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21 09 2009

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  • Commercial for The Stepfather, starring Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley.
  • Previously on: Julian says he will stay in Tree Hill for Brooke, Haley finds out Miranda is closing the label, Mouth wants Skill to move out, Quinn says she left her husband, Clay tells Nathan about the girl who claims to have slept with him.
  • Old-school music.  I can’t even describe it!  And actors circa 1900s?  1800s?
  • Brooke watching it–it stars Alex Dupre, the person Brooke wants to be the new face of Clothes Over Bro.
  • Alex was in the movie but it never came out.
  • Q1: Damn. I’m really going to like this moving into together thing.–Brooke
  • Q2: How would you feel about going back to our bed for a little while?–Julian
  • Nathan and Clay on the beach, running.
  • Nathan stops, and freaks out a bit about the girl’s accusation.
  • Q3: I don’t care what that women says.  I did not sleep with her.–Nathan
  • Q4: I’m guilty before I’m innocent.–Nathan
  • Clays says to calm down and that he’ll handle it.
  • Quinn’s phone keeps ringing–presumably it’s her ex-husband, David.  She refuses to answer.
  • Quinn says David changed and they don’t see the world the same way anymore.
  • Q5: “He still loves you.” “I know. But I don’t know if that’s enough.”–Haley and Quinn
  • Skills naked again.  Millie freaks out.  Funny.
  • Q6: When I get home, you two idiots better have your pants on!–Millie
  • Skills taking Jamie to the beach, with Miss Lauren.
  • Love that Skills is confiding with Jamie about the moving out stuff.
  • Dan talking on his show again.  Fingering a wedding ring!
  • Julian’s dad is at Brooke’s door.  Technically now Julian’s door, too.
  • Q7: I came to talk you out of the worst decision of your life.–Julian’s dad.
  • Miranda says the contact says she can “acquire the record label whenever we like.”
  • Dan says his wife was a drug, addict promiscuous, etc. And now she’s the reformed “love of [his] life.”
  • But he’s NOT talking about Deb!  It’s Rachel!
  • Good time for a commercial break…assuming you hadn’t read spoilers and were shocked about this.
  • 90210 promo.
  • Q8: Love? With Brooke Davis?  She’s Brooke Davis.  I read the tabloids.  It’s just a fling for her.  This could ruin your career.–Julian’s dad
  • Q9: You walk away.  And for what? A promiscuous fashion designer.–Julian’s dad
  • That is sooo not who Brooke is anymore.
  • Haley just called Miranda a bitch.  So true.
  • Haley used Mia as an example of the label’s success.  Hmmm.
  • LOL Brooke just asked why Julian’s dad didn’t tweet or text him.  We all know how Sophia feels about Twitter!
  • LOL That poster in the living room.
  • Julian says they’re not getting married–they just moved in together.
  • Can’t tell if Brooke is upset or relieved.
  • I think I missed Rachel.
  • They kissed.  Clearly really together.
  • But also clearly concerned with the business aspect.  Or at least Rachel is.
  • Q10: Hey.  I love you.–Dan to Rachel
  • Millie picking up Alex at the airport, who is being mobbed by fans.
  • Alex’s niceness to the fans were fake. And she’s foul-mouthed, looking for alcohol, etc.
  • Millie shocked and clearly offended.
  • I understand this is a “character” but this is not the type of character I think fans want to see.
  • Q11: Who the hell would want to sleep with you anyway?–Clay
  • Q12: Dude, quit checking out my sister-in-law.–Nathan to Clay
  • Q13: Hey dumb and dumber.–Quinn to Nathan and Clay.
  • Clay gets an e-mail or text. The mystery girl did in fact turn this into “something.”
  • LOL Jamie completely buried Skills and Allison.  Pretty cute.
  • Q14: Man, I hope that nucklehead come back.–Skills
  • Haley prepping on how tell Peyton about the label.  Would be funny if I wasn’t upset that Peyton isn’t actually there.
  • Hahahaha.  Haley does a pretty good imitating Lucas.  Curious to see what other fans think of this.
  • LOL Was that a Denzel and Spiccoli reference?!  How random!  And funny.
  • Dan sits down next to homeless man, trying to talk to him about his life.
  • Rachel is photographing.  We know where her priorities lie.
  • Q15: Whatever mistakes or failures you had, they weren’t even close to mine.–Dan
  • Dan gives him a book–Scott Free Redemption by Dan Scott.
  • Wish we could actually read it!  Dying to know what it says.
  • This new Dan is pretty convincing. I don’t think it’s an act.  Whether it’ll last is another story.
  • Q16: My name is Dan Scott and I believe in you.
  • OK, so Brooke WAS upset about Julian’s marriage comment.  And the poster.
  • LOL Alex calls Millie a ‘wench’ and all she can say in return is ‘missy’.
  • There’s the mystery girl.  What’s her name anyway?
  • Clay is meeting with her.
  • Oh, her name is Renee.
  • Q17: You’re kind of hot when you’re all fired up.–Renee
  • Clay says he knows Nathan didn’t do it.
  • Nathan just showed up.  Not a good idea.  Looks like Nathan’s getting his attitude back.
  • And the girl is pleased!
  • Gossip Girl promo.
  • OMG.  Is Nathan crying?  Kind of looks like it.  Not sure the last time we saw that.
