grubbs.” Basically every Wednesday what we do is I’ll sit down and pick some random questions from Twitter–I can’t answer them all but I’ll pick as many as I can–and answer them on a videoblog. So every Wednesday they can come check it out and maybe they’ll see me answer their question on the blog. It’s kind of cool that way. It’s a great way for me to easily connect with people. For instance, on the last one that I posted, there was a girl that said she fell down and hurt her leg and she was at home with ice on it listening to Wakey!Wakey!. Such a sweet, sweet little message and for me to tweet back to that seems kind of shallow. To just say, “Oh, thanks. I hope your leg feels better” seems empty. So if I get to actually go on camera and say, “Hey, you! Thank you for listening to us and I’m glad that we’re making you feel better,” it feels a lot more direct.

Come back tomorrow night after One Tree Hill to find out how you can win an autographed copy of “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You” and get a shout-out on Grubbs’  blog.

Then come back next week for another exclusive interview!

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Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.09 and Gossip Girl 3.09

9 11 2009

Last Week’s Live-Blog

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.


EPISODE 7.09: Now You Lift Your Eyes To The Sun

  • Previously on: Dan gets Renee to confess the truth, Renee drops the charges, Dan says he wants to go back to Tree Hill, Quinn and Clay spend the night on the beach, Alex tells Millicent she’s a plus-size model, Brooke gets upset about Julian and Alex
  • This is the second episode of the sweeps period.
  • Sophia Bush directed this episode.
  • Julian is asleep on the couch, with a script on his chest.
  • Brooke wakes him.
  • Q1: Uht oh. The look followed by the pout.–Julian
  • Apparently Julian spent the night on the couch after staying up working on Alex’s script. And this isn’t the first time.
  • Brooke says she’s lonely.
  • Q2: It’s hard when every night my boyfriend writes epic love story with naked actor girl.–Brooke
  • Q3: She’s always naked in my mind. Not the time to insert obvious joke.–Brooke
  • Julian says the script is almost done, which excites Brooke.
  • Clay tells Nathan there is a 2-year deal waiting for him.
  • Nate’s excited but Clay says they should make a counteroffer of 4 years and then accept 3.
  • Nathan is worried but Clay says it’s how the game is played and it’s his job to work this out.
  • Millicent is going through Alex’s closet looking for clothes.
  • She sounds exactly like Alex–the voice, the phrases, the mannerisms.
  • That’s obviously the point, to show what Millicent is becoming.
  • Alex tells Millicent how skinny she looks and that makes her very happy.
  • Mouth wakes up to see clothes all over his room–Millie’s clothes but she’s not there.
  • He picks up her stuff and finds a bag of pills.
  • Really, they look like aspirin but obviously Mouth is concerned.
  • Miranda is holding a poster advertising a free concert by Haley at TRIC.
  • Miranda is peeved that it’s free and she didn’t even know about it.
  • Haley says she just wanted to get out of the studio.
  • But Miranda says the concert needs to be authorized by the label and Haley’s music isn’t ready.
  • Haley says OK but “you’ll have to tell them.” She opens the door and there’s a ton of fans waiting to get in.
  • Wow. People must not have forgotten Haley James Scott. Aw.
  • Clay is on the phone working on the deal.
  • Quinn comes over and Clay admits Quinn is partly “the best part of my day.”
  • Quinn tells Clay there’s some place she wants to take him.
  • Dan and Rachel arrive back in Tree Hill.
  • He’s clearly happy, she’s clearly not.
  • LOL They took a private jet with his picture on it.
  • Quinn has taken Clay to a daycare/preschool.
  • Apparently she volunteers there. She’s known as “Miss Quinn.”
  • She adds that Haley and her used to do it years ago and she’s been doing it again.
  • Clay calls her a “hot Mother Theresa” but in a “nun sort of way.”
  • Brooke and Haley are picking out an outfit for Haley to wear at the concert.
