News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and The O.C.

16 09 2009
  • Last night’s 90210 earned about the same rating as the premiere last week, 2.4 million viewers.
  • The first soundtrack for 90210–creatively titled Soundtrack 90210–will be released October 13th, featuring never-before-released songs by top bands that will all play on the show this season.  Stay tuned for exciting news about this and TDW!
  • Check out my latest comment on my Twitter Directory for an interesting development with Brian Austin Green (David, Beverly Hills 90210) or someone claiming to be him.
  • Ray Wise (Daniel Hunter, Beverly Hills 90210) has joined the cast of Dollhouse.
  • The CW sent out a press release touting Gossip Girl’s ratings and market shares for Monday night.
  • Variety is now reporting that Gossip Girl actually did better than One Tree Hill last night, with 2.55 for GG and 2.45 for OTH.
  • Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl) and Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl) will be presenters at Sunday night’s Primetime Emmys.
  • E!Online has a semi-spoilish interview with Joanna Garcia (Bree, Gossip Girl).  Nothing really new, though.
  • has an article on some of the One Tree Hill cast being at the charity fundraiser and one on the new season.
  • The Mark Schwahn preview for the next episode of One Tree Hill is on YouTube.
  • There is a new SoGoPro podcast featuring Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill).
  • MTV has an interview with Mischa Barton (Marissa, The O.C.).  The O.C. is mentioned a little bit, and a bit more in this interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Win a Melrose Place Poster!

16 09 2009

I have one Melrose Place poster to give away, courtesy of WGN.

Here’s how to win it:

Comment below with your idea for a Melrose Place cross-over with one of our teen dramas.

The best submission will get the poster.

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Good luck!

Spoiler: Mega Buzz

16 09 2009


Does Gossip Girl plan to give Chuck and Blair a fair shot as a couple this season? And what about Nate and Serena? Can we expect a build-up for them? — Fernanda
As Monday’s premiere demonstrated, C. & B.’s love is a many-splendored (read: twisted) thing. Its success or failure won’t follow any logical path. No Serena for Nate, as he’ll be otherwise occupied with guest star JoAnna Garcia, who plays Texan heiress Bree Buckley. “I invested in a lot of lip balm and a spray tan, and just prepared myself to make out all summer,” Garcia says of filming her four-episode stint. She compares their affair to that of Romeo and Juliet. “It’s very poetic and lovely,” she says. Oh, happy dagger!

News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210 and Dawson’s Creek

15 09 2009
  • The Daily News has a photo gallery called “TV Shows That Peaked in High School” and our teen dramas have the (dis)honor of being in it.  One Tree Hill is given credit for skipping the college years, “which may be why this former teen drama is still on the air today.”
  • There’s tons of teen drama content in the new issue of Portrait Magazine.
  • One Tree Hill (2.59 million) did better than Gossip Girl (2.52 million) last night, but not by as much as they usually do.  This was GG’s best ratings since January.
  • Have any of you been to SoapNet’s board for One Tree Hill? Just curious since I’m not really liking it and wondering if anyone feels the same.
  • Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill) and SoGoPro did an interview with Say It Social Radio.
  • has a Gossip Girl-version of Hangman.
  • They also have a GG fashion quiz.
  • Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl) was named one of the “25 hottest actors under 25.”
  • Brandon (Jason Priestley, Beverly Hills 90210) was recently a “weekly crush” on SoapNet.
  • Glamour has a great interview with Tori Spelling (Donna, Beverly Hills 90210) on Donna’s fashion.
  • The Los Angeles Times has an interview with Matt Lanter (Liam, 90210).  He says he has an official MySpace but confirms that all Twitter accounts are fakes.
  • TVStar has an interview with Michael Steger (Navid, 90210).
  • has an interview with John Schneider (Jeffrey, Liam’s stepdad, 90210).
  • I like this recent tweet from James Van Der Beek (Dawson, Dawson’s Creek): “I thought I was immune to soapy drama after making it for 6 years, but I’m finding myself kind of addicted to “‘True Blood.'”
  • Michelle Williams (Jen) is on the cover of the October issue of Vogue.  You can read an excerpt of the cover story here.

90210 Live-Blog!

15 09 2009

Last Week’s Live-Blog

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.