  • Actually, just last season when Q died.
  • Q18: I said I was sorry, jackass. Let it go.–Nathan
  • Q19: You, in the meantime, just try NOT to get thrown through a window.–Clay  BURN!
  • Millie brings Alex to meet Brooke.
  • Q20: I’m an actress. I got this.–Alex
  • Alex just called Brooke plus-size.  I liked Brooke’s response: “I’m normal-sized.”
  • Brooke just did another “that’s what she said” joke and Alex doesn’t get it.  Kind of funny.  Kind of awkward.
  • Barney reference.
  • Alex just failed at her own “that’s what she said.”  Now that was kind of funny.
  • Glad Brooke hates Alex as much as I do.  And this is a regular character?  Intolerable.
  • Jamie apparently stayed with Quinn and David for a whole week at some point.
  • Lauren is completely burned because Jamie left her there for so long!  So hysterically sad!
  • Haley deduces that they want to close the label so Haley will focus on her record.
  • Q21: Everything about this label is personal. Why Peyton started it.  Why she made me her partner.  This is as personal as it gets.”–Haley
  • Miranda says she “owns” Haley and there’s no album if she doesn’t close the label.
  • Mia walks in…
  • Q22: But don’t own me.–Mia
  • Kate Voegele commercial/promo for her music and Univ of Phoenix.
  • I don’t like Haley’s look this episode.  Kind of sloppy and messy.
  • Mia says she works for Red Bedroom exclusively.  And points out she’s the company’s best-seller.
  • Mia and Haley were cute with each other and all-business to Miranda. Kind of cute.
  • Q23: Who’s the bitch now, bitch?–Haley to Miranda
  • Millie takes responsibility for suggesting Alex.
  • LOL Brooke talking Spanish.  Talking about beer in Spanish.
  • Alex comes back out, wearing one of Brooke’s dresses.  Saying how much it means to her.
  • She is TOTALLY acting.  It was a little much and unbelievable given the previous scenes.
  • Rachel put the Dan-homeless guy stuff on the internet.  Dan says that wasn’t the point.  But seems OK with it.
  • Julian voluntarily says he’ll get rid of the poster.
  • Julian talks about his dad–and how he is the basis for desire to be a filmmaker.  Very touching.
  • Clay meeting again with Renee.
  • Renee says “it got pretty wild” at a party in Memphis during the season with Nathan.
  • Renee has an envelope of pics.  And Clay assumes they are “fabricated” and she tells him to “take a look.”
  • Gossip Girl promo.
  • Miranda says she convinced John to keep the label open but Haley’s album has to be finished in the next 6 months.
  • Julian’s father comes over at Brooke’s request.
  • Brooke references her mother–but where is Victoria?
  • Brooke tells Julian’s dad to “fix it’ with Julian.
  • Haley joins Quinn by the pool.
  • Why are there Christmas-like lights on all the trees?
  • Quinn saying again how she and David grew apart.  Nothing really new.
  • Haley obviously agrees, and asks if something specifically happened.
  • Spring Awakening reference!
  • Quinn insinuates that, like the actors and musicians they saw, she did what she had to do for her heart.
  • Quinn says there’s no “big important reason” why she feels this way.
  • Haley says people have a right to change. Quinn says they have a right to stay the same, and she’s upset because she doesn’t like the changes and doesn’t want to live with them.
  • No Naley scenes yet this episode  They’ve got six minutes to give us one.  Will it be Nathan telling Haley wasn’t going on?
  • Julian’s dad says he thinks it’s wrong to put Brulian before J’s career but admits that he was wrong for focusing on fictional characters instead of Julian.
  • Julian’s dad admits he doesn’t remember J’s favorite day with him.  But says he’s proud of him.
  • Q24: You go live your life.  Be happy.  And whatever you do, don’t be like me.–Julian’s dad.
  • His dad just reminded me of another parent-child relationship on another show.  Can’t think of what/which though.
  • Nathan meets up with Clay.
  • Clay reminds him of the party, and says they were both “pretty wasted that night.”  It was 3 months ago.
  • The photo in the envelope is a sonogram.
    Q25: She’s 3-months pregnant fake.
  • Brulian watching the movie from the beginning. It’s just as annoying as Alex is in “real life.”
  • Brulian just had a sappy moment out of nowhere.  Did not like it.  At all.  Which is weird.  For me, anyway.
  • Ah, here’s why we’re watching the movie!  Alex took what she said to Brooke from the movie!  See, I knew it wasn’t genuine.
  • Back to the homeless guy.  Dan brought him food.
  • Homeless guy he read the book…and sold it.
  • Yup, here comes the Naley scene.
  • Is Haley drinking a beer?!
  • Haley’s “crummy day” is going to get worse.
  • LOL Nathan just said the same thing.
  • Q25: I have something I need to tell you.
  • But we’re not going to see that.  At least not this episode.
  • This episode featured music by JACK SAVORETTI!
  • No Mouth in this episode.
  • Preview: Brooke pissed off at Alex, who is hung over.  Haley seems to believe Nathan but says it looks bad.  Dan is doing his show when an audience member interrupts and calls him a murderer.