  • Q3: You could wear that but then I’d have to kill you.  If you’re dead then we can’t talk and I really need a huge Haley heart-to-heart right now.–Brooke
  • Brooke reveals she think she’s pregnant!
  • Q4: Why are you freaking out? You’ve wanted a baby since you were 22.–Haley
  • She reminds Haley that Julian wasn’t ready for kids.
  • Q5: I’m fluent in boy and I’m pretty sure “what’s the rush?” doesn’t mean “let’s have a baby right now.”–Brooke
  • Haley points out that unexpected gifts–like Jamie–can be for the best.
  • Brooke is worried that Julian will think she got pregnant on purpose.
  • Q6: It’s your turn to be the girl who gets the baby and the boy.–Haley
  • Alex and Julian finish the script.
  • He says the next step is sell the script, which he’ll handle.
  • Alex is clearly unhappy they “won’t be seeing each other every day anymore.”
  • Clay checks his voicemail–no messages.
  • He notices a little boy playing basketball and jokingly asks if he needs an agent.
  • The kid said he doesn’t need any “charity” but then asks him to play.
  • Doorbell rings and Nathan answers it.
  • It’s Dan!
  • Q7: Hello, Nathan.
  • He shuts the door and then commercial!
  • 90210 promo
  • My local news (Pix 11) has a promo for the 10pm newscast where they’ll discuss the Gossip Girl threesome controversy.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Dan is knocking and Jamie runs over. He saw Dan on their security camera.
  • Jamie opens the door and they exchange a hug.
  • Q8: Nathan, you remember my wife, Rachel.–Dan
  • So Nathan does know about them!  But I want to know how he found out!
  • Q9: It’s funny. I used to want you to be my daddy and now I’m your mommy.–Rachel
  • This is Jamie’s first time meeting “Grandma Rachel!”
  • Q10: I remember when you were a rumor in third period.–Rachel
  • Clay is still playing basketball with the kid, who calls Quinn hot and asks why Clay isn’t dating her.
  • The kid asks why he’s playing with him. Is he a deadbeat dad, a volunteer, etc.
  • Clay says he lost his wife a while back (not sure how that answers the question but anyway…) and the kid says his mom died, too.
  • Clay asks if he wants to talk about it but the kid doesn’t think it will help.
  • Clay admits he kept it to himself, too, in an effort to keep the memories but he hasn’t forgotten anything since talking about it.
  • Really sweet and an interesting place to take this storyline.
  • The kid says he feels like his mom is still there with him and Clay says she is and always will be. Awww.
  • Brooke is at the doctor’s office with all these pregnant women. She has a hug smile on her face.  Double aww!
  • Q11: “Brooke Davis, you ready?”  “I’ve been ready.”–Nurse and Brooke
  • Julian calls his dad, Paul.
  • He asks about Brooke. Nice of him. Julian says Brooke is good and so are they as a couple.
  • Julian tells his dad about the script and asks him to co-produce.
  • Q12: It’s about second chances and made me think of us.–Julian
  • And his dad agrees! Aw. I didn’t expect that.
  • Jamie shows Dan the jersey from Jerry Rice.
  • Dan apologizes for missing the past year of Jamie’s life.
  • Jamie says he always watches Dan’s show. LOL ‘Cause that’s appropriate.
  • Jamie says he likes to the clock, which shows that Dan is still living even though he’s sick.
  • Dan has a guilty look on his face. We know it’s because he had a transplant but no one else knows that.
  • Rachel shows up to Mouth’s, who is shocked to see her.
  • She gives him a big hug but he doesn’t seem happy. At all.
  • Brooke’s pregnancy test is negative. She’s not pregnant.
  • Jamie and Nathan are now at the River Court.  What happened to Dan?  I wish we saw the rest of that scene and the transition.
  • Q13: I don’t think Rachel was really friends with anyone.–Nathan
  • Jamie tells Nate that he watches Dan’s show even though he’s not supposed to.
  • Nate says he knows and it’s okay. Dan loves him.
  • Jamie says Dan loves him, too.