  • Previously on: Teddy’s introduction and background, Dixon breaks up with Silver, Liam pissed at Jen, Liam trying with Naomi, Annie hitting someone, Dixon fighting with her, Annie getting drunk with Mark and hooking up with him, Naomi finding the scandalous photo.
  • Naomi flirting with some tech kid named Donnie, obviously for evil purposes.
  • Naomi wants to send out an anonymous text–hello Gossip Girl!
  • Naomi lies to Adrianna and Silver on what she was doing
  • Q1: Dirtbag 2 o’clock. Don’t look–Naomi about Liam
  • Silver determined to get back together with Dixon.
  • Naomi tells her to chill for a bit.
  • Navid telling people to join the Blaze–lord knows it’s not the one I grew up with
  • Dixon “relieved” that hings with Silver are over.
  • Now we have a “douchebag alert” from Navid for Teddy.  He’s clearly insecure about it.
  • Naomi confronts Annie in the bathroom.
  • Q2: Wow, look at you.  It’s the skank. You have no idea how hellish I’m about to make my life.–Naomi
  • I’m glad Annie didn’t respond.
  • Liam wants to talk to Naomi but she’s upset for not hearing from him in 3 months.  He explains he was in military camp.
  • Ah! Liam JUST found out that Naomi thinks he slept with Annie.  He admits he did sleep with someone but not Annie.
  • And saved by the car honk!  Jen pulls up and Naomi gets in the car.
  • Liam’s mom! Is this the first time we’re seeing her?
  • Woah! Jen is there!
  • Jen told Liam’s mom that he caused trouble for Naomi and needs to stay away.
  • Liam is PISSED.
  • Silver leaves a (pathetic but sad) message for Dixon.
  • And there’s Rumer Willis in the meeting for the Blaze.  One of the heavily-circulate promo photos we saw.
  • Navid criticizes last year’s staff.  Navid vows for it to be different.  Hells yeah–do it for Andrea!
  • Ryan Matthews!  Where have you been?
  • He’s got a necklace. Hmmm.
  • At Jen and Naomi’s massive pad.
  • Ryan and Jen have a date but she “double-booked.”  Yeah, sure she did.
  • Q3: “You hate me right?” “A little bit.”–Jen and Ryan
  • Q4: “I should go. I actually stood up 2 swimsuit models.”–Ryan
  • He goes in anyway to chill until she has to leave.
  • Jen’s friend is Gregory.  Will we meet him or something?
  • Ryan was in Vietnam?! WTH?!
  • I can’t stand the way Jen talks.  It’s just so…stupid. Over the top.  Weird.
  • And there’s Gregory. And she’s off.  Whew.
  • Navid still holding his meeting.  Brings back memories for my school paper!  Sigh.
  • Kid mentions sext picture of principal’s daughter. Uht oh.  But Navid turns it down.
  • Rumer aka Gia pitches a piece on Teddy, for his suave skills and connections to Hollywood.
  • Navid is less than thrilled but Adrianna says he’ll get him to do it.  Navid is still less than thrilled.
  • Silver calls Annie, who clearly has been crying.
  • Nice of Silver to give Annie a heads up.
  • Is Silver at West Bev? I don’t like this new set.
  • Annie is shocked.
  • Navid tells Dixon.  Also shocked.
  • But doesn’t care!
  • Q5: I’m done dealing with her crap.–Dixon
  • Navid wants to go back to the sext story since it’s a big trend right now.  True.
  • LOL Marlon Brando is Teddy’s godfather.  Brando is dead–what does it matter? (Unless it’s a shoutout to Brandon’s Brando impersonation in BH90210)
  • Liam tries to convince his mom that Jen is making it up and tells him to stay away from Naomi and stick to the plan from Utah (aka military camp).
  • Long Island shoutout! Rock on.
  • And here’s Liam’s stepdad, played by John Schneider.
  • Is he drunk?  Or enthusiastic?
  • I’m going with drunk.
  • Woah! Millitary camp cost $20,000.  Ridic.
  • At least Liam’s mom is trying to keep the peace.
  • But stepdad is threatening juvie.
  • What’s his name? John?
  • Adrianna convincing Teddy to do the interview.
  • Not sure I can accept how old he looks (and is IRL) next to Adrianna and everyone else.
  • Q6: I like watching beautiful girls beg.–Teddy
  • Teddy and Adrianna talk about her baby and Navid; she gets a little sentimental.
  • Teddy looks genuinely concerned for her but I’m not sure whether to trust him.
  • Says Adrianna is important to him.
  • And there’s Navid.  Did he hear that?
  • What’s’ with the on-screen promo for the 90210 DVD? Get that out of the way.
  • Naomi convinces Donnie to help her.
  • Q7: Whatever Annie did, she doesn’t deserve that.–Adrianna
  • Q8: I can’t believe someone would take that picture and spread it around.  How evil is that?–Adrianna
  • Get the hint, Naomi?
  • Ryan and Harry playing basketball.  Since when are they friends? And why is Ryan confiding in him?
  • I like the teacher joke.  Didn’t the exact quote.
  • Annie confronts Mark. Brave of her.
  • Mark’s silence admits that it’s true.  Thnen he says it’s not a big deal.
  • She breaks his phone–go Annie!
  • Mark tells her Naomi has a copy of the picture.
  • Annie’s ‘oh shit’ face is right on.
  • A surf team?  Really?  Dylan would’ve loved that but probably wouldn’t have joined.  He didn’t do clubs.