  • Previously on: Lily tells Serena she got into Brown.  Blair talks to Cyrus about NYU.  Dan says he’s going to NYU and Georgina says she will, too.  Bree and Nate figure out who each is and embark on a secret relationship. Vanessa is seeing Scott.  Scott is hiding something.  Carter wants to be with Serena. Vanessa goes off on Dan for changing.  Georgina requests to live with Blair.
  • Blair getting ready, all in her fancy clothhes.
  • Dan kind of ready.
  • Serena totally not ready.
  • Now Chuck and Blair making out as he “sees [her] off.”
  • It’s orientation week for NYU.  Kind of late, but they clearly aren’t on our calendar schedule.
  • Q1: It’s not Constance, Blair.  The only Queens are the ones going to see Liza at Carnegie Hall.
  • Blair thinks she knows about college.  She’s in for a rude awakening.
  • Serena and Dan talking on the phone.  Since when do they still do that?
  • Dan says he hasn’t spoken to Vanessa.
  • Serena clearly doesn’t want to go to Brown.
  • Dan recognized for being published in The New Yorker.
  • The woman’s name is Katie.  Called the piece “amazing.”
  • Lily still MIA.
  • Rufus says to Serena that both of them are proud of her.
  • Froshies moving in to college.  Oh, the memories.
  • Vanessa kissing Scott.
  • Dan walks up.
  • Dan and Vanessa going to pretend to not know each other or something.
  • Serena goes to Chuck’s and says she needs a place to stay.
  • Q2: I’m not going to Brown.
  • Chuck clearly alarmed–for Serena’s sake or he doesn’t want a roomie?
  • Blair talking to the girls who she clearly wants to be her new minions.
  • She has “gift bags” for the girls.
  • At least Dorota is back!
  • Georgina arrives.  Acts surprised to be roommates with Blair.
  • Q3: Rah rah sis boom bah. Georgina’s pulled a coup de tat.  Welcome to college, B.–Gossip Girl
  • Another commercial for The Stepfather, starring Penn Badgley.
  • Georgina said she chose NYU over bible school.
  • Q4: I ruled at Constance and I’ll rule here.–Blair
  • Vanessa walks by.  She’s living down the hall.  She and Blair seem less than thrilled.
  • Georgina is wacky.  Not sure if it’s an act.
  • Blair calls Dorota and says they’re going to have a party.
  • Serena said she’s not excited for college and doesn’t know what she wants to do.
  • Q5: I’m not ready for that.–Serena
  • Q6: For people like us, a college degree is an accessory.–Chuck
  • Serena doesn’t want Blair or her mother to know.
  • Serena says she hasn’t seen Carter since the polo match.
  • Chuck says he’s having someone over later.  And NOT his dealer.
  • He’s trying to make a closed place into a speakeasy, like they had in the prohibition era.
  • Q7: The harder the times, the harder the people want to party and forget about it.
  • Chuck hasn’t told anyone else about his plans.
  • Q8: My father turned his first profit by the time he was 22. I want to do it by the time I’m 21.–Chuck
  • Dan and Vanessa meet the book store.  They will be in the same literature class.
  • They apologize to each other for being out of touch.
  • Vanessa says Scott is great.
  • Georgina comes over.  Apologizes “for the past.”  Says her meds are straightened out.  TMI, Georgina.
  • Dan doesn’t want to give Georgina a “clean slate.”
  • Vanessa asks if they’re being too hard on her.
  • Q9: I thought you were a little more forgiving than that…She wants a fresh start and so do we.–Vanessa
  • Dan tells Vanessa that Georgina will scare other people away.
  • So…Vanessa goes after her.
  • Nate and Bree in bed.
  • Bree OK with hiding out.  Nate isn’t.  Wants a real relationship.
  • Bree nervous the relationship will fail if it goes longterm so she proposes saying together for 24 hours to see if they get sick of each other.