  • Nathan tries to explain that there’s things that Jamie doesn’t understand about their past.
  • Jamie says he understands a lot now since he isn’t a little kid anymore.  Um, yes, you are!
  • Q14: Dad, it’s only three words. I forgive you.–Jamie
  • Um, how old is this kid?! Please make him like a normal 7-year-old.
  • Mouth asks Rachel about life in L.A.
  • She has a great quote about being Rachel Scott but I missed it.
  • She pretty much says she’s in it for the money and glamor.
  • Q15: Same Rachel, different city.–Mouth
  • Mouth brings up Brooke.
  • Rachel says she hasn’t seen her and she doesn’t want to.
  • She blames Brooke and Victoria for her losing jobs in the modeling industry.
  • Mouth says it wasn’t Brooke’s fault and Rachel made it worse by stealing money from her.
  • I’m so glad they are addressing that!  I was afraid it would be forgotten.
  • He tells her to go see her. “You owe her that,” she says.
  • Brooke is telling Haley how she’s not pregnant.  She’s very upset and Haley tries to comfort her.
  • Q16: You are going to have a house full of fashionably-dressed little Brooke Davis’ running around. You’ll see.–Haley
  • Brooke is still upset.  I would be, too.
  • Quinn shows Clay her darkroom.  I guess they set that up in the Naley house.  Nice of them.
  • Quinn says she’s going to go back to photography.
  • Clay takes that as her saying she’ll stay in Tree Hill.
  • She says she will; she likes it here.
  • They are having a “moment” when Clay’s phone rings.
  • Apparently it’s good news.
  • Clay says it’s “just a rumor” but he thinks it’s good and he needs to go.
  • They’ll see each other at Haley’s concert.
  • Alex is on the phone with Julian, saying they need to revise the script. She’s almost panic-y.
  • Julian syas he has to go; he has plans with Brooke.
  • Alex admits she’s not good at being alone.
  • Q17: You’re Alex Dupre. Go live your life.–Julian
  • Miranda tells Haley there’s a lot of people out there.
  • Haley says she’s amazed people are still excited fo rher.
  • Miranda asks Haley if she’s nervous and she says no.
  • But then Miranda says she expects the concert to bomb and mess things up with the label and the record deal.
  • Not sure if Haley is more scared or pissed off.
  • Alex is sitting on her bed with cocaine in front of her.
  • Another promo for the news. “The gossip is spreading about tonight’s Gossip Girl.”
  • Brooke is drinking at TRIC when Julian comes over.
  • He reminds her that they’re celebrating (that he’s done working with Alex).
  • He gets a phone call…Alex. He doesn’t tell Brooke, he just waks away.
  • He tells her again that he’s with Brooke tonight.
  • But she’s hysterical, telling him she found coke and is tempted to do some but she doesn’t want to go back to who she was.
  • She begs him to come and he tells her to stay put.
  • I’d like to remind you all that The O.C. did a similar storyline. Sigh.
  • Julian looks for Brooke but she’s gone from the bar.
  • Clay and Nathan meet up at the bar.
  • Clay is in a great mood and it has to do with Nathan’s career.
  • Chase introduces Grubbs (aka the guy from Wakey Wakey) as the new bartender. What a lame plug. But OTH is known for these.
  • Quinn joins them as the bar.
  • Q18: “White wine’s gonna make you both happy.”  “Wow. He’s better than Zelda.”–Grubbs to Clay and Quinn, Quinn
  • Haley takes the stage and says she’s been gone for a while but she’s happy to be back and hopes people like her songs.
  • It’s kind of striking how much older she looks.  Then again, it has been 5 years so what can I expect?
  • Brooke is looking around for Julian and then looks at her phone and then looks around again.
  • Did Julian text her or something? She doesn’t look happy.
  • Brooke and Julian are on the phone. Julian says he’s going to Alex’s hotel room which obviously upsets Brooke.
  • Julian points out that she may relapse and Brooke points out that she’s an actress.
  • Julian says he’ll hurry back and hangs up.