  • Teddy says surfing is his first love.
  • Liam talks about Jones Beach!  I love it!
  • Q9: Oh, here it comes.  We’re bros just because we’re from New York thing.–Teddy about Liam and Dixon
  • Q19: You’ve got that whole Ryan Seacrest thing.–Liam to Teddy
  • Cool to see them actually in the water but the camera work is making me nauseous.
  • Liam tells Dixon he didn’t sleep with Annie.
  • Q10: I don’t wanna talk about Annie.  Me and her, we’re like two different people.–Dixon
  • Califor-ni-a? Really, Teddy?
  • Ryan leaves the necklace–Vietnamese pearls–at Jen’s doorstop.
  • Annie tells Liam to tell Naomi they didn’t have sex.  But he already did and she doesn’t believe him.
  • Liam says “it’s complicated” to reveal who it really was.
  • Annie crushed.
  • Ooh, Navid doing a video interview with Teddy.
  • Do they not have a paper edition of the Blaze anymore?
  • Teddy “ranked 2nd in nationals” for tennis.  Hmm.
  • Q11: You have to be pretty arrogant to be an athlete, right? Do you bring that arrogance to your personal life?–Navid
  • Navid is dishing it.  Wish we could see Teddy’s responses.
  • And Navid goes a little too far, revealing Teddy was caught with 2 naked girls at his last school.
  • Teddy says he doesn’t “kiss and tell.”
  • Annie begs Naomi not to send out the picture.
  • Naomi tells Annie to stop lying and admit she slept with Liam.
  • Oh no! Annie says she will admit it if Naomi erases the picture.  Bad move.  This will backfire.
  • Q12: I did it.  I had sex with Liam.  Are you happy?  Just don’t send it.–Annie
  • Adrianna calls Navid out on “attacking someone just because they used to date your girlfriend.”
  • Hmm.  Maybe Adrianna’s longer hair is growing on me.
  • Silver cheering on Dixon at the beach. Awk. Too much.
  • Naomi admits to “having doubts” about Liam and Annie.  It’s about time!
  • Silver plotting to get back together with Dixon still.  I really don’t like this version of her.
  • Official surf team includes Dixon, Liam and Teddy.  Shocker.
  • Love how Teddy just man-hugged Dixon like they’re BFF.
  • Jen visiting Ryan at school.  Random.
  • Jen suggestively shuts classroom door.  Ryan’s game.  Bad Mr. Matthews.
  • Silver calls Dixon while watching him from afar.  Sees him ignore the call.  Ouch.  That’s gotta hurt.
  • Navid says Silver is having a “hard time believing” she and Dixon are done.  Right on.
  • Liam seconds that, judging from his experience with Naomi.
  • Navid tells Liam to keep trying, based on what he’s heard from Adrianna.
  • Could’ve done without the Chinese-Japanese food analogy.
  • Silver is hysterical. Naomi and Adrianna have to lift her up.
  • Navid comes over so Adrianna stays back and Naomi takes care of Silver. I like this side of her.
  • Navid apologizes for his behavior but doesn’t get to decide whether Adrianna and Teddy are friends.
  • Q13: You know what makes me uncomfortable? The fact that you can’t trust me.–Adrianna
  • Liam goes to Naomi’s house but Jen opens the door.
  • Q14: “That’s her car.”  “Aren’t you the little detective?”–Liam and Naomi
  • Liam says he didn’t tell Naomi the truth originally because he didn’t want to hurt her even more and he thought he didn’t have a chance.  He wants to tell her now.
  • Jen says Naomi won’t believe him.  And when he loses his temper, he’s “going straight to juvie.”
  • Q15: You bitch–Liam
  • And then punches the glass door!  Wise movie, Liam.  Wise moved.
  • Liam’s mom is pissed but covers for Liam in front of the stepdad.  Nice of her.
  • Says “next time, you’re on your own.”  N ot nice of her.
  • Jen getting a massage in the backyard LOL
  • Jen says she’s not “seriously into” Ryan.
  • Q16: LA is a very small town and if a girl isn’t careful, she can be labeled a golddigger” which scares the guys off.–Jen
  • So Jen admits she’s using Ryan.  Sad but expected.
  • LOL Naomi had lunch at IHOP with Donnie.  Love it.
  • Jen tells Naomi to send the text and belittles her for believing Liam when he says it wasn’t Annie.
  • The way Jen calls Naomi “optimistic” is such an insult.
  • And Naomi sends the text.  Looks like it’s a topless pic of Annie.
  • Next day: Annie walks into school and everyone’s looking at it.
  • Q17: Nice rack–Random guy
  • Silver comforts Annie.  Really nice of her.
  • Q18: If it makes you feel better, they’ve all seen me naked, too.–Silver
  • Too bad Silver can’t be this calm about her own problems.
  • Annie says Naomi did it and Silver’s doubtful.  Annie storms off.
  • Dixon punches someone.  I didn’t see who?!
  • Annie goes into classroom where Teddy and Navid’s interview is playing.
  • Teddy says he came across a hit-and-run victim–a homeless man–on her second day back.
  • Annie, of course, realizes that he knows her secret.  But does he know it was her who did it?
  • Preview: Teddy is having a party on his dad’s yacht, looks like Teddy and Adrianna kiss, Dixon is kissing some girl, Annie looks like she’s with Liam to piss off Naomi.