  • Chuck pitching his plan for the speakeasy.
  • The dude is worried about Chuck’s reputation.
  • Cue Serena walking in all disheveled.
  • Dude says he’s going to do the deal, then Serena ruins apparently. The guy didn’t know it was going to be a club?
  • Blair hosting sushi-themed party in the dorm lobby.  But no one’s there.
  • Chuck going off on Serena.  Not really her fault.  She didn’t know Chuck wasn’t being honest about everything.
  • Woah there!  Chuck just called Serena trainwreck!
  • Everyone in the dorm was watching Vanessa’s documentary and hanging with Georgina.  Blair is NOT happy.
  • She tries to convince everyone to come but no one wants to.
  • Serena crashed at the Humphrey loft.  Awkward, IMO.
  • Q10: More people talked to me in one day at NYU than my four years at ____.–Dan
  • Dan tells Serena to talk to Rufus about Brown.
  • Blair finds out Georgina is doing her own get-together and accuses her of sabotage.
  • Georgina tells Blair she’s paranoid.
  • Blair says Vanessa may be the one person she hates more than Georgina.
  • Q11: Face it, Blair. Once upon a time in a far off land, you were a queen. Now you’re just a loser that doesn’t fit in.
  • Serena goes to talk to Rufus–but finds Chuck instead.  He was there talking to Rufus.  About Serena?  You betcha!
  • Serena admits she’s skeptical about school but Rufus says it’s not an excuse for lying about going to school.
  • Rufus says she better go and not going is a mistake.
  • Serena feels threatened by him.
  • Q12: Do you know you’re more afraid of my mother than I am?–Serena
  • Serena says he should call Lily and tell her she’s not going.
  • Serena calls Carter, and asks him to go out.
  • Serena says she’s withdrawing her admission to Brown and wants to celebrate with him.
  • Q13: I’m telling you, I learned everything I know about women from Judy Blume’s Forever.
  • Blair walks over to talk to Dan.  Asks him to be her date for Georgina’s party-thing.
  • Q14: The real evidence the world is coming to an end? Blair Waldorf needing Dan to rescue her from social extinction.–Gossip Girl
  • LOL GG comes back from commercial playing Cobra Starship’s Good Girls Go Bad, which Leighton Meester (Blair) sings on.
  • Dan does bring her to the party.
  • Q15: No headbands in college, OK?
  • Apparently it’s a rooftop party. They’re all the rage these days.
  • Katie, the literary girl, Dan met just gave a compliment to Blair.  And of course she doesn’t give one bakc.
  • Georgina happy to see Dan there.
  • He apologizes for rejecting her friendship yesterday.
  • Q15: Am I really drunk or did I see you walk in with Blair?
  • Georgina points out that Blair is using Dan to “find a way in.”
  • Dan says he is giving her a chance.
  • Vanessa and Scott (I think that was him) are there.  But Vanessa looks peeved and walks away.
  • Nate and Bree doing their bonding.  This is only their second scene in 35 minutes.
  • Nate kept his boarding pass from the flight they took together.  This tells Bree he has a “sentimental streak.”  Okay…
  • Serena and Carter at a bar.
  • Chuck at the same bar.  Carter wants to leave.  But Serena convinces him to ruin Chuck’s meeting.
  • And so they do.
  • Serena being obnoxious and over-the-top, of course.
  • Chuck hurt. Understandable, I guess.  Clear now that he was really concerned for Serena earlier.
  • Blair stuck standing next to two “nerdy” guys.  She gets a text– “we’re here.” Who is we?
  • So that is Scott.  Why is he there?  Is he going to NYU, too?
  • Katie calls Scott out on something.  He’s clearly uncomfortable and trying to hide more things.  We know what but we don’t know why.