  • Mille shows up wearing a dress that barely covers her ass.
  • She calls Mouth “Mouth” instead of Marvin, which Mouth is shocked by. I don’t think I would’ve noticed, had he not said something.
  • Julian knocks on Alex’s door. She comes out, hysterical and hugs him.
  • Brooke comes up, incredibly pissed. Apparently Millie is wearing the dress that Brooke said she would kill Haley if she wore.  It’s supposed to be for the spring line.
  • Millicent doesn’t see it being a big deal.  Brooke tells the dress needs to get of there now.
  • Q19: Your choice or your job.–Brooke
  • Brooke storms off and Millie says again it’s not a big deal. There’s no one important here anyway.
  • Mouth is put-off by that and confronts her about the pills.
  • Millie says it’s not a big deal that she took a few diet pills and Mouth says it is a big deal.
  • She says she’s under pressure in the modeling world and she thought he understood.
  • Alex is apologizing to Julian for calling him. She says she had no one else.
  • Julian asks about her sponsor and she admits rehab was a charade for publicity.
  • She says she never stopped doing drugs except for when Julian is around.
  • He says he’ll take the drugs and go. And she points out she’ll go out and get more.
  • She explains she doesn’t know what to do.  She’s still hysterically crying and it’s actually kind of moving.
  • Q20: It’s so quiet in here and I hate myself when it’s quiet.–Alex
  • Julian tells her what an amazing girl she is but Alex says she can’t see her.
  • Julian says they just need to get through tonight.  She’s still crying.
  • Miranda tells Haley the concert was “genius” and then takes credit for.
  • She calls Grubbs hot, makes a trashy comment and leaves.
  • Nathan comes over and tells Haley how amazing she was.
  • Haley says she’s so happy and they’ve come so far.
  • And then Nathan spots Rachel and Dan.
  • Q21: “He is the healthiest looking dying man I have ever seen.” “I guess evil does the body good.”–Haley and Nathan
  • Rachel comes up behind Brooke and gives her a check: what she took plus interest.
  • Q22: Not that I have anything to say to your thieving ass…–Brooke (I missed the rest. Sigh.)
  • Rachel tells Brooke she needs to apologize for leaving the money out where she could take it. Um, what?!
  • Rachel also says Brooke needs to learn about forgiveness and would if she watched Dan’s show.
  • Brooke slaps her!
  • Q23: Stay away from me, bitch!–Brooke
  • Yes! These are the Rachel scenes I’ve been waiting for!
  • Dan joins Nathan at the bar.
  • He says he’s sorry he surprised Nathan by just showing up.
  • Q24: You’re always sorry, Dan.–Nathan
  • Nate asks Dan what he wants. He says “a chance.”
  • Nathan says no way.
  • Q25: And I’m kind of thinking you should cancel your plane ride to ask Lucas, too.–Nathan
  • I’m glad they mentioned Lucas.  They needed to.
  • Dan reminds him that he fixed the Renee situation and Nate says thank you but it doesn’t change things.
  • Q26: You’re dead to me. The moment Keith died, you died.–Nathan
  • I love that it all comes back to that!
  • Nathan walks away and Dan has a drink.
  • Quinn makes a joke about Clay hooking up with people and he insinuates that Quinn is getting in his way.
  • He then admits “the game was getting old.”
  • He thanks her for taking him to the daycare.
  • Q27: It’s all about finding magic in unexpected places.–Quinn
  • Quinn asks about the deal for Nathan and Clay says he doesn’t know about it yet but it’ll all work out.
  • Quinn says she needs to head home but Clay says the night isn’t over. Oh boy…
  • Brooke comes home and is on the phone with Julian, asking why he’s not home yet.
  • Julian says Alex is alone and Brooke says she’s alone, too.
  • Julian says she’s worried about Alex and Brooke says she’s worried about them as a couple but “you do what you gotta do.”
  • Rachel joins Dan at the bar.
  • He says he was “stupid” to think Nathan would forgive him.
