News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and More

18 05 2009
  • Now that the Sarah Connor Chronicles has “officially” been canceled, maybe we’ll see Brian Austin Green (David, Beverly Hills 90210) on 90210 next season?
  • has a humorous but thoughtful article on Chad Michael Murray (Lucas, One Tree Hill) leaving the show.
  • Kate Voegele (Mia, One Tree Hill) is the artist of the week on Voegele’s album received 2 stars in the May 25 issue of PEOPLE.  It’s available for purchase through this link for just $2.99.
  • S. Darko, starring James Lafferty (Nathan, One Tree Hill) and Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl) is now available on DVD.  It was never released in theaters.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina, Gossip Girl) talked a teeny bit about the GG finale here and a lot here.
  • E!Online has more preview clips of the GG finale.
  • Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl) will be one of the presenters at the MTV Movie Awards.
  • Mischa Barton (Marissa, The O.C.) discussed her fashion choices with a paper in the U.K.
  • An interview with Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan, The O.C.) appears in the May 15 issue of Entertainment Weekly.
  • Michelle Williams (Jen, Dawson’s Creek) discusses her life and career here.

News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and More

23 02 2009
  • You can take part in a charity auction by bidding on two tickets to a Kate Voegele (Mia, One Tree Hill) concert and meet & greet.
  • Danneel Harris (Rachel, One Tree Hill) plays a lesbian in the new cheerleading movie, Fired Up.  AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi, 90210) stars as a rival head cheerleader.
  • There’s a trailer on YouTube for S. Darko, featuring James Lafferty (Nathan, One Tree Hill) and Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl).
  • Futon Critic has an article on how the creators of Privileged purposely tried to make it not like Gossip Girl.
  • The March 2, 2009 issue of PEOPLE features Jessica Szohr (Vanessa, Gossip Girl) in an article about detox diets.  Szohr says they “make you feel really refreshed.”
  • The same PEOPLE issue shows you where you can get the same scarf AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi, 90210) has been seen wearing.
  • Logan Marshall-Green (Trey, The O.C.) was in the front row at the Oscars, sitting next to girlfriend and supporting actress nominee, Marisa Tomei.
  • John Driscoll (Blossom, Dawson’s Creek; guest star, One Tree Hill) was let go from Guiding Light.  His last air-date was last week.

News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl, The O.C. and More

4 02 2009
  • E!Online has video of Tori Spelling (Donna) filming with Jennie Garth (Kelly) and Jessica Stroup (Silver) on the 90210 set.  Nothing revealing.  They also have semi-revealing scoop about Gossip Girl (but nothing new if you read the spoiler post from earlier today!).
  • Don’t usually post tabloid gossip but this is interesting, considering there’s been rumors for months: US Weekly has a photo of Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl) and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa, Gossip Girl) kissing.  Or at least it seems to be Ed.  Honestly not 100 percent sure it’s him.
  • But if you want to spot Chuck himself in real life (or someone like him), you should read this post from Jossip.
  • Or you can see Westwick at the upcoming Comic Con, where he’ll promote S. Darko.  The film also stars James Lafferty (Nathan, One Tree Hill).
  • Maureen Ryan from The Chicago Tribune has a cool interview with Josh Schwartz on the role music will play in the Gossip Girl spin-off.
  • I don’t watch Big Love but apparently it improves upon what The O.C. got right in–and only in–the show’s first season.  (For more on what The O.C. got right and then got wrong, as alluded to in the article, check out my own piece here!)

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