  • Blair cuts off the deejay.  Gives credit for the party to Georgina, a devoted Christian.
  • And out comes the Christian band.
  • And Blair says Georgina planned it to be a “conversion party.”
  • Georgina is mortified.  And will be seeking revenge, I’m sure.
  • 90210 promo about critics “raving.” Yeah, OK.
  • Another commercial for The Stepfather.
  • Carter tells Serena he’s not sticking around because he has feelings for her but she’s just using him.  She can find someone else, he said.
  • Q16: You were just a casualty in the war for social dominance.–Blair to Dan
  • Blair’s trying to convince everyone to go to Monkey Bar, a club.  Except Vanessa.  She’s not invited.
  • Q17: I don’t need these losers to like me in order to follow me.–Blair
  • Vanessa says they don’t have to stand for it.
  • That inspires Dan to take the mic and expose Blair for setting Georgina up.
  • Dan convinces people to stay at the party–at Blair’s expense.
  • And Good Girls Go Bad comes back on.  Wowow.
  • Georgina thanks him.
  • Q18: Uht oh, B. I guess your new flock was just led astray. And by Dan Humphrey, no less. Guess they know a fake prophet when they see one.–Gossip Girl
  • Commercial for the Gossip Girl clothing line.
  • Rufus goes to the loft, where Serena is. Said he’s glad she can come here, that it’s a safe place for her.  Awww.
  • They both apologize to each other.
  • Rufus tells Serena to talk to him.  I want to see them bond like this.  It’s nice.
  • Serena says she called Brown and deferred for year.  It was the right decision because she only would’ve been going for her mom.
  • Rufus said he did he same thing–deferred Brandeis for his music career.
  • Rufus tells Serena he’ll help her tell Lily.
  • Q19: If you and Eric will let me, I’d really like to be more than just Lily’s most recent husband.–Rufus
  • Bree on phone with her parents, who are clearly upset by her relationship with Nate.  Bree says she really likes him and they hung up on her.
  • Bree sayings being with Nate is a “risk [she’s] willing to take.”
  • Blair and Serena on the Met steps.  How fitting.  And here we thought that was over…
  • Q20: I found my place. It’s on the bottom.–Blair on NYU
  • Blair says she would’ve been more concerned about Serena and Brown if she wasn’t so busy and Serena didn’t seem happy.
  • Q21: It was so much easier when we just sat on the Met steps.–Blair
  • Q22: It’s time for a new challenge.  For both of us.–Serena
  • Q23: I’m glad you’re not going to Brown.  I need you here.–Blair
  • Serena goes but Blair is sad.  Probably that she has to go back to NYU.
  • Scott meets up with Vanessa and apologizes for the “weird moment” last night.  Claims he was overwhelmed from meeting Vanessa’s friends.
  • Scott inquires about Dan.  But then says not to call him; he just wants to be with Vanessa.
  • Serena is waiting outside Carter’s place.
  • Q24: There’s a reason I always come back to you, Carter.  And it’s not because you’re my bad habit.–Serena
  • Serena says it’s because he knows about her father and she trusts him.
  • Q25: And I don’t want anyone else.  I want you.–Serena
  • They kiss.  Kind of sweet.
  • But do we believe her?
  • Blair goes to see Chuck, joins him in bed.
  • Q26: “You okay?”  “I am now.”–Blair and Chuck
  • Vanessa calls Dan, who is clearly hung over.  Or just tired.
  • He fell asleep on the rooftop with Georgina.
  • And they just kissed!
  • Did they do more than just kiss?!
  • Fade to black.
  • No Jenny, Lily or Eric in this$ episode.
  • Preview: Serena catches Dan on a walk of shame, Serena with Carter when a girl recognizes him, someone wants to watch Blair go up in flames.