  • Rachel says they should go back to L.A.
  • Dan says Tree Hill is the “closest thing we have to home” and they can’t run away.
  • Rachel says she’s not running but Dan disagrees.
  • He says he’s not leaving til he gets what he came for–redemption.
  • Quinn and Clay are on the beach, kind of flirting.
  • Clay suggests they go for a swim and Quinn reminds him that she’s afraid of swimming.
  • Clay says he’s afraid too–of moving on, of being afraid.
  • He kisses her!
  • Q28: There’s so many reasons why I shouldn’t have done that but I’ve wanted to for so long.–Clay
  • Quinn says “me too” and they kiss some more.
  • Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about this.
  • Julian encourages Alex to dump the cocaine but nothing comes out.
  • Shes’s shocked that it’s empty and Julian accuses her of lying about the whole thing.
  • Cut to Millie finishing the cocaine!
  • Brooke is looking in the mirror, still sad.
  • Q29: Why can’t you be the boy that gets the girl and the baby, Brooke Davis?–Brooke
  • She throws away her birth control pills. Hm.
  • At home, Haley tells Nathan that Dan can’t hurt them anymore. Nate says he knows that.
  • Haley comes on to him and they are about to make out when the sportscaster on the TV says the Bobcats have filled their roster, leaving Nathan out.
  • Preview: Mouth asks Millie if she’s doing cocaine, Alex says she’s not lying about her drug issues, Julian says tells her to stay away, Nathan goes off on Clay about his career and Quinn, Dan is trying to drown Clay in the ocean


EPISODE 3.09: They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?

  • Previously on: Nathan telling Dan about Olivia as a movie star, Olivia say she wants to be a normal student, Blair says her friendship with Serena is over, Tripp tells Serena to talk to him, Eric tells Jenny he wants nothing to do with her
  • It’s Cotillion and the minions are trying to find Jenny a date.
  • Remember when they did cotillion in season one? And on The O.C.?
  • Jenny wants to go with Graham Collins but the girls said they can’t get to him.
  • She says they better or she’ll steal their escorts.
  • Jenny shows up at the rehearsal or something and sees the elite from the other private schools. She’s clearly feeling insecure.
  • Q1: “I have a surprise for you.”  “If that’s the case, then why are you still dressed?”–Blair and Chuck
  • Chuck says it’s Nate “move-in” weekend. Moving in where?
  • And they are having a “lost weekend.”
  • Chuck tells Blair to go to cotillion but she says she won’t because of Serena.
  • Chuck says they need make up.
  • There’s a dinner at the van der Woodsens and Blair reluctantly agrees to go at Chuck’s urging.
  • Serena is trying to get a new job…in Tripp’s office.
  • He hires her on the spot.
  • They bond on memories of when they were younger and their families vacationed together.
  • Serena says she needs to go because of the cotillion dinner.  She thanks him for the job and says their talk on election night meant a lot to her.
  • Someone else in Tripp’s office says he didn’t know they were hiring and Tripp says it can’t hurt to have another person.
  • Olivia, Dan and Vanessa are studying at the cafe.
  • A bunch of “nerds” swarm her, wanting details on a sequel to her vampire movie.
  • Olivia says it’s not happening because she hasn’t heard anything. But then she sees has 6 missed calls and takes off.
  • Lily is apparently in charge of cotillion.
  • Jenny tells her that she doesn’t have an escort yet.
  • Lily names someone and tells Jenny she needs to catch up on the dancing.
  • Jenny’s confused since it’s the first rehearsal but Lily explains that she hasn’t taken ballroom lessons like the rest of the girls.
  • Jenny is quite obviously feeling out of place.
  • A girl tries to talk to Jenny but Jenny ignores her.
  • The girl is Kira (Kyra?) and Eric will be escorting her.
  • Kira says she knows Graham and could help Jenny but Eric tells her that Jenny prefers it when people stay out of her life.
  • Hmmm. Eric is plotting now, eh?
