Spoiler: The Big Tease

27 10 2009


I know that it makes me a terrible feminist and an even worse woman, but I prefer ‘90210’s’ sleazy Mark to creepy Jasper as Annie’s new beau. Will Mark be redeemed? And if so, is there any hope for a Mark/Annie romance? – Alexandra
I know, right? Why do some people say “sleazy” as if it’s a bad word? But you and I must be in the minority, as there are no plans at this time for Mark to resurface.

Now that Renee’s lies have been exposed on ‘One Tree Hill,’ will Naley fans get some overdue on-screen lovin’? – Kelli
When I spoke to James Lafferty I relayed the fans’ clamoring for some Nathan-Haley heat. He said that if Nathan was ultimately proven innocent, “I’m sure there’s plenty of that to look forward to. [Series creator] Mark [Schwahn] is pretty good about giving the fans what they want.” That said, he had to note, “This is The CW, not ‘True Blood,’ so they shouldn’t be expecting too much!”

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News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210

25 10 2009
  • Another reminder that I won’t be live-blogging One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl tomorrow as I will be traveling.  I will do reaction posts later in the week.  90210 is a repeat this week.
  • TV Guide Magazine has a short piece on Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill) and the episode of OTH she directed.
  • Naley (One Tree Hill) are included in E! Online’s TV Couples We Love gallery. Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl) are included as well.
  • The remake of Footloose, set to star Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl), has lost its director.  The film is supposedly “still on track,” though.
  • EW.com named 90210 one of the most improved shows of the season.  I completely disagree but whatevs.
  • The Oct. 23 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a photo of Jennie Garth (Kelly, Beverly Hills 90210) and Shannen Doherty (Brenda, Beverly Hills 90210) from a recent EW-sponsored event.
  • Hilary Swank (Carly, Beverly Hills 90210) is on the cover of Town and Country.

Spoiler: Mega Buzz

14 10 2009


After all the deception, are Liam and Annie actually going to sleep together on 90210? — Mischa
Not anytime soon, says Matt Lanter, who plays Liam, but I’m hearing that we’ll have more to discuss later in the season, when Liam and Annie find each other at interesting, complementary places in their lives.

After watching this week’s episode of One Tree Hill, I’m starting to think maybe Nathan did cheat! When are we going to find out what really happened? — Corinna
ADAM: Stay strong, Naley fans! James Lafferty tells us the Nathan-Renee drama will be wrapped up pretty soon, and, luckily, the scandal won’t really threaten Nathan and Haley’s marriage. “This is a story line that presents a real hurdle, a mountain for them to climb and they have to get through it together,” Lafferty says. “Together they have to carry the whole family unit through the situation, and there’s an immense amount of trust. At no point did I actually think it would break them up.”

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News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and More

9 10 2009
  • Tori Spelling (Donna, Beverly Hills 90210) tweeted that she’s unhappy that the media prints her tweets for their own gain.  I’m assuming, of course, that TDW isn’t part of the problem!
  • Tiffani Amber Thiessen (Valerie, Beverly Hills 90210) is included in PEOPLE.com photo gallery of child stars.
  • A PEOPLE magazine cover featuring Jason Priestley (Brandon, Beverly Hills 90210), Shannen Doherty (Brenda, Beverly Hills 90210 and Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210, as well as a separate one with Laura Leighton (Sophie, Beverly Hills 90210) are included in their Bests of the 90s photo gallery. The first one was also included in their 90s flashback gallery.
  • Donna and David’s wedding (Beverly Hills 90210) and Naley’s second wedding (One Tree Hill) made TVGuide.com’s list of The Most Memorable TV Weddings, BUT this seems to be repeat of a list (with some minor updates) they had in April.  They even used the same exact gallery on their site, so the old one no longer exists.  The links just bring you to the modified version.  I think we call that cheating.
  • Kristin has some more details on the Gossip Girl threesome.  Make sure you read the comments.
  • Kristen Bell (Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl) has joined the cast of Burlesque. Cam Gigandet (Volchok, The O.C.) also stars.
  • Southland, starring Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan, The O.C.) and Michael Cudlitz (Tony, Beverly Hills 90210) has been canceled.  One TV critic is wondering if a third O.C. star will see his show axed: Californication, which features Peter Gallagher (Sandy). (The second was The Beautiful Life starring Mischa Barton [Marissa]).
  • James Van Der Beek (Dawson, Dawson’s Creek) stars in a Hallmark movie airing in December.

Spoiler: Mega Buzz

9 09 2009


What will happen with Nathan and Haley in Season 7? — Saderia
Will Rob Buckley ever be shirtless on One Tree Hill?Sarah
ADAM: Although it’s all kisses and rainbows for Naley when the season premiere starts, at the end of the hour something (or maybe someone) puts their happiness into serious jeopardy. And Sarah, shirtlessness abounds in the first episode: At least four sets of pecs and abs will be on display.

Please tell me that Navid and Adrianna stay together on 90210. They’re the cutest couple. — Quinn
MICKEY: For now, they’re still together, but this guy showing up doesn’t help matters. Anyway, Navid will have his hands full working on a blockbuster story for the West Beverly Blaze when a student overdoses, and Annie’s new boyfriend is implicated. It allows 90210 to have a “teaching moment,” just like its preachy predecessor did. Stay in school, kids!