What did you all think?

Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

15 09 2009


Suzi from NYC: What do you think it’s like to hang out on the 90210 set?
Michael Steger
told us what keeps him busy between takes, and we’re jealous! “I have a Lamborghini this season,” Michael said at the show’s premiere. “I don’t even go to my trailer anymore. Now Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and I go out to the car, and we play with the convertible top and drive around the parking lot. Our set now is around the beach, so we have beachfront. My next wish? Well, they gave us a yacht for episode three and that was pretty impressive.” Tough life, huh?

Stephanie in Atlanta: I take it from the season premiere that the man Annie killed is someone we don’t already know on 90210?
Yes, it seems that Annie’s victim is unknown to us, but we learn in tomorrow night’s episode that incoming hottie Teddy Montgomery (Trevor Donovan) found the body after Annie ran the guy over. (BTW, does it seem plausible to anyone else that dead guy was already dead when Annie ran him over, therefore technically absolving her from responsibility?) In other news, Naomi’s sister Jen is evil, and she’s entangling poor Ryan in her scheme to snag a billionaire.

News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and More

14 09 2009
  • I’ll be live-blogging 90210 tomorrow.
  • Registration for the One Tree Hill Reunion is now open.  Hope to see you there!
  • There’s a new One Tree Hill Connection podcast.  This one has an interview with Jana Kramer (Alex).
  • Rick Fox (Dante, One Tree Hill) has joined the cast of Melrose Place.
  • BuddyTV and Star News have interviews with Mark Schwahn, One Tree Hill’s creator.
  • has an interview with Robert Buckley (Clayton, One Tree Hill).
  • all has a Fall Preview video that includes a segment on One Tree Hill.
  • has some One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl video interviews.
  • also has a “super glam” Gossip Girl cast pic.
  • And they also have a story on Penn Badgley (Dan, Gossip Girl) being in the Fall 2009 issue of VMan.
  • USA Today has an interview with Badgley.  He said some interesting things about his relationship with Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl).
  • said Lively was a fashion hit last week.
  • If you’re into the media and all the various personalities and power types, you’ll like this piece on matching the Gossip Girl characters with their “media mates.”
  • The Gossip Girl-inspired clothing line is now available exclusively at Target.
  • Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl), Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl) and Adam Brody (Seth, The O.C.) appeared on stage at last night’s Video Music Awards.
  • has an interview with Mischa Barton (Marissa, The O.C.) from the premiere party for The Beautiful Life. has one, too.
  • Eric Balfour (Eddie, The O.C.) has joined the cast of The Beautiful Life, where he’ll be working with Barton again.
  • Kevin Williamson (creator, Dawson’s Creek) gave his own DC-Vampire Diaries comparison–by mostly saying they’re different.  He does say he’s open to having DC alumni on the show, though.

Live-Blog: One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl Season Premieres!

14 09 2009

Before You Watch, Read This: OTH Season 6 Recap, GG Season 2 Recap

For last season, I would do reaction posts for each episode.  This year I figured I’d step it up a notch with live-blogs.

Keep refreshing this page throughout the shows for plot developments, quotes and commentary.