  • Dan and Vanessa are walking down the street as Olivia talks on the phone behind them.
  • Dan and Vanessa joke about a list of college cliches and what they haven’t and have done.
  • Olivia gets off the phone and says everyone from her parents to her agents agree about the movie and she probably has no choice but to leave school and go do it.
  • Dan and Vanessa says they can still give her college life right now, this weekend.
  • Eric sees Jenny rehearsing by herself.
  • Jenny admits she’s freaked out and trying to be the Queen of the whole Upper East Side, not just Constance.
  • She says her debut needs to be perfect.
  • Eric gives her a dancing tip and she asks why he’s being so nice.
  • He says why but I missed it. He did seem genuine though my gut tells me not believe him.
  • He tries to help her to dance and she says she wishes he could be her escort.
  • Eric suggests Jonathan as her escort and she’s more than willing.
  • But why on earth would Jonathan be willing to go with her? It must be a scheme!
  • Jenny leaves her phone and, of course, gets a text.
  • It’s from Graham. He’s willing to be her escort.
  • Eric replies that she already has one. Oh boy!
  • Blair comes to Serena’s dinner.
  • Blair tells Serena she needs to apologize and S tells B she should.
  • Now they are arguing over who should mentor Jenny.
  • Jenny’s clearly uncomfortable.
  • Q2: I’m not going to be a pawn in your war.–Jenny
  • Blair reminds us that she went to cotillion with Nate.
  • Jenny says Jonathan is her escort. Blair, of course, makes fun.
  • Q3: This isn’t like your wedding day.  It’s cotillion. It only happens once.–Blair
  • Serena says Jenny shouldn’t be in the middle and Blair can be her mentor.  She needs to get to work with Tripp, anyway.
  • Jonathan is refusing to be Jenny’s escort.
  • Eric is trying to explain this is their chance to stop her from completely going to “the dark side.”
  • I don’t understand what he’s doing.
  • Serena joins Tripp at his office, even though it’s after hours.
  • He explains the speech he’s working on and they kind of share a “moment.”
  • The employee from earlier catches them and he tells Serena she should go.
  • She clearly didn’t pick up on any of the tension and is surprised Tripp doesn’t want her help.
  • Why would he want Serena’s help for an political speech? LOL
  • Kira introduces herself to Jenny and says she’s jealous Blair is her mentor.
  • She says how Jenny doesn’t need Graham then and it comes out that Eric texted Graham on behalf of Jenny.
  • Jonathan overhears and gets POed, realizing he was part of Eric’s scheme.
  • Jenny says she’s going to go to go with Graham now and tells Blair she no longer needs her mentoring.
  • Q4: Your era’s over. And so is that headband.–Jenny
  • Eric and Blair are going to team up to take Jenny down, apparently.
  • Q5: Who knows what could happen when these two tango.–Gossip Girl
  • Blair goes to Chuck’s, where he and Nate are enjoying their “lost weekend.”
  • Which apparently includes girls wearing Blair’s lingerie?  I would assume they were just dancing or stripping, as I don’t think Chuck is allowed a freebie.  Or is he?
  • Chuck asks if Blair if she worked things out with Serena but she says no.
  • When she leaves, Chuck and Nate discuss how calm Blair is and that it can’t possibly last.
  • Q6: And when it breaks, there’s going to be pieces of Blair all over the wall and I don’t want to clean up that mess.–Chuck
  • Q7: Basically about how each one loves the other more than the other loves her.–Chuck to Nate when he asks what B and S are fighting about.
  • Chuck picks up B’s purse. He obviously has something planned.
  • Serena senses Tripp acting distant and calls him out on it.
  • He calls this a “mistake” and Serena is confused, because he suggested the job.
  • Tripp then compliments her and basically says he likes her, which is why he wanted her there but he can’t handle it.
  • She’s speechless and gets a text. It’s from Blair saying she’s misses her and she doesn’t want to fight.
  • Serena is quite happy and tells Tripp she won’t makes things difficult and leaves.