Those are my thoughts.  What yours?

Come back tomorrow for my 90210 live-blog!

Win a Signed Album From Jack Savoretti!

21 09 2009

I am giving away two albums signed by Jack Savoretti, whose song “Wonder” will be featured in the coda of tonight’s One Tree Hill.

Savoretti, who hails from London, digitally released his latest album “Harder Than Easy” in the U.S. last week.

Read on for my interview with Savoretti and for instructions on how to win one of the autographed CDs.


TeenDramaWhore: When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?

Jack Savoretti: The first time I ever heard songs like “Sound Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel , and “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan I realized the power of music behind words, and how words can be brought to people in song rather than just on paper… Music allows you to put your own meaning on words you use everyday, and that’s when I started using music, and therefore became a musician.

TDW: Who are your music influences?

Savoretti: My influences are pretty endless, as I find new ones everyday, but the first had to be the likes of Paul Simon, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, The Band , Bradley Nowell (Sublime), Bob Dylan, and Italian singer songwriters in the likes of Fabrizio De Andre.

TDW: How would you describe your sound?

Savoretti: I wanted this album to have all the sounds that have influenced me from the old American music that has been such a part of a culture that I love, to the sound of the Mediterranean with which I grew up with.

TDW: Do you think the music scenes in the U.S. and Britain are different?

I think the music scene in the UK and the US has always been different and always will be. To be fair, the music scene in every country is somewhat unique. People make music, and people are going through different things in different countries, and the music always reflects that. That’s the beauty of music.

TDW: Will you be touring in the U.S. at all?

Savoretti: It’s definitely in the cards. I think every musician’s dream is to tour the USA.

TDW: How did you get involved with One Tree Hill?

Savoretti: The folks from One Tree Hill have always been extremely generous to new artists like myself . There seems to be a great relationship between the show and music. It seems to play a role in the show as important as the characters, and is often used to define a character. I have been very fortunate to have been involved with the show.

TDW: Why do you think the song “Wonder” was chosen?

Savoretti: I can’t really say why. The writers of the show have been kind enough to think it fits.

TDW: Have you seen the episode yet?

Savoretti: I can’t say I have , as I am in London, and we are always a couple months behind you guys.

TDW: Will you be doing anything to celebrate its airing?

Savoretti: I have a feeling I’ll be smiling a lot more than usual …

You can find out more about Jack Savoretti on his official MySpace page or follow him on Twitter.

Comment below with your favorite One Tree Hill music moment–not a performance, but one specific scene with a specific song playing in the background. Tell me why you love that scene and why the song works perfectly.  The two best submissions will each get a CD autographed by Savoretti. You have until Wednesday at 11:59pm central time to comment!

Be sure to come back at 7pm central for my live-blog of tonight’s episode and on Sunday for another exclusive interview.

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Let’s Compare Scenes

20 09 2009

1. Dawson’s Creek: Episode 1.1, Pilot

Pacey and teacher Tamara give in to their desire.

2. Gossip Girl: Episode 2.17, Carnal Knowledge

Dan and teacher Rachel give in to their desire.

Exclusive: Elisa Donovan on Going From Beverly Hills 90210 to The Lake With Jason Priestley By Her Side

20 09 2009

Tiffani Amber Thiessen’s Valerie wasn’t the only bitch to come to Beverly Hills 90210.  There was also, of course, the one and only Ginger LaMonica, Valerie’s best friend from Buffalo, who would come in and out of town, leaving a trail of damage in her wake.

Elisa Donovan, who played Ginger and is also known for starring as Amber in Clueless, now appears on webseries The Lake, which is directed by 90210’s Jason Priestley.

TeenDramaWhore: First, I have to ask, where on Long Island did you grow up? I’m from Garden City.

Elisa Donovan: I grew up in Northport.

TDW: Going back to your Beverly Hills 90210 days, do you remember what attracted you to the role of the conniving (and crazily-named) Ginger LaMonica?

Donovan: Everything about Ginger attracted me to her as a character! She was a lying, conniving, gold-digging, pot-smoking, thieving floosie— who wouldn’t want to play that??

TDW: Ginger’s schemes are infamous. Have you ever had someone like her or Valerie in your life?