  • What we know: This is supposed to be 14 months since the series finale. Leyton is gone.  Brooke declared her love for Julian. Nathan made the NBA.  His agent, Clayton (referred to as Clay), has been with him for a while already.
  • Previously on shows Nathan telling Haley about the NBA, Brooke telling Julian she loves him, Dan asking Whitey to kill him.
  • Instrumental opening–nothing new.
  • Voiceover from Dan, talking about being “alone and waiting for death” as Nathan played his first game.  “That was 14 months ago.
  • Haley singing in the recording studio singing “I’ve been making use of my time while you’ve been away, I’ve been at my piano every day.”
  • Brulian making out on the beach in that widely circulated photo.
  • Someone taking photos.  We know from promos that it’s Quinn.
  • Nathan practicing basketball and Jamie holding an NBA card that features him.
  • Clay on the phone trying to make a deal.
  • I think Haley is singing Everly’s new song, which is weird, because they aren’t showing the other girl in Everly (not that they ever do, really).
  • Julian wants Brooke to come with him, Brooke wants Julian to come back to Tree Hill.  She is visiting him on a movie shoot somewhere.
  • Big Clothes Over Bros office–is this New York?
  • Millicent being bossy and confident.  Very Brooke-like.  Talking to a lower person who is very Millicent-like.
  • LOL Millie just repeated Brooke’s lines from season 5 premiere.  Nicely done, Mark.
  • Clay visiting Nathan in gym.  It’s the off-season but Nate says “pre-season for next year.”
  • So we missed his first year with the Bobcats.  But isn’t with them anymore?  Because he says he needs a contract.  Hmmm.
  • Jamie’s birthday “coming up.”  Clay usually gets him autographs from clients. Up to Jerry Rice.
  • What’s with Nathan’s light mustache?
  • Skills trying to start a new business, he says.
  • Mouth encouraging him to move out.
  • Q1: I’m just going to miss you, that’s all.–Brooke
  • Q2: “What’s keeping you in Tree Hill now that Peyton’s not there?  You came back for her.” “So did you.” “That’s not fair.”–Julian and Brooke
  • Q3: Tree Hill is home.–Brooke
  • Brulian at Julian’s movie premiere.
  • Promo for Gossip Girl season 2 DVD.
  • Promo for Gossip Girl premiere.
  • Haley is so cute with Jamie.
  • Jamie is 7 now.  Stupid messing up the birthdays/dates.
  • Nathan has a locker so he’s obviously playing somewhere?
  • Some girl comes up behind him sexually (foreshadowing?!).
  • Whew! It’s just a commercial for body spray.
  • And Nathan doesn’t want to do it.
  • Q3: Go and get this right so we can eat some cake already.–Clay to Nathan
  • LOL Mouth shirtless and spraying himself.
  • Or is he naked?!
  • LOL He’s trying to get Skills to move out. Kinda funny, kinda mean.
  • Haley setting up for Jamie’s party in the backyard.  This is their new house, apparently.  Will an explanation be given?
  • Quinn shows up.
  • Not the first time she’s seeing Jamie.
  • Q4: “I wanted to see my dorkiest sister.”  “What, Taylor wasn’t home?”–Quinn and Haley
  • Food (cake, specifically) fight between Quinn, Haley and Jamie. Very cute.
  • LOL Now Skill is naked. Kinda funny.  I wonder how much convincing it took to get them to do this.
  • LMAO Millie just walked in.  Now it’s really funny.
  • Brooke home, gazing at pic of her and Julian.
  • Flashback to them at the beach.
  • Q5: So I totally took one for the team and made some closet space–in the spare bedroom.–Brooke
  • Julian says he got an offer for a pic in New Zeland.
  • He says he doesn’t have to take it, but Brooke–obviously sad–tells him to.
  • Promo: 90210
  • Yummy food at Jamie’s party!
  • Joke about Nathan making out with a lingerie model.  Again, foreshadowing?
  • Q6: Step up and get this guy paid, Jerry Maguire.–Quinn to Clayton.
  • Brooke trying to reach Julian and can’t.  Obviously sad.
  • Haley still working in on her record–14 months later?  Guess it does sometimes take that long.
  • Jamie opening present from Uncle Lucas!
  • Luke’s card mentions Peyton and Keith.  Missed exact quote.  Darn.
  • Luke gave Jamie his old basketball cute.
  • Skills gave Jamie his old rap CDs.  Too funny.
  • Skills is still with Miss Lauren!
  • Clay calls Jerry Rice to sign Jamie’s jersey.  We know what’s coming.
  • Yep, Jerry Rice is actually there.
  • Q7: Aw, damn. My gift sucks.–Skills
  • Some girl comes up to Nathan and asks for a pic.  He seems to know her, she suggests that he does and then she’s gone.  Dun dun dunnn.
  • Brooke gives Jamie a check with a lot of zeros.  She’s done this before.
  • Jamie tells Brooke to make a wish.  Julian appears.
  • Q8: Wow, you’re good.–Brooke
  • Julian says he changed his schedule to be here.
  • Quinn says she’s staying for a few days (was it 3?).