  • Tripp isn’t happy.
  • Blair is with Kira, who she will now mentor.
  • She wants to prep Kira to surpass Jenny.  She compares things to her and Serena.
  • Kira looks familiar. Wonder what else she’s been in.
  • Montage of everyone getting ready for cotillion.
  • Q8: Goodbye Jenny from Brooklyn.–Jenny
  • Dan, Vanessa and Olivia are at a college party taking a shot.
  • Dan and Olivia kiss. Already signs that this will be the threesome.
  • All 3 seems to be drunk.
  • The nerds go over to Dan and say he’s getting in the way of Olivia and the movie they want.
  • Olivia says she has to take the movie.
  • Blair is pleased with her work on Kira and has a new escort for her.
  • Kira says she’s supposed to go with Eric but Eric walks in with Graham.
  • He’s going to go with Kira, not Jenny!
  • 90210 promo
  • Nate is all dressed for cotillion.  But why?  I guess to watch.
  • Rufus tells Jenny she doesn’t have to do this if she doesn’t want to and Lily says it’s a little late for that.
  • Jenny says she’s game.
  • Nate asks Jenny where Blair is but she says she hasn’t seen her.
  • She says she’s looking for her escort, Graham.
  • She references the season 1 episode.  Did Nate take her? I thought he took Blair…
  • Nate finds Blair and gives her a card from Chuck, who is apparently waiting upstairs for her.
  • I imagine this is a set-up for Blair and Serena.
  • Blair asks Eric how he got Graham to help them and he insinuates he knows Graham has experimented.
  • Olivia tells Dan they can do long-distance again.
  • Vanessa says she’s happy about the movie but sad for Olivia to go.
  • They leave the party to hang out elsewhere.
  • Serena and Blair meet up, each shocked to see the other.
  • They get into the elevator together, which stops working.
  • Repeat of Dan and Serena season 1?
  • They use the call button for help and Chuck answers that the elevator won’t be fixed until they work their issues out. Aw.
  • LOL Chuck stashed cookies and alcohol for them.
  • Blair asks Serena what the text she got said.  Seems like a step towards a reconciliation.
  • But I cannot handle this back-and-forth anymore!
  • Jenny is shocked to see Kira escorted by Graham.
  • Jenny is left without an escort, as everyone stares at her.  She walks off.
  • A rock band is performing a song with the line “I’m a bitch.”  This doesn’t seem very cotillion-like to me!
  • Rufus and Lily try to comfort Jenny but she’s not willing.
  • This was her one chance, she says.
  • Jenny asks Eric where Blair is but Eric tells he to just let it go. All this isn’t worth it.
  • Jenny calls someone and asks if they are still there.
  • Back in the elevator, Serena reveals she went looking for her father, whom she found but he refused to see her.
  • Blair is rightly shocked and wants to know why Serena didn’t tell her.
  • Serena says she’s ashamed that everyone has dads that are there for them–even Nate’s, in his own way–but she doesn’t.
  • Blair says it’s her father’s loss to miss out on her but she says she can’t let it go.
  • Blair says she’s allowed to miss him and S says she doesn’t want to.
  • Her memories of him are him always traveling and then one day not coming back.
  • She says she can’t get anything right anymore–Carter, Brown, the paparazzi…and now Tripp.
  • Blair is, again, shocked.
  • Serena says she kind of always had a crush on him and now they work together.
  • Blair asks if something happened and Serena says the text from earlier saved them.
  • Blair says Serena can’t see him anymore. Carter was one thing but Tripp is “a married Congressman.”
  • She makes Serena promise she won’t do anything without consulting her.
  • Grown. Back to Blair thinking everyone needs her permission to live life.
  • They patch things up and Chuck, apparently, has been listening through the elevator intercom.
  • Q9: “If you guys want to kiss, it won’t count as cheating.”  “Creepy, Chuck.”–Chuck and Serena
  • Dan, Olivia and Vanessa are the loft, still drinking.
  • They show Olivia the full list of college cliches.  One is left: have a threesome.