Donovan: I can’t say that I’ve had someone quite as devious as Ginger in my life, but I’ve certainly had people as flawed as Valerie. I think she was just a girl who wanted to better herself and was insecure and afraid of her past. Believe me, there are plenty of people like that in Hollywood…! Tiffani herself, on the other hand, is an absolute doll.

TDW: This one from episode 6.20, Flying, was particularly preposterous–What would be your reaction if someone demanded $50,000 from you or the right to sleep with your boyfriend?

Donovan: I’d be totally flattered, and then tell them to hit the road! Of course if they looked like Tiffani, my boyfriend might consider it! 😉

TDW: Where do you think Ginger is today? My guess is she’s heading straight to Cougarville…

Donovan: Cougartown, without a doubt.

TDW: On the show, you had a one-episode fling (6.01: Home Is Where The Tart Is) with Jason Priestley’s character Brandon, and shared several other scenes with him. What was your reaction when you found out you’d be working with him again on The Lake?

Donovan: Jason is honestly one of my favorite people in  this business. He’s a great actor, a great director, and just a lovely person. I had such fun working with him back then on 90210. He was so gracious and kind, especially when we had to be in bed together the first day of shooting! I was so uncomfortable and he just completely put me at ease. We laughed a lot and I ended up doing a bunch of episodes that year. I can’t remember if we were involved again romantically after the first episode….Ginger’s love life was rather busy! I actually read about The Lake and heard that Jason was directing it. So I told my reps I wanted to go in for it. I wanted to work with Jason again and knew he’d do a great job with the material.

TDW: You previously knew him as an actor. What’s he like as a director?

Donovan: He’s very generous and insightful and supportive as a director. You can trust him, and as an actor that’s the first thing I want from a director. We really put ourselves in their hands, and you hope that they can guide you, rein you in, give you ideas, encourage you.. make you feel safe to be vulnerable, etc… Jason has all of those abilities. Especially with the new kids that were in the cast. Most of them didn’t have too much on camera experience, and he really guided them and got terrific performances out of everybody. And did it all within very tight parameters. We didn’t have a lot of time to shoot the show, and the budget was limited–yet the set was always calm, fun and lighthearted. He really made it that way. We all had a ball. And the show reflects that—it looks great.

TDW: How is working on a webseries different from a typical television series?

Donovan: The big differences are time and budget. You generally have a lot more to do in a shorter period time. And there are technical differences that are major—as in how certain materials and colors appear on screen…the streaming issue.. I don’t really understand that end of it, but there is a lot that has to be monitored in that vein. And content—there is a lot more freedom on the internet and you can take more risks I suppose. Also, because of the length of the episodes, the entire structure of the script is different. You have to have a story arc in a couple of pages. A lot more has to happen in a shorter period of time as well.

TDW: What’s been your favorite experience with it so far?

Donovan: Honestly, the people. This has been one of the best groups of people from top to bottom on this show. From the execs, to the writers, down to every crew member. There was a certain camaraderie that was established almost instantly, because we all knew we were doing this for the love of the project. Everyone’s work ethic was high, and we maintained the professionalism, while still having an absolute ball. There was no room for egos or any nonsense…and a real bonding has happened as a result of everybody being so committed for all of the right reasons. Because of that, and having been on location together part of the time in Big Bear!

TDW: What other projects do you have lined up?

Donovan: I just finished shooting a movie with Andrea Roth, Nicholas Brendon, Bruce Davison and Alley Mills called “Holiday House.” I have a TV movie called “The Dog Who Saved Christmas” premiering on ABC Family in November, in which I star with Gary Valentine, Dean Cain, and Mindy Sterling. I also have a comedy webseries called “In Gayle We Trust” for NBC, which [debuted] September 15th. The series is created by Brent Forrester (producer/writer from “The Office”), and I play Gayle, an insurance agent that gets overly involved with her clients. It’s really funny. And Brent is a genius writer, and a great guy! I’m also writing a book right now, based on a one woman show I did last year at The Geffen Playhouse.

TDW: Any chance we’ll get a Clueless reunion of some sort?

Donovan: Ha! I don’t know… I hear rumblings of a sequel, but don’t know if that’s really true. It would be great fun to revisit those characters as adults. I think it could be pretty hilarious. I do know that “Clueless the Musical” is supposed to open on Broadway this fall. THAT I will have to see!

TDW: Lastly, do you have a Twitter account you’d like to share with fans? May I promote your official site?