  • Haley goes to give her a spare bedroom–but Brulian are making out in there!  Funny.
  • Clay planning on hooking up with the commercial girl.  Suppose this is the first sign of his reported player-ness.
  • Clay says Jamie will look back on this as one the best days of his childhood.
  • Q9: “Your sister is hot, Hales.” “So is her husband, Clay.”–Clayton and Haley.”
  • So Andre is there (Quentin’s brother and Jamie’s friend). What happened to Chuck?
  • Q10: “The beach is becoming our spot.” “I don’t think you can call it a spot when it’s every other month.”–Julian and Brooke
  • Brooke thinks their relationship has changed.
  • Q11: “Peyton always used to say people always leave. Who knew she was talking about her stupid ass.”–Brooke
  • Q12: “I’m just lonely.”–Brooke
  • Brulian going skinny-dipping.
  • Q13: “You coming or what?” “That’s what she said.”–Julian and Brooke  TOO FUNNY!
  • Commercial with Kate Voegele (Mia) talking about her music and psychology and University of Phoenix.
  • Promo: OTH season 6 DVD.
  • So what are we at? 2 Leyton mentions so far?
  • Q14: I have his dad to thank for a great life.–Haley about Jamie/Nathan
  • Q15: Who’s all creepin’ up to my hood?–Jamie
  • Haley just made a bad joke about leaving Jamie on the steps of an orphanage. Not cool.
  • Quinn’s husband is named David.  He is “working on a documentary to save the world.”
  • Strange no mention of Haley’s parents.
  • Obvious Quinn is sad on the inside.  Says Haley “has it all.”
  • Really nice to see Nathan and Jamie playing on the River Court. Wish Lucas was there.
  • Aw, Jamie just asked about him!  Mention number 3!
  • First mention of Dan.
  • Q16: I miss him.  Uncle Lucas, I mean.–Jamie
  • LOL They’re going to play a game of Lucas instead of Horse.
  • Like seeing Nathan and Jamie bond.
  • Julian reveals his movie shoot will be longer than planned.
  • Q17: You’re killing me.–Brooke
  • BUT! Julian says he decided not to do it.
  • Q18: I want to make important movies. And besides, there’s this girl that I’m kind of in love with and I couldn’t be away from her for another day.–Julian
  • Quinn gazing sadly at Scott family photos.  They’re really nice.  Wish we saw more of them.
  • Clay still trying to get a deal for Nate. What is going on? Is Clay making weird demands? Or did something else happen?
  • Q19: Nice place. I assume there’s a bedroom?–Commercial girl
  • Is this scene really necessary?!
  • Quinn doesn’t look older than Haley.  Wonder if Shantel really is?
  • Wow! What a tease! Haley just went to the studio, and you think it’s Peyton turning around.  But it’s India’s character, Miranda.  She’s from the record company.
  • Q20: We lost Peyton to one of those.  Kids family.–Miranda
  • Q21: I’m not here to run the label.  I’m here to close it.–Miranda
  • Another Gossip Girl premiere promo.
  • Haley goes to talk to Quinn, who has been crying.
  • Quinn reveals that she left David.  But misses him?
  • Says he wasn’t the man she fell in love with, hasn’t been and she “didn’t agree to spend [her] life sleeping next to a total stranger.”
  • Cuts to Clay in bed with the commercial girl.  Fitting, of course.
  • Aw, Nathan recalling how his 7th birthday party was canceled for Pee-Wee basketball and Dan was upset that they lost.  Typical.
  • Are we going to see Dan again?  There hasn’t been any explanation for the opener.
  • OH! There he is!
  • Dan says forgiveness is a tough one.  He would know.
  • Q22: Sometimes we do things we can’t take back.–Dan
  • Q23: So we starve ourselves to feed the pain.–Dan
  • Clay gets out of bed to record notes to himself. Clearly preoccupied.
  • Q24: The 14th.  Send flowers.–Clay  Wonder what that’s about. (Weird that it actually is the 14th).
  • Brooke said of “ruining it”–her relationship with Julian now that he’s staying.
  • Q24: What I’ve done is who I am. But what I’ve done is now who I’ll be.–Dan
  • Cuts to Clay.  Hm, guess he did something in his past?
  • Q25: I don’t believe in love.–Clay.
  • Q26: It’s been nearly 37 million seconds…since I realized what I’ve done is not who can you be.–Dan
  • 37 million seconds ago–what is her referring to exactly?
  • Dan on stage during all of this, speaking to someone.
  • Clay called Nathan out of bed at 4:30am.
  • The mysterious girl from the party is claiming she left with Nathan, and she’s “going public.”
  • Nate looks shocked.
  • The girl is played by Kate French, who played Elle last season on Gossip Girl.
  • Preview: Brooke talking about Alex as her face of CoB, Miranda wants to close the label, fall-out from the girl’s accusation about Nathan.
  • Not sure what I thought.  I have to think about it more.  Gut reaction: kinda felt like old OTH just with Leyton not in this episode and some new people.  Need to let it all sink in.