Mickey’s Mega Rave: The “new” 90210 isn’t perfect, but I’m really digging the sullen, nerve-wracked Annie (Shenae Grimes), who may or may not be a murderer. Her downward spiral, which began Tuesday with a drunken cabana tryst with an upperclassman, continues next week when she finds herself at the center of a “sext” scandal. Poor Annie — love it!

Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

1 09 2009


Kaitlin in Boston: I really need some One Tree Hill scoop! Please tell me that Naley won’t have more relationship problems…They’re now the rocks of the show!
Sorry, Naley fans. One Tree Hill season seven starts off rocky for Haley and Nathan with a major sex and pregnancy scandal.

Bianca in Palm Beach, Fla.: Can you please put the Chair fandom at ease and let us know that this Chuck “gay kiss” storyline on Gossip Girl does not mean Chuck will be playing for both teams but is really just a scheme and will serve to bring Chair even closer at the end of it? Thanks!
OK…so…the good news for you Chuck-Blair fans is that Chuck is not really playing for both teams on the TV version of Gossip Girl (in the books he’s definitely bisexual). The bad news is that Chuck’s gay kiss is not doing Chuck and Blair’s relationship any favors. Why? Because Gossip Girl‘s resident crazy lady (that’s Blair, just so we’re clear) tricks Chuck into kissing that boy, and Chuck’s pissed after the fact. Don’t panic, Chuck and Blair are not totally breaking up over this, but it does put a major kink in their relationship.

Pattywack in Sydney: What brings Vanessa’s mum to New York on Gossip Girl?
Gina Torres
is going to be on Gossip Girl—can you believe it? And how is she introduced? Well, Vanessa finds out she is going to give the freshman toast at NYU and invites her mom. Mom, however, disapproves of Vanessa going to college (?!), apparently because Mr. and Mrs. Abrams are superhippie, anti-establishment types. Awww, they’re just mad she didn’t go to Reed or Oberlin.

Olivia in Los Angeles: 90210 starts next week! What can you tell me about season two?
We chatted exclusively with Ryan Eggold (Ryan Matthews), and he says we can expect more complicated romances this season: “The fun thing about season two is that all the relationships from season one have time to become more exciting and more gray; they are less defined,” he said. “I know that I have another love triangle. I’m constantly stuck in those. This one is with a student and a new female character.” Who do you think Ryan will get tangled up with? Predict in the comments below! For more 90210 spoilers, be sure to check out this article about another hot new relationship on the show. P.S. We’ve seen some of 90210 season two (more on that in a future item), and the new season is so, so, so much better than season one. Whole new look, better storylines, cooler outfits, and with all respect to Dustin Milligan, you won’t miss Ethan for a second because the new guys (like Trevor Donovan, pictured left) are better-looking and a great deal more interesting.

YouTube Video of the Week

30 08 2009

It occurred to me last night that in the nine months TeenDramaWhore.com has existed, I’ve given Naley (One Tree Hill) very little love.

Almost every other main couple from each show has been the subject of at least one video posted on this site.

It’s not that I don’t like them–I do–but I’m certainly not attached to them in the way I am my All-Time Favorite Couples or even the couples who have been in Essential Love Triangles.

So, in honor of Naley, here’s a video suggested to me by @naleymisafan.


What’s your favorite Naley video?

Mark Schwahn on Naley

20 08 2009

“You know, when we started the show, we were coming on the heels of “Dawson’s Creek.” They were shooting their finale when we were shooting our pilot, so when people saw our first episode, they were sure that Haley and Lucas would be together, because Dawson and Joey had [a similar dynamic]. But we had always designed it as Nathan and Haley. In my mind, Nathan and Haley have always been a cornerstone of the show.”

Sexiest Moments, Part 4

23 07 2009


1. The Living Years, Episode 1.11

Brucas hook up in a stranger’s hot tub.

2. Crash Course in Polite Conversation, 1.12

Leyton get carried away in a motel room.

3. The Wind That Blew My Heart Away, 3.13

Naley hook up in the rain (one of many times).  Brucas start kissing in the rain and then move it indoors.

4. Forever and Almost Always, 6.23

Naley has “slutty wedding sex.”

**For the record, I had the hardest time doing this list for OTH (versus the other shows) because there were SO MANY sexy scenes to choose from!  I know I left some great ones off, but only because I had to keep it short!

Come back tomorrow for the last part of my sexy moments series!

Also check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

News Roundup: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210 and More

19 07 2009
  • A Chuck/Blair scene from Gossip Girl as well as a Naley scene from One Tree Hill are nominated for Hottest Moment in the Sourcies.
  • According to the above link, GG’s Blair & Serena and OTH’s Brooke & Peyton didn’t win in the Best Friends category, though the latter came in second.
  • Columbian.com has an article on the opening of Galeotti’s, the restaurant partly-owned and operated by Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley, One Tree Hill).  Galeotti will be performing along with Everly’s Amber Sweeney during the opening festivities.
  • Star News has an article on SoGoPro’s first podcast.
  • Kate Voegele (Mia, One Tree Hill) will be on the Tonight Show tomorrow (Monday).
  • PEOPLE.com has a very short article discussing season  2 of 90210 with Shenae Grimes (Annie).
  • Delayed production on The Beautiful Life reportedly has nothing to do with Mischa Barton (Marissa, The O.C.).

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