  • She says she understands why it’s the only one left.
  • Dan says he never’s done one and Olivia says she did in a movie and Vanessa says she hasn’t.
  • They all are clearly thinking about it.
  • Dan and Olivia kiss.
  • Vanessa looks uncomfortable.
  • Olivia smiles at her and then they kiss!
  • They’re both smiling now.
  • Now it’s Dan and Vanessa’s turn!
  • Amazing that fans have wanted them together since the beginning and this is how they finally get it.
  • They kiss and everyone seems happy.
  • A female slow and sexy version of “Whatever You Like” by T.I. is playing. I kind of like it.
  • Serena and Blair are going to find Nate and Chuck to thank them.
  • Turns out, Jenny is going to debut after all…with Nate!
  • I saw that coming. It’s cute given their history but also complex given their history.
  • Everyone is impressed that she got not only a college guy but the “epic” Nate Archibald.
  • Blair is shocked and Eric is peeved.
  • Q10: Nobody puts Jenny in the corner and now she’s having the time of her life.–Gossip Girl
  • Another promo for the newscast about GG.  They’re really milin this.
  • Jenny thanks Nate for saving her once again.
  • Blair actually congratulates her for pulling it off.
  • Serena and Blair are going to continue to hang out–but first she needs to go to Tripp’s office and “resign.”
  • Jonathan shows up and says he read what happened on Gossip Girl.  Damn, Gossip Girl works fast!  (Maybe she live-blogs like me!)
  • Jonathan asks if it’s true Eric schemed with Blair. He can’t believe Eric went to Blair’s level.
  • Eric says it wasn’t a big deal and it’s overwith, anyway.
  • Jonathan says he doesn’t want to do this anymore–their relationship.  He explains Eric has become a different person who never wanted to prove anything to anyone but now he’s changed.  He did just what Jenny did.
  • He ends things and Eric looks dumbfounded and sad.
  • I’m kind of bothered because I expected more from Eric/this storyline. It ended up just being a repeat of Jenny turning into Blair.
  • Chuck says he’s willing to be “punished” for his scheme.
  • Blair says his punishment is a night without her because she’s going to be “with my best friend.” Aw.
  • Jenny finds Eric and gushes how the night worked out for her.
  • She says she’s sorry Jonathan was “collateral damage.”
  • She invites Eric to go out with her but he passes.
  • Jenny tells Kira she did a good job getting the guy but if she tries to outdo her again, there will be problems.
  • Kira and Eric team up to stop Jenny.
  • This is getting old. Actually, it already is.
  • Serena goes to see Tripp. He’s happy to see her.
  • She says they shouldn’t be working together and quits.
  • Tripp says Serena shouldn’t pass up this opportunity and, even more so, he trusts her.
  • She says she trusts him, too.
  • He promises not to “cross that line” and says he’ll keep things “friendly and professional.”
  • They shake hands in a really sensual way.
  • Blair walks in and interrupts them and tells Serena to leave with her.
  • Serena tells Blair she’s fine and they’ll talk tomorrow. Blair is peeved and leaves.
  • Here we go again!
  • Rufus and Lily are pleased by how the night went, even if they can’t keep their kids’ relationships straight.
  • Lily says she’ll come to bed but she has something to sign for Bass Industries.
  • She sorts through the papers and finds an envelope from “Dr. Van Der Woodsen.”–her ex and Serena’s dad!
  • Cut to Olivia, Dan and Vanessa in bed together, sleeping but clearly naked.
  • Olivia gets a text: the movie is off.
  • Fade to black. That was the whole “controversial” threesome. Though we’ll supposedly see “more” in flashbacks but more of the threesome or more of the same?  Verdict: much ado about nothing!
  • Preview: Dan gushes about the threesome but Nate tells him he did it wrong: the third girl had to be a stranger, with the implication that the aftermath is awkward otherwise. Olivia calls Vanessa out on being in love with Dan. Nate tells Dan he had 2 girls but he blew it.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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