  • Showing Blair asking Chuck to admit he loves him, Serena and Dan talking about their relationship, Nate being pressured by his grandfather, Bart’s death, Rufus confronting Lily about their son, Dan and Serena splitting, Lily and Rufus find out son died, mysterious boy in cafe, Chuck continues to deny his feelings to Blair, the gang graduates, Jenny richer than the mean girls since Lily and Rufus getting married, Carter found Serena’s dad, Chuck says “I love you” to Blair (basically, it was a recap of season 2’s most important moments.
  • This marks the start of Gossip Girl: The College Years
  • Q1: Welcome back Upper East Siders…I see it didn’t take much time for you to dirty up the clean slate I gave you.
  • Chuck talking to a beautiful girl.  She comes on to him, and he seems to be going.
  • Jenny lounging by the pool, fitting into Serena’s “big shoes.”
  • Jenny and Eric hiding something.  Something that’s Serena’s problem.  Hmmm.
  • Q2: That whole Eat Pray Love thing is great but I don’t think Serena can keep her mouth shut for a month.–Dan
  • Nate getting off helicopter, kissing Joanna Garcia’s character.
  • Nate just met her on the plane…and already made out with her.  Wow.
  • Nate and the girl going to Columbia.
  • The girl is from the Buckley family.  Feuds with the Vanderbilt-Archibald family.  Romeo-and-Juliet story coming.
  • Apparently they met when they were young but forgot.
  • Her name is Bree.
  • Blair catches Chuck kissing the girl.  I have a feeling this is a set-up by Chuck and Blair.
  • Well, now they are making out.  So was it a set up? Or Blair’s OK with it?
  • Serena plastered in pics in a magazine.  I guess that’s the secret?
  • Vanessa with the mystery boy.
  • Q3: You left a star but after your exploits in Europe, you came back a supernova.  I wonder who or what lit your fuse.–Gossip Girl about Serena.
  • Promo: 90210
  • Lily is away.  Where?
  • Humphreys are living with Lily now.
  • Still weird to see Serena and Dan and have to look at them as siblings. I still see the romantic connection.
  • Q4: “The little white lies I tell my family are none of your business.” “Rufus is my family.”–Serena and Dan.
  • Dan concerned about her/stalking her.
  • Serena hiding the truth about her summer.
  • Q5: I’m done living in my father’s shadow.–Chuck
  • Chuck needs a place to live.
  • Nate getting “silent treatment” from his family.
  • Q6: Sleeping with the enemy is hot.–Chuck
  • Chuck trying to convince Nate to go on a date with Nate.
  • Blair tells Serena they “keep things interesting” by setting up innocent women and doing the whole cheating gimmick.
  • Blair likes “more sex and less silence.”
  • Serena and Nate trying to convince Blair and Chuck, respectively, to have a normal relationship.
  • Q7: “It’s one of our games.”  “Until it isn’t.”–Blair and Serena
  • Paparazzi following Serena.  She seems to like it.
  • Apparently she slept around this summer.
  • Vanessa making Dan for having “high society” problems.
  • Vanessa says she hooked up with Nate “one night in Prague.”
  • Vanessa says she’s dating (or at least friending) Scott–the mystery guy.  And we all can figure out who he really is…
  • Q8: Oh my god. Dan Humphrey’s been seduced by wealth–Vanessa
  • Vanessa wants to “Brooklyn things.”
  • Dan takes a limo now.  Wowwww.  How far’s he come!
  • Man, I love the doorman at Lily’s building. And his accent.  We need some Dorota.
  • Jenny and Eric trying to hide Serena’s wild summer from Rufus (and Lily, by association) but they eventually given in and show all the scandalous images.
  • The guy Serena is with isn’t identifiable.  Carter?
  • Oh, look.  There he is!
  • Q9: You can’t avoid what happened forever.–Carter
  • Q10: What happened between them when TMZ was MIA?–Gossip Girl about Serena and Carter
  • Nate’s fam bought him a fancy car.  They want him to do the internship he missed over the summer but he’s not interested.
  • Vanessa complaining about Dan to Scott. Upset that Dan’s keeping things “secret.”
  • Q11: I’m his best friend and I support him no matter what.  Even if he dresses like Truman-Capote.–Vanessa
  • Q12: And Blair and Chuck will be there, if the murder-suicide I predicted hasn’t happened.–Vanessa
  • Scott convincing Vanessa to go to the polo match–and take him with her–where Dan and company will be.
  • Chuck and Blair picking out their next victim but Blair obviously being weird.  Serena’s gotten to her.
  • Q13: I want you to be happy.  However that’s achieved.–Chuck to Blair.
  • Jenny stops by the loft which “looks small” now (compared to the “high society” lifestyle).
  • Still alluding to Lily being gone–but why? Where is she?
  • Rufus confronts Serena about her summer, asking for the truth.
  • Serena says she hasn’t “gone off the rails again.”
  • Rufus says they can put it behind them.
  • Polo people asked Serena to throw in the first ball.  That’s just weird.
  • Serena says it was in fact Carter in those pictures.
  • They were together in the beginning of the summer, then “things got weird” and now he’s “stalking” her.
  • Serena asks Dan to keep him away “at all costs” because she’s “worried what he might do.”
  • Dan leaves Blair a message for help.
  • Scott on the phone, talking to his mom but looking at his birth certificate.
  • Another 90210 promo.  Tied in with Jennifer’s Body. Weird.
  • Jenny happy to get her own invite to the polo match (since last year she had to be Eric’s date to the White Party).  Funny.  She used to watch this life, then was over it, and now I guess she wants it again.
  • Nate there with Bree.  Introduces her to grandfather.  She knows now that he invited her purposefully.
  • It’s almost like Blair and Chuck are scouting for threesomes.  This is just too weird.
  • Scott clearly at the match because he wants to meet (or just see?) Rufus.
  • Dan surprised to see Vanessa.
  • Blair and Dan have some kind of plan.
  • Scott goes up to Rufus!  Just says he’s a friend of Vanessa’s and a fan of his music.  Nice save.
  • Blair and Dan confront Carter.
  • Carter is served with a restraining order to stay away from Blair, so she’ll stay by Serena to keep him away from her, too.
  • Carter confused, because Serena is lying about the stalking thing.
  • And now everyone is confused.
  • Rufus and Scott bonding over his music.  Strange.
  • Serena’s riding one of the horses to get attention.  Wow.
  • Carter gets on one, too.
  • Q14: Forget a grand entrance.  Everyone know it’s the exit they’ll remember.
  • Promo for the Gossip Girl clothing line.
  • Bree confronts Nate about why he brought her.
  • Bree admits she’s not talking to her family–but wants to be, unlike Nate.
  • Nate says he still wants to see her but she doesn’t want to risk her family relationship.
  • Q15: Don’t worry. With secret relationships, I’ve had a little practice.–Nate
  • Q16: “Leave me alone, Carter. You’re not my boyfriend.” “But I am the one you tell my secrets to.”–Serena and Carter
  • Apparently they tracked Serena’s dad down but he didn’t want to see her and that’s what she’s upset about so she’s seeking attention elsewhere.
  • Serena kisses Carter.  Kind of nice.
  • Nate tells his grandfather he won’t take the internship.  Grandfather claims it’s OK and he “just wants [him] to be happy.”
  • Grandfather convinces Nate to take the car so he and Bree can leave unseen.  Subtle bribery.
  • Grandfather calls Tripp (Nate’s cousin, remember?) and says he has a way to get the Buckleys.
  • Chuck apparently left with “a woman.” Blair obviously upset.
  • Another 90210 promo, this one touting Rumer Willis’ appearance.
  • Vanessa goes off on Dan for having changed.
  • OH!  CeCe is sick–so Lily is off with her?
  • Q17: I don’t care if you’re rich.  You aren’t, by the way…But if you’re going to be in this world, be yourself.–Vanessa to Dan
  • Carter comes out of woods half-dressed.  Funny.
  • Blair storms in to Chuck’s, looking for the “woman.”
  • He left because of a headache and left Blair messages but she left her phone there.  Stupid.
  • Q18: I’m not Chuck Bass without you.–Chuck to Blair
  • Weird to see them being a couple even though their version of being a couple is weird.  If that made any sense.
  • Scott say the Humphreys seem like good people.
  • Vanessa kisses him!
  • I’m not sure Scott is genuinely interested.  He could just be using her to get to Rufus.
  • Blair and Chuck still role-playing.  This is stupid and painful to watch.
  • Serena leaves another message for her dad, vowing to keep trying “whatever it takes” to ” get [his] attention.”
  • Rufus buys the rights to all the Serena photos so they won’t leak anymore.  But one photographer is still missing.
  • Serena is talking to the guy, and wants to make sure the picture runs everywhere so her dad has a chance of seeing it.
  • Preview: Dorota!  First day of college.  Georgina as Blair’s roommate.  Blair adapting to college life.
  • Typical Gossip Girl, no? Nothing special.