Donovan: I just this very moment, as I write this, have opened a Twitter account! So I’m new to Twitter…but my user name is “RedDonovan.” I do have an official website:

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News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and More

19 09 2009
  • Please check out my updated Twitter Directory.  With the help of some readers, I found a bunch of new fake accounts this weekend for the 90210 and Gossip Girl stars.  Please let me know if you find any more.
  • Shannen Doherty (Brenda, Beverly Hills 90210) is reportedly working on a reality show about her life, and hints that “I’ll be back on TV very soon. There will be an announcement very soon. I promise you that.”
  • AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi, 90210) says she draws inspiration for her character from her sister.
  • One Tree Hill’s “naked” scene between Skills (Antwon Taylor) and Mouth (Lee Norris) was one of’s top moments of thse week.
  • Taylor Momsen (Jenny, Gossip Girl) spoke to E!Online about recent controversy regarding her style and choice of dress.
  • I had a hard time choosing a winner for the Melrose Place contest, as all 3 entries I got had multiple cross-over ideas–and good ones, too!.  I narrowed each commenter’s ideas down to the one I liked best, and then chose from there.  The winner is g90210th, who suggested a cross-over between One Tree Hill’s Nathan and Clay with Melrose Place’s Ella.  Out of all the ideas, I thought this one was the most realistic and the least cliche, which is what I’d like to see in an actual cross-over.  Congrats g90210th!

Michelle Williams on Playing Jen Lindley

19 09 2009

“I was sixteen when I started ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ and our identities—mine and my character’s—got a bit confused. She was sexy and pretty, but there was something bad about it. I had some idea in my head that beauty was a minor quality, that beauty wasn’t as worthwhile. So I never wanted to play those parts; I wanted to play the opposite.”

Random Thought

19 09 2009

I’ve said in previous posts that James Van Der Beek (Dawson, Dawson’s Creek; Dixon, One Tree Hill) and Chad Michael Murray (Lucas, One Tree Hill; Charlie, Dawson’s Creek) were the only 2 teen drama stars to have significant roles on two shows.

But there’s a third I usually fail to mention.

Paul Johansson, best known as Dan Scott on One Tree Hill, starred in 13 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 as John Sears.

While other actors have certainly appeared on more than one teen drama–and sometimes on the same show in more than one role!–these three have had the most significant gigs.

Fun Fact

18 09 2009

On Beverly Hills 90210, we sporadically saw the parents of Brian Austin Green’s David.

Mel Silver was played by Matthew Laurance and Shelia Silver was played by Caroline Lagerfelt.

Know where else we’ve seen ’em?

Laurance appeared on two episodes of One Tree Hill in season 2 as a doctor–though I feel like we saw him more than that.  I’m also pretty sure he had an uncredited appearance on Gossip Girl.

Lagerfelt plays CeCe on Gossip Girl, Lily’s mom.

Wonder where they’ll pop up next…

News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210 and More

18 09 2009
  • Lots new video content on The CW’s site.  Enjoy!
  • More confirmation on what I already told you: Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill) is not on Twitter!
  • BuddyTV has an interview with Austin Nichols (Julian, One Tree Hill).
  • This is the first promo pic I’ve seen for Tyra Banks’ appearance on Gossip girl.
  • E!Online has more promo pics and some spoilers.
  • has an interview with Zuzanna Szadkowski (Dorota, Gossip Girl).
  • The site for Little Mavens, the new kids clothing line by Tori Spelling (Donna, Beverly Hills 90210) has launched.
  • Beverly Hills 90210, The O.C. and Dawson’s Creek are hilariously included in this video called 100 TV Spoilers.
  • has an interview with Adam Brody (Seth, The O.C.).
  • has one with Brody, too, where he gives a really interesting (and I think funny) proposal for an O.C. reunion storyline.
  • John Wesley Shipp (Mitch, Dawson’s Creek) is listed as one of “10 Notable [Guiding Light] Grads.”  GL, one of my favorite non-teen drama shows, goes off the air tomorrow.

Mischa Barton on The O.C.

17 09 2009

“I was 16 when I went to do ‘The O.C.,’ and it was a great experience, it changed my life. It made me famous and everything.”

“I was younger than all the other kids, and it was just me and two boys in the beginning. Rachel Bilson [Summer] came in eventually, but in the very beginning of that show it was just me and the two boys who were season regulars. It was really overwhelming to have all that press on me.”

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