Those are my thoughts.  What are yours?

Let’s Compare Scenes

13 09 2009

1. Beverly Hills 90210: 10.28, Ode to Joy

David and Donna exchange vows.

2. One Tree Hill: Episode 3.22, The Show Must Go On

Nathan and Haley exchange vows.

3. One Tree Hill: Episode 6.23, Forever and Almost Always

Lucas and Peyton exchange vows.

Get Ready for Gossip Girl Season 3!

13 09 2009

We’re days away from Gossip Girl’s season 3 premiere!

Here’s what you need to know about last season:

After a summer apart, Serena and Dan rekindle their romance but it doesn’t last and Serena begins dating Aaron.  Throughout the relationship, the bond she shares with Dan remains strong and she ends things with Aaron.  Dan and Serena *again* get back together and *again* split up, allowing Dan to have a fling with one of the teachers at Constance and Serena to briefly date the scheming Gabriel.  Dan and Serena attend prom together just as friends.

Serena’s friendship with Blair is off-and-on as well, with Blair jealous as Serena becomes an Upper East Side socialite and gets in to Yale.  The season ends with them reaffirming their bond as best friends (or is it frenemies?).

Serena and her mother Lily have a similar trajectory: their relationship is drama-free periodically but when it’s bad, it’s really bad with Lily purposefully having Serena arrested and Lily slowly owning up to her own wild past.

Lily’s past comes back to haunt her in more ways than one.  Despite being married to Bart Bass, she can’t hide her feelings with Rufus.  Bart unexpectedly dies, clearing the way for a Lily-Rufus reunion.  The joy is shortlived, however, when Rufus finds out they had a child years ago who Lily gave up for adoption.  Rufus, feeling betrayed, refuses to be with her and instead tries to track the boy down.  With Lily’s help, they find his family but are saddened to find out he died years earlier.  Lily and Rufus slowly find their way back together, with Rufus ready to propose.  The plans come to a halt, however, when Rufus finds out Lily was secretly funneling money into his account to help with Dan’s tuition.  Again feeling betrayed, Rufus ends things.  In the season finale, however, they both put their pride aside and get engaged.

Rufus spends a lot of the season struggling with daughter Jenny, who rebels against not only her family but also Constance and her friends.  She moves out of the Humphrey loft, has a fling with Nate, makes a questionable friend in Agnes (The O.C.’s Willa Ford) and faces off against Blair’s minions.  Blair hands down her Queen B title to Jenny, putting her in a position of power she never had before.

Chuck is surprisingly devastated when Bart dies, feeling abandoned by everyone.  His downward spiral includes plenty of girls, drugs and tears.  He inherits his father’s fortune which he briefly has to wrestle away from his uncle Jack.  He later finds both a mother figure and a business partner in Lily.

Blair comes back from her summer in Europe with a new boyfriend–Lord Marcus–but still nursing her broken heart from Chuck’s abandonment.  The two dance around their feelings all season, with Blair willing to say those three little words but Chuck refusing to.  In fact, Chuck insists his flirtation is just a game, devastating Blair.  But she doesn’t mope for too long, briefly getting back together with Nate.  She soon realizes that Nate is her “high school” boyfriend and she needs to move on.  Around this time, Chuck realizes he needs to admit his feelings or he’ll lose her forever–and he does.  The two finally exchange those three little words.

Nate starts off the season dating a married woman (who happens to be Lord Marcus’ step-mother and sometimes lover!) but the fling soon ends and Nate is left to tackle family problems.  He finds himself homeless after the government seizes his family’s assets since his father remains on the run from the first season.  When his father returns, Nate refuses to run away with him and instead convinces him to turn himself in to the FBI.  During the trying time, Vanessa’s there to help and the two end up getting back together.  The differences in their lifestyle become glaringly obvious when Nate’s grandfather exerts his influence over him, and things end between them, allowing him to briefly get back together with Blair (as mentioned above).  Nate and Vanessa salvage their friendship, agreeing to backpack across Europe together–but not before briefly meeting someone who happens to be Rufus and Lily’s long-lost son.

Everyone’s thrown for a loop when Georgina returns to the fold as a Born Again Christian.  She seeks forgiveness for her past transgressions but soon the evilness that lies within her is brought to the surface again.  She enrolls in NYU, where Blair and Dan will be going in the fall, and requests to be Blair’s roommate.

Serena, instead of preparing to go to Brown, takes off with Carter on a search for her father.

Does Serena find him?  Will Georgina and Blair end up as roommates?  Will Chuck and Blair last? And will Rufus and Lily find out their son is alive?

Come back tomorrow at 9pm eastern for my live-blog of the season 3 premiere!

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